The War of the Shifting Sands (also known as The Qiraji War) took place roughly a thousand years prior to the Scarab Wall's re-opening. A large force of night elves, split between sentinels, druids and priestesses were led by Archdruid Fandral Staghelm, in battle against the insectoid race threatening the invasion of Kalimdor. For a time, the kaldorei seemed to have the upper hand, until the forces were made to split, in order for some to retreat and defend Southwind Village. Fandral's son, Valstann who led the

General Rajaxx leading the Qiraji forces.

failed defence, was captured by Rajaxx, the Qiraji general, and torn in half in front of his father's eyes. After that the night elves made a retreat to Un'Goro Crater, and continued to battle the swarm, but now on the defensive, outnumbered. Eventually, the four dragonflights sent aid to the night elves; the reds headed by Caelestrasz - son of Alexstrasza, the blues by Arygos - son of Malygos, the greens by Merithra - daughter of Ysera, and the bronze by Anachronos - son of Nozdormu. The tide of battle turned in their favour, with the combined magic of the dragonflights, priestesses and druids, erecting a great magical barrier to permanently hold in the Qiraji forces, after the time bought by Caelestrasz, Arygos & Merithra.

Veteran Edit

(Characters that fought and survived this conflict to be listed here.)

Fierse Starblade

Myrion Starblade

Survivor Edit

(Characters that survived the conflict, without any combat involvement, to be listed here.)

Killed During Edit

(Characters, or more likely the family and friends of characters, killed during this conflict.)

Neirwyn Shadowthorn

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