The leatherworker stood in his workshop, adorned with leatherworkings hung up to show his quality. The wooden decour of the area providing a rustic theme to the shop, with a musty smell...old leather, metal and some herbs of some sort.

Another day, another top, for the fat elf, in the inn...Valentor assembled the components needed. Wearing his goggles, he eyes up the measurements the man gave him...shaking his head amd smiling.

"How do these people get in such a state!?"

Just then the sound of steps could be heard behind him, at the entrance to his shop. He turned around, sighting a female elf, carrying a bag, chesnut hair...good a plain dress that drooped of her shoulders in an unflattering manner.

"Can I help you miss?" queried Valentor.

"'re that as.." the lady replied before stopping to rifle through her bag.

Valentor raises his eyebrow..

"That astounding leatherworker my husband keeps going on about! Valentor isnt it?"

"Yes I am m'lady. Im glad im getting good references" Valentor replied, smiling.

"Well its hard to find a leatherworker who isnt off in the north nowadays. I was wondering if Raothel's order ready early?" she asked.

"Unfortunaley not miss, Ive had a busy day and was just about to start your husbands order..though I am concerned, about this piece"

Valentor hands over a paper with measurements.

"Number four, seems to be a little small for him, or any elf"

"Oh thats mine, yes, I thought Id try you out, after all I have heard so many good things about you. Yes, its designed to be particulally tight on me, to show off me...features..." she replied, eying up Valentor.

"Im sure it will look very nice on you Mrs.."

"Lets not exchange names, just yet...looks like my husband will be around tomorrow..afternoon, after nursing his sore head." She sighs.." I wish he would stay of the wine, but he just gulps it down..." she sighed.

"A shame.." Valentor relied "One must know how to drink wine, and....savour its fine flavour"

He eyes the lady up and down. The lady smiles..

"I have some, well my husband has a bottle or two back at my house..if you care to come back...its getting dark and since your concerned about my measurements..I will be happy for you to take them back home..and my husband doesnt normally come home until..very..very late"

The lady presses up against Valentor.

"Im sure, I can help you with whatever concerns you have with your clothing miss, just give me a few minutes to shut shop"

The lady wispers her adsress then slowly edges away, and leaves.

Valentor shuts shop, but before he goes, he picks up a small satchel and stops and mutters to himself

"Another married woman...and she doesnt waste time"..and grins.

Some time later, the cover of darkness has drawn in, the stars and the moon blanketed...

Valentor sits, naked on the side of a large double bed..he looks around...the lady, knocked out..from wine, lies on the other side of the bed. He turns on the lamp..his eyes wincing at the sudden light.. and reaches for his satchel, pulling out a piece of paper...reading it..before placing it back and placing his head in his hands for a few moments before getting dressed, taking daggers out of the satchel, placing them in his sleeves and then sneaking out of the house.

Wandering into murder row, Valentor catches sight of two dark figuers, one holding another against a wall, the other holding a feather..he continues, silently.

A woman, blonder hair than most, blue robe, with the mark of her shop walks by, after a late night. She drops a gold coin on the ground, it rolls and she bends over to reclaim it, her long earings dangling in the air. She arises...and a cold metal presses her neck.. She spins around, into the arms of a man, gasping for air..chocking and hacking on blood..the man gazes into her eyes lowering her gently to the ground...the embrace almost passionite...


..she stares at him, almost as she is asking him why he has done this to her, this elf..whom she has never met. He stares coldly..back making the same sound. stroking her hair.

Darkness falls with one last hack..her body becomming limp...Valentor pauses for a second....

He gently lets go...looking around, before taking off an earing...placing it into a small leather pouch. He moves quickly, to an inn, in the bazaar,..its busy..he fights his way to and leans agains the bar.

A hand firmly presses on his shoulder.

"What'll it be boy!?"

Valentor turns..and sights the 'fat elf'.

"Ah..Raothel...a wine please my good man"

A wine is placed on the bar...Valentor Smells it..and sips..

"Thats no way to drink wine!" the elf exclaims, chugging the rest of his bottle, with some dribbling down his face.

Valentor notices a lone elf in the corner table.

"I may take my leave Roathel, but I have a customer ready to be negotiated with"..Valentor says softly. Oh! and ill have your things ready by noon tomorrow!"

"Indeed...Ill come and pick it up...Id send the wife but shes a bit moody about meeting "the commoners"".

Valentor places a hand on his shoulder while he nudges past..his wine in the other hand...

Upon approaching the man, he gazes up, and catches a pouch thrown to him, before a wide grin emerges..

" wife has been seen to, leatherworker?" he asks Valentor

"Yes..." he replies..

"Dont worry, my friend..she was cheating on me with some damned man...damn them both to hell!"

"How awful" replies Valentor.."...but how about my payment for my tanning?"

"Yes, yes!...take it!" The man replies..handing a leather pouch..which Valentor takes, while massaging it in his hand..seemingly counting..

"Much good man" Valentor smirks.

The man replies "a toast! To the sanctity of marriage!"

Valentor nods and downs his wine, before placing the glass on the table..."Good night"

The leatherworker leaves...ready for sleep, ready for another day...another day...another gold..

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