The Thousand Eyes is a tribal guild founded by Verdauga Whitecloud. The guild has been through many transformations. Originally called The Thousand Eyes, a name which refered to the stars, The Eyes split off into a rebel group called The Opened Eyes due to corruption within the original guild. After almost a year existing as the Opened Eyes, the members finally returned to the original name; The Thousand Eyes. Since that time the Eyes have had two leaders, Talnes Whitecloud and Sage Stoneshatterer. However, the Eyes have since adopted more council style leadership structures, currently electing to use a system of three leading Maen in place of one in-charge Wildlord.


The BeginningEdit

"The Thousand Eyes refers to the stars, ancient and all seeing, and so we exist as they as if it were the dawn of time. The Thousand Eyes strive to preserve the balance between earth, body and soul, resisting the temptations of evil and staying true to our ancestors' ways." - Verdauga Whitecloud, First Wildlord of the Eyes

The tauren known as Verdauga Whitecloud had long been frustrated by how young tauren seemed to forget their old ways of living and their ancient traditions. He decided to create an organization which was supposed to stand against this. The organization, which came to be known as The Thousand Eyes, teached their members to stay true to the Earth Mother's teachings, resist the temptations of evil, remembering their old ways of living and fighting those who corrupted their ancient lands. The Eyes prospered, and they became widely known in the Horde.

The Eyes of Kalimdor spring tabard

Verdauga was an old tauren, conservative and not too fond of change. At first he questioned the coming of the Orcs and Darkspear trolls in tauren lands. He disgusted the canibalism of the Trolls and the Fel magic of the Orcish warlocks. After a while, however, he came to realise that the shamanistic and tribal societies of the Orcs and Trolls was not so different from the tauren one he was already trying to protect. The Orcs had already lost their shamanistic powers once, and the Darkspears had just escaped extinction. When he realised this, The Thousand Eyes expanded. Now the Orcs and Trolls were allowed under their banner too.

Dark whispersEdit

See also: Whitecloud whispered

The time came when Verdauga was sent by the Cenarion Circle to Northrend in order to study the new plant and animal life there, and traveling around the continent in order to help the Taunka. However, while in Northrend he eventually fell victim to the dark whispers of Yogg-Saron, an Old God chained beneath the icy continent. Seeking to extend his influence into Kalimdor, he used Verdauga as one of his emmisaries, effectively turning the druid mad. When Verdauga returned to Kalimdor, he would often carry some Saronite with him, a metal found in Northrend also known as the 'Black blood of Yogg-Saron' by the Tuskarr. Indeed, people working in Saronite mines has been known to be driven insane and begin hearing strange whispers; like what happened to Verdauga. He would sometimes hand out 'gifts' to other Eyes, usually Saronite or other things connected to the Old God.

Verdauga's faith in the Earth Mother fought hard with the whispers of Yogg-Saron, but at times he lost control of himself completely, talking nonsense and preaching that Azeroth would be reborn in darkness. Although he never attempted to hurt anyone, he became aggressive and shouted at people who questioned him, followed by running off.

One night following a meeting, Verdauga took the Eyes, among them Braan Firetotem and Mariel Mossflower to the Master's Glaive in Darkshore, thought by many to be the skull of an Old God. Verdauga talked about ressurecting it, but he was challenged by the other Eyes. Verdauga fled, pursued by Braan and Mariel, and eventually entered the Blackfathom Deeps, and the Eyes followed him, desperate to end Verdauga's corruption. Within the Deeps dwelt Twilight Cultists loyal to the Old Gods, outnumbering Braan and Mariel greatly. They would most likely have been killed had it not been for Harb, a strong warrior of the Eyes who showed up to help them. Just as the three entered the deepest halls of the ruins, members of the Twilight cult was performing some ritual on Verdauga, who was seated on one of six seats; some kind of throne. Slaughtering the Twilight's Hammer members and disrupting the ritual, Verdauga awoke and he seemed calm and normal again. They returned to the surface and all seemed well for a while.

The Opened EyesEdit

However, the Wildlord could not be freed from Yogg-Saron so easily. Returning to Northrend again, his dedication to the Old God once more became apparent when he visited Kalimdor. When he on the 24th of March that year converted The Thousand Eyes to a cult worshipping Yogg-Saron, most of the Eyes realised what had to be done, and they abandoned him. Led by Sage Stoneshatter, apprentice of the Shaman Bollfor Loretotem, head of Shamans in the Eyes and an old friend of Verdauga, they created the guild called The Opened Eyes, continuing the practices of the original guild.

