The Scourge Siege - Part Four Edit

Knight Rasaan stepped out of the door of his personal quarters down the end of a long courtyard where his troop of Death Knights trained. The moonlight hit him like daylight would hit a normal person; half blinding him making him stagger forward. As he regained his senses, he heard the clanging of blades from down the courtyard. He could feel his bracer on his left wrist click into place. He could taste the ash in the air and he could smell the rotting of corpses nearby. In any other area, this place could be what people described as hell on Azeroth, but in Icecrown, this was a normal day.

As he looked down the courtyard, many a Death Knight, the early risers were fully donned in shadow black armour, though their capes were on the side of the sparring are. Each held aloft a dull but fierce looking blade and in a blur of speed, they swung their blades in killing sweeps at their opponents who, in return, did likewise.

Rasaan spotted a Lich overlooking a certain sparring area. In the small square black dirt cornered out by white chalk, a naga raised itself to full height and swung his blade at the air before him, practising. Rasaan paced over casually, fixing the other black bracer to his arm. He reached the Lich and despite common etiquette, did not stand to attention. He stood and watched, like around twenty Knights as a large Tauren walked into the ring.

The Tauren stood tall and walked with a grace uncommon among normal Death Knights. He held in his right hand a large sheath and as he stepped into the ring, he drew his sword from it before throwing the flimsy black covering aside. His blade was like all the others, with glowing blue runes upon the side, but it was large to fit the Tauren’s strength and build.

Both Knights stared at each other through the black winged helmets upon their heads. The Tauren’s was cracked from a blow given by Rasaan in a duel a few weeks ago in which Rasaan had spotted skill beyond normal Death Knights. In complete sync, the Knights raised their blades to cover their face vertically before bowing. Then, with slow style, went into their battle stances and in a whirl of speed, they began to fight.

The naga leapt over the Tauren swinging downwards with tremendous speed but in equal speed, the Tauren swung upwards as he ducked, slamming his blade against the naga’s in a crack of steel on steel. As the Naga landed, he rolled forward before spinning to face the Tauren, his blade held aloft. In his roll, the Naga failed to spot the Tauren.

The Tauren had ducked but with extraordinary speed, spun into his own roll. He rose and ran. He lowered his head and blade towards the Naga and as the Naga rose, he struck. They rolled. They tumbled. The Naga shrieked. As they slowed, the naga lay beneath the Tauren. Pushing upwards, he rolled the Tauren off him before spinning upwards his blade in hand. As he turned, the Tauren was already upon him, slamming his shoulder into his chest. His sword flew across the training ground. The Tauren held his arms down.

Looking up, the Naga could see his blade. He lunged from under the Tauren towards his final hope of winning, his weapon. He freed himself from the crushing Tauren and grabbed his blade. He jumped. He span, he saw the Tauren and swung. With no weapon, the Tauren ducked under the blade. He swung his arms and sword clanged against bracers. The Naga swung downwards clumsily and the Tauren clasped his bracers together, catching the sword between them. He twisted and the blade swung out to the side, clanging against the floor as the crowd held their breath in suspense.

The Tauren stared at the Naga who was breathing heavily unlike the Tauren who had slow, calm breaths. He stepped slowly towards the Naga who, unable to hold his nerve, lowered himself into what could be classed as a kneel, bowed his head in surrender. “That Tauren has skill beyond brilliant.” Spoke the Lich, Nul’renak. His voice was chilling and as per usual, sent a chill down Rasaan’s spine. Renak spoke casually and even with a hint of amusement as he watched the Tauren raise his blade to the cheers of the crowd. “Maybe he could be your Guard Captain on the new Necropolis?”

“I told you last time, I am not doing it.” Rasaan’s face became bitter as he spoke to the Lich. “I don’t see why I should have to do favours for you.”

“Because you have to. I asked you nicely first to give you a chance to shine, but it seems I might as well revert back to normal rank over rank, hm?” The Lich turned and pressed his bony palm against the chest of Rasaan’s armour and a flash of white light blew Rasaan no less than thirty feet away. The Knights all over the courtyard turned to stare bewildered at this outbreak and those who were still asleep in their quarters ran out to watch their master slide across the floor, a white mark upon his chest plate.

“This is what happens if you disobey an order given by a Lich! You are our slaves! You are under command of the Lich King and you will do as I command as he asks me! Your valorous Master was asked to do something but he refused! I will give him one last chance, unlike if any of you disobey me!” Raising his hand, Renak stared at Rasaan who had raised his head to stare back. In a flash of light, Rasaan caught fire. A blaze of white fire swept across him, causing him to scream in pain. Nul’renak clenched his fist, exstinguishing the fire sweeping across the writhing Knight master.

“Rasaan, the Necropolis is yours. You will take it and await orders. You will do as I command, when I command. You are no different to any other of this scum. Mindless. You are at my command.” Nul’renak turned and floated away towards the steps to the Citadel. Rasaan glared at his back through blurred eyes, grunting and half squirming from the pain. A few of his Knights rushed to help him to his feet but he still collapsed to the ground, defeated.

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A Scourge Siege Story

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