Chapter 1: Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Edit

Xai drops back onto the grass her arms out as she stares into the sky the cloud slowly moving over, deep within her own thoughts she begins to recap over her life thinking on how she came to be here.

“That’s it...I remember the first day dad go to some...strange thing with his guild the essence...I waited and waited...sat at the door day in day out watching waiting for him to come home, I was only what 9 human years I guess. Bah I can’t remember I lost track....”

She stopped thinking for a moment when her eyes caught sight of two birds flying off north just over her head, smiling a little as she returned to her thoughts.

The wait seemed to go on forever till her father came back when he did she wasn’t awake and he wasn’t in a fit state to see her as it was or so her Mother said. “I remember when I first saw my Father fight...I was amazed as I watched how fast he was he was awesome.” That was when I promised myself said that I would be like him one day...just as fast and strong my goal in life to be like my idol my dad...

I guess most people would say I couldn’t of had a normal childhood but what is a normal childhood in this day and age? I spent my time training learning how to use my body and mind as a weapon against my enemy. I kept pushing myself telling myself I had to be harder, faster, stronger then the rest of them to make him proud of me...

Finally the day came when I left outland to venture into Azeroth where my father spent most of his time, I took the mage portal down into Silvermoon City where I met him my eyes wide with excitement staring around at everything the sounds the sights the smells the people. The was all new to me this was when my father turned to me looking me in the eyes “You have to be careful Xai, you can’t tell people who you are not right now things could happen to you.” I didn’t understand at first looking up at him blinking completely clueless to why he was saying this to me in the first place but I was soon to find out.

My father was wanted all over Azeroth, people called him a murderer and a rebel but why? He never killed anyone useless he had to till the truth hit me...My father was one of the leaders of the exiles named “The Essence” they were wanted for murder, kidnap and many other things all this he had sheltered me from in the past was now staring me in the face. Confusion was what i felt at first wondering why he hadn’t told me said something to me, I remember this was around the time “The Essence” tried to summon their queen but were betrayed from within.

The up coming months after this weren’t easy my Father vanished no one knew where he was fear gripping me when I heard he may be dead by a blood knight named “Sithren”..A blood knight? But why? Wasn’t my mother one of those?

Xai blinks a little sitting up staring down at the grass closing her eyes trying to collect herself once more...

Finally the day when everything I had dreamed of came undone...My father and mother split up my own teacher Achaia I felt was to blame for it I felt so angry and I couldn’t believe why my father would do such a thing. So this was the reason he was always around her and why he never seemed to have any time for me...I felt...betrayed. Leaving his guild to join his enemies Quincy Lyon...A few days after my departed leave the remnants Quincy came face to face with my Father this was when I saw him after a few days of joining Quincy...After these talk my father began to walk off I faded into the shadows following him till I stood in front of him.

I yelled and shouted my anger over coming me and consuming me from within at what he had done how could he hurt me like this leave me behind in such a way so that I couldn’t follow!!

After that very day I felt my walls closing in on me I couldn’t breath or think I had lost my way I was alone and I didn’t have my father there to hold my hand anymore, as I sat on the bank staring up at Quincy’s ship I knew...this was where my journey started and no one was going to make it by me....

Chapter 2: Caged Rage

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