Eventually most of the Eyes's members went to The Opened Eyes, and Verdauga was left behind with no followers, his mission failed. No longer of any use to Yogg-Saron, the Old God's influence on the druid began to fade. The last bit of corruption in him was lost after Possum Fenhide, Verdauga's lover, sacrificed herself to the spirits, ultimately curing him of his madness. Leaving Talnes Whitecloud in charge of The Thousand Eyes, Verdauga left the guild at last, changing his name to Verdure to symbolise a new start and going to Northrend to aid in the efforts against Yogg-Saron there. After the Old God's defeat, Verdure became placid for the remainder of his life. The Opened Eyes and the remains of the Thousand Eyes eventually merged back again after coexisting for a few weeks, but keeping the name The Opened Eyes and led by Sage. They continued the same practises as before, although the guild was unstable after the recent happenings.

In late November that year, Sage left the Eyes, handing leadership to Talnes. Following this the Eyes had a period of few members, although they managed to get stable again and have been functioning as usual since.


In the summer the year after the forming of the Opened Eyes, after almost a year of existing under that name, they changed their name back to forget about the whole Yogg-Saron incident which had almost destroyed the Eyes. They are now once again known as the Thousand Eyes.

Resignation and New LeaderEdit

In the early Spring after this, Talnes Whitecloud stepped down as leader for unknown reasons. Unlike the resignation of other leaders however, he continues to remain within the Eyes as a Master, although he doesn't always accompany the Eyes, and remains simply to observe and watch the Eyes as they grow.

Through a "Trial of the Maen" event, similar to the Trial of the Eyes, both Braan Firetotem andSage Stoneshatterer competed to become leader. Through several hours of Trials, Sage won the Trials and became new leader of the Eyes. She is also perhaps, the last formal leader of the Eyes due to the new council leadership in which the Eyes have adopted.

Troubled TimesEdit

Since the resignation of Talnes Whitecloud, and the induction of Sage Stoneshatterer as the Steward of the Eyes, the Eyes have faced tough times. It began with memories of the past, when Gar Greycloud began to spread lies within the Eyes that Throk SourhearthadbeencorruptedbyOld Gods. Gar threatened Throk numerous times and something had to be done. The Maen of the Eyes held a Council, and came to the conclusion that Gar must be sent to the Emerald Dream to calm down and relax. Gar was in shock, he refused to go to the Emerald Dream. He remained adamant that Throk was at fault. Later that day, Gar attacked Ranali with a dagger, and then set himself on fire, and ran away to die in the jungles of Feralas. He wrote a letter to the Eyes saying that he would let the wilds take him. A few weeks later, Kragh went out to visit Gar's old home, and found no evidence that Gar was alive anymore. The Eyes were left reeling after the loss of a Maen, which many Eyes held in high regard. The Eyes needed to move on. Throk Sourheart, the Maen of Durotar, began his ambitious mission to Orgrimmar to "mend the bridge that was about to collapse with the Warchief and his new Horde". He said that in three weeks, the Eyes and the Horde would be closer than ever. Throk said to the Warchief that the Eyes would clean up the lake in the Goblin Slums, however instead of cleaning the lake up, they set it on fire and fled afterwards. Hellscream was not amused.

The Eyes were now walking a tight-rope when they returned to Orgrimmar a week later. Offering to clean up the Wolf pens. Instead of cleaning them up, they released all the Wolves and they ran amock, causing havoc in the streets of the Orcish capital.

It was a miracle that Hellscream hadn't lost his patience yet, when Throk invited to senior Kor'Kron Officers to the Wyvern's Tail along with members of the Eyes. One of the Kor'Kron Officers died that evening. The Thousand Eyes were overseen for a few months by another senior Kor'Kron to make sure they didn't get up to anything stupid, whilst Throk fled to the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend.

The Eyes then are in a precarious position within the Horde, so it was no surprise that they soon took a break from Kalimdor and went on a caravan to Northrend. Where once again, more incidents unfolded.

It was an evening in Kamagua, the mood between the Eyes was frosty already. Allegations of inter-racial mating, betraying the Eyes, and undermining the Maen were spewed out constantly. So it was to no surprise that a fight would break out. It was between Sha'juju, a Troll in the Eyes, and Renkha Axeflurry, an Orcess in the Eyes. At first it was a simple honour duel, but it soon got out of hand. Sha'juju attacked two spectators, Kragh Grimtotem and Throk Sourheart, in a wild frenzy. After he was contained, the Maen held a council. Kragh Grimtotem, Sage Stoneshatterer, Ranali Wildmane, Throk Sourheart and Marg Swiftshot all came to an agreement. It was decided that Sha'juju's arm would be cut off and he would be banished from the Eyes. When his arm had regrown, he would return.

So that evening, in front of all the Eyes, the Maen hacked off one of Sha'juju's arms, and left him in Kamagua bleeding away. The Eyes left Kamagua later that eve, never knowing the fate of Sha'juju. They can only presume that he is dead, and the Tuskarr at Kamagua have given him a Tuskarr burial.

