Thel'is Lightstryder Blood Knight Master Harbinger Of The Knights

Physical Traits
Thel'is has bright white hair, a trait of all members of his family, due to the exposer and praticing of light magic over many generations. His eyes glow a feint goldish green, surrounded by a face beaten by harsh weather with some small scars, though nothing obvious. As elves go, he is well built from constant training and wearing heavy plate and carrying weapons, though he is slightly shorter than an average male elf. He walks with a natrual confidence and runs at a very fast pace. In battle he has been descibed as a 'blur of light' and a 'ballet of elf and weapon', though the word ballet is almost a misconception as he has been seen fighting with raw rage, particullaly against the scourge.

Race and Class
Blood Elf Paladin

Blood Knight ((Jewelcrafter / Blacksmith))

All deceased, though some may have been raised as Death Knights. Regards Lady Liadrin as a maternal figure due to their close relationship.
Mother: Syerra
Father Allerian
Brother : Allerian II (named after his father, older)
Sister: Larien (younger)

Family Background
The Lightstryder family were considered one if not the, most influential priests in Silvermoon city, known for their altruistic nature. Lightstryder's were known for thier inspiring presence and strict adherence to the teachings and practicing of light magic. The family residence was in a section in the centre of the city (now where the dead scar is). During the scourge attack on the city Syerra and Thel'is were the only members of the family in the city. Syerra was brutally slaughtered by Arthas as Thel'is watched feet away. It is rumoured that Allerian and Allerian II were the elves that helped Arthas and Jaina Proudmoore in the early battles against the scourge. Their fate remains unknown though it is highly likely they are dead.

As an adolessant he saw his mother slaughtered and his family home destroyed. Helped to saftey by the priestess (at the time, and close friend of his parents) Lady Liadrin he spent several years recovering mentally, whilst being mute. Upon regaining his speech he begain training as a Knight, and Lady Liadrin became his mentor. However as an Adpet the city was attacked by Felbloods and Liadrin had to leave, leaving him unattended. Over the years he has become slightly twisted by vengance and used that as motivation to get stronger. Throughout his Knight career the scourge have made several obvious and incidious attempts to willingly recruit him.

Recently Thel'is has left the Knighthood, after several key figuers who have been left in charge of the Order decided he would be better on city defence after his brilliant handling of the defences of Silvermoon during the recent scourge attacks. Enraged, he quit the order and left for Northrend, his current location unknown....his current affilation...unkown..


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