Prepare the Pitchforks! Edit

We Cenarions have been looking over the Earth Mother's lands and have spotted spots of darkness that must be removed. All of us have no doubt heard if not seen the vile constructions of the Venture Company in Mulgore, the Barrens and the skyward paths up towards Stonetalon peak. Tall metal constructs tear down trees with freocity beyond that of man. Even larger metal towers are covered in contraptions doing things I care not to mentaion to the Wildlife. And worse so, they are decimating the land they occupy, spreading the black liquid of death into the rivers and spreading the black cloud of darkness around the areas to which they travel.

We Cenarions are calling on you, faithful Shu'halo of the Earthmother to prepare yourselves for battle. You may die. In fact, we know many will, but sacrifices must be made to remove this menace. We will use their own weapons against them. Deadly explosives that can tear forests apart in minutes shall be used to tear down their metal monstrosities and once done, we shall all help to cleanse the area. Bring life back to the rivers, show the wildlife there is nothing more to fear and show the Earthmother that we will do all in our power to stop the destruction of her lands!

OOC Edit

Another event on the drawing board, maps and ideas all up and such. Basically, me and a few friends will go around picking up mob weapons and stuff so a load of level 15+ Taurens can gather in Bloodhoof then march on the various camps all over Barrens, Mulgore and Stonetalon Mountains (Maybe even the base in Stranglethorn) to put an end to the pollution they are causing!

Anyway, same old stuff, send me some ideas and tell me what you think!

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