New life in a new landEdit

(Started Autumn 2012)

Many issues seemed to have rained down upon the Eyes. Sage passing away, the possible need of a new Wildlord, rerolls of the ones to be maen, their own homelands threatened, and the rumours about a new land discovered, rumoured to be called Pandaria. Sage desired for the Eyes to leave Kalimdor as soon as possible, to secure the path of the Eyes and so that their original homeland would be able to heal. Unfortunately, the current Warchief Garrosh Hellscream, discovered the Eyes attempt to leave with an airship. Immidiately he put them in line again to be loyal to the Horde, otherwise someone would probably lose his or her head.

The same issues remained without solving and time constantly growing short for the Eyes, them all growing weary and anxious, but now a possible chance for the Eyes to go to the new land called Pandaria. They fed Garrosh and the Horde with the excuse that a sunwalker named Dezco and his group of tauren, held onto important supplies for the Horde.

Grand Theft ZeppelinEdit

Sergeant Sourheart at this time, took his time to try and get his hands on a new airship. Seemed like fortune smiled upon him as goblins in Stonetalon had lost an airship to the alliance. Sourheart promised that he would get it back. The most likely bravest of the Eyes present; Thranden, Haloyakee, the newcomer Borgar, and the younglings Rammun and Felinne, gathered up in Malaka'jin to discuss best cause of action to claim the airship. Sourheart was confident in his plan, leading them on the backs of wyverns to approach their goal from high altitude. Getting onto the zeppelin was without grace. Felinne got shot down by a cannonball halfway to the zeppelin, ending up tangled by her parachute, leaving her defenseless in a tree. Sourheart getting stuck with his parachute in the zeppelin's rigging from have leapt off his shot down wyvern, having to be saved by Thranden while the others began to battle over the ownership of the zeppelin. The strong spirited and stubborn Haloyakee, had her ankle twisted as she too had to abandon the back of her wyvern, but of course it was hardly stopping her. The experienced Borgar knew his position, and enjoyed the heat of battle against the Alliance. The younger and inexperienced Rammun, sadly left his signed post of setting the zeppelin free from its tied station, to instead try find and save Felinne. This action obviously aggrovated the others, leaving Haloyakee to do it instead. The zeppelin finally got claimed by the Eyes, and Felinne freed from her prison of tangled strings. The fate of Rammun after he left his post is unknown.

Flight towards the UnknownEdit

The zeppelin recieved whatever treatment necessary to avoid any delays by air. Time, effort and alot of energy drained the Eyes, but it was expected. Soon enough the airship was fully supplied, stocked with hopefully enough food to feed all the Eyes. Thranden took up the charge of steering the zeppelin, according to him, You're all useless, I'll pilot it, he said. Specifikly meant towards Sourheart, Swiftshot, and Kazno Goldshot.

The trip was as expected, very long, and very boring for everyone. Except for those that did not mind nice views. Sourheart managed however to come up with an entertaining game for them to play, charade. It was well needed, and many laughters came out of it. (Suggestion - Listen to this while reading: )

The weather had been in their favour most of the trip, until a storm regrettably closed in from the distance. For some reason Marg and Throk at that moment, started off a duel. Climbing the ropes and up onto the balloon that kept them all airborne. Haloyakee did not have much of a choice but to take action and join in on the balloon, to try and control the oncoming storm. The two orcs had their fit upon each other, in the middle of the storm. Throk's warsong fury building up as Marg tried stopping it. Out of nowhere, what they considered to be a kraken, a flying kraken! Bursted out of the duvet of clouds above them. Startled screams and roars as it approached and coiled its tentacles around the ship, the interference of weight getting the airship to tilt. The rigging crumbled and eventually ripped. Attempts of trying to rid the ship of the massive beast, was in vain. The final conclusion being to abandon ship, and leap into the ocean. Panic was at hand, to leave the ship alive the next challenge. The ship soon crashed into the ocean, creating a massive wave upon impact, stirring the water even more around the already shocked Eyes. Everything was after them now, the ocean, and the remains of the sinking ship. The kraken seemed to have fullfilled its task, going airborne and dissappearing through the clouds as if it never existed.

Now, the ocean was everywhere. Threatening the Eyes every second. Those with concious minds, forced themselves to overwork their bodies, to save anyone they could. The high waves crashing and separating the Eyes more and more for every passing moment. To them it felt like they had been in the ocean for hours. Tearing at their minds and bodies, exhausting them endlessly. Suddenly in the distance, a taste of hope sparked like an extinguished fire that warmed their bodies. Land.

Is this Pandaria?Edit

Land. Is this the land of Pandaria? Many passed out as they touched the essence of sand. They seemed to have ended up in a fishing village, pandaren inhabiting it. Those with strength, swam towards the shore, trying to haul in whoever could not swim. The villagers saw them, and helped fish them out one after one from the water. Unfortunately, very few Eyes came ashore by the first hours. Haloyakee being the first, groaning and grunting in pain as one of her arms were broken. Thranden second, his leg heavily damaged by sharpnel, with cuts and bruises across torso and arms. Throk and Marg found a boat to bring them closer to the main village, but them both soon enough collapsing of exhaustion.

