The Wizards' Council of the Horde is a guildless RP community which has been founded in August '08 and is dedicated to magic and mystery-themed RP. While Mages and Warlocks will find it a natural habitat for themselves, the Council welcomes characters of any class who make magic a central point in their roleplay.

Work in progress!


For countless generations the High Elves prided themselves on their approach to any kind of magic: they treated it with reverence and respect (though never outright worship), studied it systematically and scholarly, finally used it in a deeply personal, passionate and emotional way. That kind of stance deprived elven magi of the sheer power human wizards could come up with, but while weaker, they made it up in more subtle ways than humans are ready to acknowledge.

The combination of all factors like their long lifespans, their generally peaceful nature and yes, their prudent and in many ways unique approach to arcane magic allowed them to create great wonders of spellwork most races can only dream of: the grand Fire Oaks that adorn their realm of Quel'thalas and were created by subtly coaxing normal oak seeds into growing growing tall and beautiful as well as the eternal spring that they so enjoy living in. Dwellings bigger from inside than outside. Protective spheres of magic that could ward entire towns while powering themselves from the carefully tended earth. Fields of crops that would give harvest many times each year while not draining earth of its resources. Instruments of wars never waged: sentient blades that would spring to life whenever their master was unable to fend off foes and dance in the air protecting them, suits of mail as durable as dwarven plate, but fine and comfortable as everyday clothing, spells of destruction that could turn the very air into fire and earth into poison over whole regions. Finally, the great casters that could accomplish all this and many more things, often crossing the chasms between arcane, divine and nature magic as if they never existed.

Sadly, even these great magics could not repel the massive offensive of the Scourge. Or could they? Many a theory has been coined in favour of both stances, but the fact remains that the great casters are gone and Old Arts that they used to utilize went into decline, making way for so humanlike quick and dirty magics that take only years, not decades or even centuries to comprehend and master.

Enter the Wizards' Council, an organization that, in an age where most magics are judged only by their effectiveness in battle, tries to revive these "Old Arts" and, if not restore them to former glory, then at least reintroduce their best practices into the mainstream magic of modern Quel'thalas.

The Council was initiated and then founded by Edanna Kal'es and several friends and associates of her: Nathlanir, Shinarla, Sevarus "the Longstaff", Thranduin (who was a warlock back then), Brynmor Ildanach and Teridiam Rivendare as an all-purpose magical oragnization. Its goals include schooling of young wizards, research and developement of spells and internal works of magic, rediscovering forgotten techniques, unearthing ancient tomes and artifacts, protecting the integrity of the universe and its magic (which puts the Council at odds with Malygos), as well as general promotion of the Arcane (especially of the Old Arts) in the Horde.


The Council always welcomes new members in its ranks, and although the generally welcoming attitude it displays makes it possible to become one by simply joining the channels on which it operates (/Magi and its counterpart /Magiooc) and politely announcing oneself, Edanna prefers if newcomers have a small IC chat with one of the senior members: Aenor Dawnblade, Brian Rimeshade, Tiroon, Caliopé, Flameweaver or herself before joining.

Sample reasons to join

Beyond a cleric's understanding of how to end undeath, you can create it in really sick and twisted ways, Death Knight. It's a strange art, and probably frowned upon by Edanna, but it's unique and worthy of study from a research standpoint.

The minds of these people have strayed far from the woodlands, Druid. Your magic rarely fits in the settings Wizards prefer. However, because of this very 'flaw' you bring a truly unique perspective to the Council, the hand of nature guiding you within the lands of arcane.

With the Hunter's skills, you are the detective of the Council, studying your environment and picking out the tiniest yet most important details. Also, your nature magic likely will prove useful during missions in the wilds.

As a Mage, you're a natural fit with the Council. Here, you learn new techniques for spellwork. Your thirst for knowledge has brought you to this organization, and it looks to be a prime opportunity for learning interesting magics.

There is little religion here, you who call themselves Paladins and Priests; an arcane society claims no need of gods. However, the way you can focus your ideals into a force of sheer willpower instead, your strength of character capable of turning back the undead and healing your comrades can invoke respect in minds tuned to the supernatural.

As a Rogue, you live by the creed that information wants to be free, and your knowledge of magical traps, locks, and binding spells works towards that goal. The Council offers you more knowledge in arcane hacking and trickery.

As a Shaman, your body is a weapon -- one of harmony and balance with the magical world. Your magic is as pure as water, and as powerful as earth. Your quest is one of enlightenment and wisdom, and the arcane knowledge the Council seeks can aid you in your self journey.

Your life has not been an easy one, Warlock. Forced to hide your demonic powers for many years for fear of the angry mob with pitchforks and torches or a Magisterium death squad, now grudgingly accepted but still feared or hated, you have sought refuge from this cruel world with the Council, who accept you for what you are.

As a Warrior, your interest in magic likely involves magical weapons, magical armours. Forging new items with innate arcane properties and finding artifacts of power draw you to the Wizards' Council.

A word of warning... a dark nature will not aid you here. Although the Wizards are of various alignments, none of them are particularly EVIL. You will not find many opportunities for betrayal, homicidal rampages, or megalomania.

Member list (WIP)

  1. Edanna
  2. Brian Rineshade
  3. Aenor Dawnblade
  4. Flameweaver
  5. Tiroon
  6. Caliopé
  7. Nathlanir
  8. Thranduin
  9. Keiralin
  10. Nalindir
  11. Noriel
  12. Liana
  13. Haniza
  14. Nikkii
  15. Anarouin
  16. Kelrana
  17. Dathoran
  18. Innia
  19. Shiven

(More to come!)

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