One after one kept showing up in the waters between the steep rocks. Felinne and Matteirus being the next to be hauled up. The tiger being unharmed, but Felinne close to have been lost to drowning. Hours passed and the next to show up being Kragh and Kazno. Both clearly knocked out. The villagers expected that more survivors were to show up, so they prepared one of the buildings for them to reservate. A set of villagers to constantly check up on their conditions.

Eyes kept getting picked up by the fishermen and women. Yet hours passed before the next showed up in the thick mist in the late evening. It was Ranali, hanging onto a sort of cocoon made of roots. Upon discovering her and carrying her to safety, Throk questioned where her calves were. It was soon revealed that the cocoon was keeping the twin calves safe. Ranali remained unconcious, her condition like most of the previous ones discovered. Shaken, bruised, exhausted and most likely passed out. Everyone was relieved whenever an Eye was still amongst the living. Unfortunately, some were claimed to the other realm.

 The most wounded Eyes could not do much but remain idle and recover.


Supplies were gathered, new Eyes showed up, them all getting together more or less again, some healthier and some not. Sourheart had gathered a small group of villagers to take care of repairing the zeppelin, but to no use. In the meantime they all tried to get along, learn a few things about where they had ended up. One of the inns, had a fish-like worker behind the counter. Thanks to conversating through the common tongue, the jinyu creature named Waiyu, offered alot of helpful information. Waiyu confirmed to the Eyes, that they were indeed on Pandaria. To have that confirmed was shocking, but also relieving. Getting another step closer to finding Deszco.

Through waiting in the village, there was a sudden attack of lizard-like creatures. Charging into the village. Thanks to the Eyes, the lizards were no match, since they were not even armed. They were probably going to steal things, but who knew.

All in all, the Eyes relaxed in the company of each other. Ironicly, Thranden apparently looked alot like Kragh according to Vorm, since of his bad eyesight. Leading to a few humorous but at the same time quite awkward moments. Jaeni, another druid amongst the Eyes, felt threatened by Vorm since of her stubborn impression of being in another form that is not her original, is ok. Despite Vorm varning about the possible consequences out of it. Ranali agreed on that it was unsettling, who knew how everyone would react upon Jaeni if she kept acting like a calf? What would the pandaren people think?

Greenstone villageEdit

With final preparations and enough energy to continue the voyage, the Eyes followed a road leading to a village known as 'Jaderock'. Everyone was pretty much battered and had broken armor, but a local armorer helped them all to have something better to wear. In exchange they worked in a mine to recover jade. The jade being some kind of currency during their stay.

Without much warning, Throk Sourheart considered Ranali and Kragh a threat to the orc. Growing more and more paranoid, Throk accidentaly shot his foot. Later on he took a shot at Thranden, thankfully Throk's journal blocked the bullet. Because of all this, The Eyes tied him up and made sure he was unarmed.

They all had remained too long at the village, everyone growing weary and wanting to march on. The attempts of trying to communicate with the denizens was not in their favour, a second reason to leave. If they were going to find Dezco, then they needed more accurate information.

The mysterious threatEdit

Leaving the village, heading west, The Eyes scaled a wall of what appeared to be temple ruins. Though, upon spotting what was inside the walls, was not of their expectations. Alliance, dead alliance more or less, but some black slobby creature roaming what could be the supposed camp. Courageously, yet foolishly, the Eyes attempted to fight against one of the bigger creatures, supposedly trying to fight their way through the ruins.  To their shock, their new opponent was nothing they had ever fought before. Thranden and Kragh being the ones taking most blows of the unknown opponent, suddenly their willfull spirits, descended into doubt and without hope.

The Eyes had to flee the battleground where they encountered the mysterious enemy. A village not far away, raised their hopes a bit. To a surprise the mayor, named Honeydew and some of the denizens, spoke orcish. It was a clear sign that Horde forces had been there. The second clear sign being a crashed airship. Thanks to mayor Honeydew, they confirmed that general Nazgrim was alive. One of Garrosh's top ranked orcs. Now came the next problem. Their next target.

When lime is not sour enoughEdit

With some direction of Nazgrim's possible location. The Eyes who were healthy, checked a camp not far away from the Honeydew village. To their surprise, the camp used to be of Alliance, but now conquered by Horde. However, it was only one orc in charge of the place. The workers appeared to be the native Hozen, a monkey creature. Throk got overwhelmed at the sight of one of Nazgrim's current commanders, Shokia, there was no mistake to it. They had their first task set, given by Shokia. To gather the Eyes and continue along the road to try and find Nazgrim. Although the return to the village being the least of their expectation. Throk Sourheart became consumed with Sha and attacked his fellow Eyes and suddenly ran off. They had not much time to lose, even if the first attack severed them rather viciously, they had to pursue Throk.

Gathered and slightly healed. The Eyes left the village with haste, with their strongest and healthiest fighters (and most stubborn), Haloyakee, Marg, Thranden and Felinne to seek out Throk. But battle was against their favour, any attack seemed to heal Throk almost instantly. They seemed powerless as Throk counterattacked, or defended himself. Marg and Terl were almost lost to the sha corrupted tigers that never seemed to accept defeat. The most shocking, was how the sha seemed to have twisted the mind of the younger fighter Felinne, who turned to Haloyakee, and struck her across the face with one of her swords, chopping off one of Haloyakee's horns. Her emotionless and empty gaze stared down at , she struck again, piercing Haloyaake's chest. Thranden was alarmed and cursed at the calf as he crawled on the ground to try and stop her. They were all defeated and powerless before Throk again dissappeared.

For some odd reason as the Eyes tried to forcefully recover for a new attempt. Throk showed up and stole the signets off Haloyakee. Some of the signets were already back in posession to those most important. Throk transmitted his doubt through them, the ones hearing him becoming uneasy.

The last flight of Throk SourheartEdit

Haloyakee grew more and more agitated of
Throk sha-form copy
Throk's constant transmitting, her anger overwhelming and despite her wounds and the pleads from Ranali or Thranden could not keep her from seeking Throk out, to try and finish him off alone. Unprepared, Thranden, Vorm and Ranali followed Haloyakee as she eventually did find Throk in the remaining wreck of an airship that a part of the Horde had used to get to Pandaria. And like previously, it was not the Throk they remember that stood before them, waiting. His skin was oozing, his face twisted and his body mutated with some kind of black mass. His appearence was not far off resemblence to an actual sha that they faced previously. His voice rumbled and echoed as he spoke between The Eyes attacks.

The reckless confrontation of Throk, set the half airship wreck on fire, but just not anywhere. It caught fire in the machine room. Without being aware what was going to happen, The Eyes kept battling Sha-Throk and his seeping sha babies that with their claws and teeth raked at their foes like aggrovated ants!              The combat leaned towards progress, but that quickly turned into an alarming shock as the airship wreck burst into flight! The rockets must have reactivated. It was not much the small group of Eyes could do but cling onto whatever possible and hang on. 

Haloyakee had enough of all this, stubbornly she forced herself to her hooves and approached Sha-Throk, she crammed her hand around his throat and clutched firmly as she moved him towards the opening of the machine room. Her face expression hardened as she extended him. She yelled at the top of her voice,      There was once a weak orc named Throk Sourheart! He allowed himself to be corrupted, and almost killed his comrades several times, do you know what happened to him Sourheart!? She waited, staring at him with her solid gaze. Carefully, it seemed like Throk returned to his former state, his colors and original shape coming back. Upon his face, was nothing else but sadness, tears welling and rolling down one cheek. Throk's tears got grasped in the wind, and landed on Haloyakees. Throk did not fight against Haloyakee, it was certain that he knew what he had done. Haloyakee furrowed her eyebrows, and her face turned soft, before she after what seemed like an eternity yelled, He died!  and with her arm she flung Throk overboard. That was the last time any of the Eyes saw Throk Markion Sourheart.

From bad to worseEdit

The zeppelin wreck burst like a bubble upon impact, an explosion broke the final remains of the wreck as it grinded into what appeared to be a mountain surface. None of the Eyes were hurt in the crash or the explosion, but their battle wounds were not to be forgotten.                             Vorm remained absent in a kind of state, to increase his chance of survival, a sort of druid trick. In the meanwhile Ranali and Haloyakee had to deal with Thranden's grave wounds. Ranali healing him, and Haloyakee trying to shelter them from the terrorising snowstorm that enveloped them. Ranali yelled aggrovated words at Haloyakee while healing Thranden, that they would not have ended up there if she had not set out to find Throk.  Despite their anger and their shock, they worked together.

In the thick storm, a form took shape, approaching them. It was a pandaren, who introduced himself as Jin-Freg Whitepaw. In the midst of everything, Thranden asked of Ranali to punch Haloyakee, and indeed she did, right on the snout. At the same time Jin-Freg poured some kind of liquid onto Thranden's wounded head, who roared in pain as it did. Ranali pulled at Thranden, he used her as a pillar to haul himself up, Jin-Freg joined in from the other side to help the bull remain steady. Ranali explained that they did not had to worry about Vorm. The state keeps him safe and it swiftens his recovering of strength.                    He would find them eventually, like he had in the past. 

Jin-Freg guided the three Eyes off the peak of the mountain down the northern side where the wind were calmer. Jin-Freg hastily made a fire and cooked something for the Eyes to eat, to help them recover their strength and bodyheat. In the meantime, Haloyakee tried gathering information about Nazgrim from their aid, and thankfully Jin-Freg did know of the name, but sadly no accurate information of location.   However, it was still something. 

They did not wait long before continuing their way down, only to encounter another pandaren who aimed for the peak of mount Neverrest. To secure the safety of what the pandaren thought to be yaungol, the new aqcuitance joined in and helped guide them.

Although the distance was not great when leaving the mountain trail, the Eyes were still exhausted and worn, stopping by a small camp of grummles to gather their strength. Shock suddenly struck Ranali, descending to her knees and sobbed for a while. So many things had happened, everything so fast and sudden that it was barely possible to understand it. Thranden and Haloyakee, despite their wounds, kept their stern faces, yet it was most noticable that Thranden was not satisfied with the outcome.

Jin-Freg and Xiaozhi encouraged them all that things would be alright. With a slight comfort, Jin-Freg put Ranali's hand on his shoulder and led the way for them all.           Yet, upon a path along the mountain road not very far away from the grummle camp. The Eyes and pandaren had clear view across the vast landscape. Xiaozhi mentioned that this land was called Kun-Lai, he also explained the grummle people, a common people in this land.        

Suddenly when observing the landscape, and in a startled, more fearful exclamation, Jin-Freg said No! This cannot be,' and he pointed to a unpleasantly large and oddly shaped figure standing on a field far far away. This was worrying the two pandaren greatly, they chatted very quickly and about the possibilities and troubles this thing could cause. Though they did not waver, deciding to treat the yaungol' no matter what.

Meanwhile in HoneydewEdit

The shocked  group of eyes, chattered in startled voices with each other as they recently had witnessed the zeppelin wreck take off. Kragh and Marg looked at each other for a moment in the crowd of their group. All of their eyes followed the trail of smoke that slowly dispersed into nothing as the wreck soared through the sky towards a new destination.

'What do you think?' asked Marg to Kragh. The bull sighed slightly, 'they've survived one crash already, then they can probably survive another.  he finished with a grunt, licked a tooth while he looked down at the two calves in his arms, then over his shoulder towards the porch of the inn. Felinne sat there, sheltered from the sun. She had recovered from her earlier condition, and told about what had happened. She probably pondered, and struggled with guilt.

Kazno stood with a hand to his side and the other up his head to keep the sun out of his eyes as he watched the wreck fly off. With a determind voice he escalated rather proudly, 'Yup! That zeppelin is or was, fueled with 'the best of the best Steamwheedle 'gas every produced! he finished with a cackle, his pet parrot slightly chirped and flapped it's wings to try and keep the footing as the goblin wiggled with laughter.

Many of the others did not know what to think. They peered between one another, and questioned what next would come. They were all commanded to not get comfortable, to keep themselves ready to leave at any moment. It was to a good help for them all, to keep them occupied.

Marg, Kren and Kragh discussed for a while inside the inn during a meal, what the next course of action would be. Kragh explained that he needed to head south to try and find Zephyrius and reclaim his swords as well as the power of the southern winds.  Thanks to information, it was possible to hope that Dezco would be in the same area. This settled it. Head south, to try and find Dezco.

A New Generation Edit

Following the Eyes' adventures in Pandaria, they maintained a low profile barely staying in existence. However through the efforts of a few dedicated Eyes they have re-established themselves once again.

Although currently involved in a political turmoil as they decide how they should be led, the Eyes have felt it is their time to awaken once again and have been back to work in assisting in protecting Kalimdor from corruption.

Trials and RanksEdit


The structure of the guild is currently as follows:

Rank Incumbent(s) Description
Wildlord Vacant Although the Eyes were in the past led by a single person known as the Wildlord (at times going by other titles such as Wildmother), this rank has been mostly vacant for a long time.
Maen Three so-called Maen serve in a council, which functions as the decision-making organ of the Eyes.
Master The Masters, in many ways, serve in an advisory position to the Maen. They leave opinions likely to be weighted by the council in making decisions, but do not themselves vote.
Wildcat The Wildcat rank is bestowed upon any member that passes the Trial of the Eyes. They are expected to serve as missionaries, spreading the word of the guild and its goals.
Eye Ordinary members that have completed their Dibbun tasks are known simply as 'Eyes'; this term is also commonly used to refer to any initiated member, regardless of official rank.
Dibbun Dibbuns are not yet technically members; they first have to pass a task given to them by a Maen.

These days, the Masters are primarily old Maen retired from the council, although any devoted member can in theory be given the rank. This was much more commonplace in previous times.

The original structure of the guild was to have one or several Maen responsible for each path their members could walk (e.g., there would be dedicated hunter Maen, shaman Maen, and so on). Each member of the guild would answer to their respective Maen, based on this system, and dibbuns would receive their tasks from the Maen in charge of their path. This system also gave the Maen individual titles based on their area of responsiblity: As an example, a warrior Maen would be given the title Blademaster, and would alternatively be known as the Head of Warriors

There has in recent times been a gradual move away from this rather rigid system, and each Maen no longer has a specific body of members to answer for. This has largely coincided with the absence of a dedicated leadership rank. Indeed, many would claim that the Eyes have not had a leader in the usual sense since the times of Verdauga Whitecloud, the first Wildlord.

The historical backdrop for this relates to the fact that after the removal of Verdauga, no one was prepared to permanently take on the mantle of leadership; as such, after the situation eventually stabilised, and with Verdauga gone, the concept of a Wildlord was phased out and instead evolved into a system where all the Maen exercised equal authority through a council. However, reinstituting the old system and finding a new Wildlord is a topic frequently brought up between the Maen, and the current setup is in many ways regarded as being of a temporary nature, until such a time comes.

The structure of leadership again, has been under scrutiny by members as they elected to use a leadership of three Maen as opposed to one Wildlord in charge. However these leading Maen are yet to be installed.

List of WildlordsEdit

  1. Verdauga Whitecloud, The Thousand Eyes: The creator and ruler of the Eyes since its creation. Was removed as a result of an internal rebellion following his corruption by Yogg-Saron.
  2. Braan Firetotem, The Thousand Eyes: Braan was initially appointed by Verdauga to lead the Eyes after he was forced to leave. At the time he was part of the rebellion (known as The Opened Eyes and led by Sage Stoneshatterer), and he stepped down five days later, after failing to unite the now fragmented guild.
  3. Talnes Whitecloud, The Thousand Eyes: Talnes and others opposed Braan and Sage's attempt to merge the two factions under the banner of The Opened Eyes, and Braan grudgingly handed him the leadership of the Eyes in an attempt to stabilise the situation. Withinthe passing of a few weeks, Talnes recognised the futility of his own efforts, and the two factions were merged as per Braan's original intent.
  4. Sage Stoneshatterer, The Opened Eyes: Sage, already having led the successful rebellion against Verdauga's rule, was proclaimed leader of the new, merged guild. She later left, feeling the guild had stabilised enough to receive a new start.
  5. Talnes Whitecloud, The Opened Eyes/The Thousand Eyes: Appointed to lead the Eyes after Sage left. During his time as Wildlord, the guild experienced a severe decline in participation and membership, although this improved somewhat toward the end of his tenure. Talnes can be known for being Wildlord when the Eyes formally became known as The Thousand Eyes again, as oppose to the rebellion of The Opened Eyes.
  6. Sage Stoneshatterer, The Thousand Eyes: Sage was again appointed Wildlord (now styling herself as 'Wildmother') amidst increasing dissatisfaction with Talnes' performance, some time after the guild officially reverted their name back to the original one. She oversaw the creation of the Maen council system (and disposal of the Wildlord rank), after which she was elected Steward of the Eyes, which she remained until her death.


The Trial of the EyesEdit

The Trial of the Eyes takes place every now and then

Members of the Eyes at a feast

in Bloodhoof Village. It is a chance for the Eye members to prove their strength and cunning to earn a promotion, going against each other for the title of Wildcat. A Wildcat is charged with the responsability of recruiting, supplying for the guild, arranging gatherings, hunts and expeditions and of course taking care of those they invite. The trial of the eyes is almost as old as the eyes are, and on occasion has a different host. The details of the trial are disclosed to prevent cheating. The trial of the eyes tests knowledge, wit and common sense as these are all traits a Wildcat should have. Wildcats are also expected to do a certain amount of leadership but not abuse their powers. If a Wildcat neglects their duties they can be at risk of demotion. The Eyes also used to hold classes on Thunder Bluff but they were cancelled due to lack of interest.

Dibbun tasksEdit

Every new member in the Eyes starts out as a Dibbun. In order for them to prove themselves as worthy of the Eye-title, they must first get a task from one the Maen. The Dibbun will be asked, or assigned to, a region and given various tasks to complete by the Maen in their respective region. If the Maen thinks they have done enough work in the region, they will earn a promotion to Eye. However, they will still be expected to help out in their region.

Meeting place Edit


The meeting place of the Eyes used to be a hut named Kotir which was based in Taurajo. The Eyes would meet there every Friday and on other important ceremonial occasions. After the events of the Cataclysm, Taurajo was destroyed, and the hut with it. The Eyes were as a result forced to move back into Mulgore.

Camp WhitecloudEdit

After the destruction of Taurajo, the Eyes relocated their base of operations to just behind the recently erected Great Gate. The resulting encampment was called Camp Whitecloud in honour of the Eyes' late founder. The camp consists of several huts, split in two sections by the road passing toward the gate. The northern section functions as the primary meeting place, whereas supplies are stored at the southern end, along with work huts.

In the Autumn of 2012, Camp Whitecloud and the Great Gate were severely damaged after an attack by the Alliance. The Eyes joined in with a group to defend the gate, and successfully repelled the assault. With time and effort, both the Camp and the Gate were rebuilt.

Following their hiatus, the Eyes have continued to use Camp Whitecloud as a base for their operations where they can regularly be found gathering.

What do the Eyes stand for? Edit


The eyes are dedicated to the preservation of the ancient ways and of nature.

The goals of The Eyes is, and have always been, to keep up old traditions and make sure their old tribal society is not forgotten. They teach their members to stay in harmony with nature live after the words of the Earthmother (although the latter is practiced more prominently amongst the Tauren members, The Eyes believe that the words of the Earth Mother is good guidelines to live after, and should thus be practiced by the Orcs and Trolls too, though probably to a lesser degree). Most of The Eyes' teachings are derived from Tauren traditions and the Cenarion Circle, this being mainly because their first leader, Verdauga Whitecloud, was a druid and that the guild in the first place accepted only Tauren. Some parts of the Eyes' teachings may have their origin in Orcish and Trollish culture, or organisations like the Earthen Ring.

The Eyes believe, as do the Tauren, that people should live in harmony with and respect nature, and not blindly harvest the earth's resources. The Eyes oppose groups who do this, and they are against the dwarven presence in Bael Modan and the Bael'dun digsite in Mulgore, where the dwarves dig into the earth to discover titan artifacts. More heavily do they oppose the goblin-run Venture Company, which have established outposts around most of mid-Kalimdor. The Eyes have been known to launch attacks upon Venture Company outposts, and will likely not hesitate to do so again, should diplomacy fail to stop them in chopping down the trees and digging in the earth of the Tauren ancestral lands.

Members of The Eyes learn to resist the temptations of evil, and they question most things that they see as unnatural. This includes the Arcane, Fel magic and undeath. Thus The Eyes do not allow Blood Elves, Forsaken, Mages, Warlocks or Death Knights under their banner.

Verd's recruitment Edit


The eyes gather on a beach to sing and dance around the fire

Verdauga sits in Thunder Bluff by the pond, smoking his pipe. He watches the ripples in the water, stroking his beard and appearing deep in thought. "If only Verdauga could find a way to spread the word of The Thousand Eyes..." he said to himself. He took a swig of his water and when it was drained and he lowered it he spotted an orc strolling along, a boar following behind him. "You there!" Verdauga yelled, the orc look up with a confused look. "Yes you! come over here please!" the orc looked somewhat bewildered by made his way over, the boar trotting behind him. "Wha' issit? wha' i dun now?" said the orc, holding the handle of his axe. "No need for weapons friend, please sit, Verdauga needs your help!" Said Verdauga with a smile on his face. "Bah! I aint 'elpin no cow!" He said. "Pity..." Verdauga said, before tossing a gold coin in the air and catching it in his hand. The orc stared at the coin as it spun around in the air then said, "Aight, i'll 'elp ya mate!" he said and sat down. "Better not be 'bout goin' ta Sifilus or summink, I ates bugs!" He said. Verdauga chuckled and said "No! all you need to do is right here, by this pond on this lovely day. Verdauga unrolled some parchment and a quill, then looked at the orc. Verdauga can't write, can you write down the following for me? If you find difficulty spelling it just spell it how it is said." Verdauga handed over the parchment and quill. Verdauga cleared his throat and starting speaking, "This will be put on the inn of Thunder Bluff" he said. The orc scribbled this down. "No no! dont copy that bit!!" Verdauga said. And so they sat together, the Orc scribbling down every word.

*A parchment is nailed to Inns in Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff* The following are the words of Verdauga Whitecloud Lord of The Thousand Eyes, written down for him by a nice orc, because Taurens cant write.
The Thousand Eyes refers to the thousands of stars that watch over us along with Mu'Sha (The moon in Taurahe) These stars have watched over us since the dawn of time and we follow them in the ways that they are ancient, we follow the ancient teachings similar to those of the Cenarion Circle. Ones which are primitive and naturalistic. We strive to keep in touch with the earth, and resist the temptations that darkness and evil in our world brings. Taurens, Trolls and Orcs will make up The Thousand Eyes. However what we do not accept within the Eyes are beings who are unnatural and powers that conflict with or do not fit into nature. This rules out the following - Mages, Warlocks, Death Knights and Blood Elves and Forsaken. Our Guild is one reborn from ancient times before the world came to as it is now. And that is our basis, to stay true to ourselves and our ancestors teachings.

- Verdauga Whitecloud, Lord of The Thousand Eyes

After the orc had finished, he nailed it to the Thunder Bluff inn and returned to Verdauga. "Now!" Said Verdauga. "We have to make another copy for the inn in Orgimmar!" The Orc groaned but did so willingly as Verdauga flicked another gold coin onto his lap.


Some of the events the Eyes participate in are:

  • Trial of the Eyes
  • Horde Gatherings
The Eyes also arrange in regular gatherings and expeditions. These generally revolve around the naturalistic ways and teachings, from village duties to lessons for the newer members. In addition they have meetings from time to other, whether purely social meetings or to discuss Guild-related issues. The eyes also used to hold classes on Thunder Bluff but they were canceled due to lack of interest. They sometimes hold short meetings just before Storytelling every Friday.

A typical communication signet used by the Eyes.

The Eyes used to keep in contact using signets. These signets are usually in the shape of eyes or stars, and it is through them that the guild communicate.

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