Name Edit

Theophilus Falthrien. Heir to the Lordship of Falthrien.

Physical Traits Edit

6'1", 150lbs. Long blonde hair. Around 180 years old.

Race and Class Edit

Blood Elf Warlock.

Guild Edit

Formerly of Repentance.

Occupation Edit


Family Edit

Brother - Theodotus Falthrien (Deceased).

Background Edit

Theophilus Falthrien, born second son to Lord and Lady Falthrien, had spent his life in the shadow of his older brother, Theodotus. Every accolade and achievement he’d ever earned had already been achieved by his brother. With time, his brother went to a seminary to join the priesthood of the Light.

The younger Falthrien soon followed in his brother’s footsteps, unable to step out from the elder’s shadow. Consumed with envy of the pride his parents took in his brother’s achievements, he sought ever way possible to outshine his brother, until one dark day, envy engulfing him to the point of recklessness, he delved into dark teachings for a path to self advancement. He studied texts forbidden to students of the Light. He smuggled tomes of infernal power into his seminary rooms, to study late by candlelight while all others were sleeping. After many months of study, his mind became more warped with envy, growing into hatred of his brother and all those he perceived as conspiring against his success. Finally he exercised the new powers he had discovered to summon a vision of a demon. In the image in the blurred infernal scrying bowl, filled with quantities of his own blood, Theophilus made contact with a dark presence lurking in the Nether beyond the world of Azeroth. In exchange for his very soul, he was granted the power that he sought.

He disguised this new power, using it in subtle ways to advance himself much faster than even the most gifted students in the seminary. Until the great day when he was given his holy orders and accepted into the brotherhood of the light, before his brother had even finished his studies. His envy had borne fruit, and he was now the light of his parents’ eyes. His glory was not to last, however. His late night studies had not gone unnoticed, and the acquisition of such texts was not something that could be accomplished alone. Rumour and gossip had been rife in the seminary of the unconvential means pursued by the new Acolyte of the Light.

These rumours reached the ears of the young Sunna Sunmantle, a childhood friend of the Falthrien boys, and herself a Priest in training. She confronted the young Acolyte with the rumours she had heard, but he merely laughed; telling her to know better than to listen to such tittle-tattle, he sent her away. Ordinarily the word of someone she had known for so long would have been enough to rest her mind easy, but something in his manner, a change in his visage, a darker tone to his voice, made her feel discomfited and she could not accept his glib rebuttal. She resolved to discover the truth for herself. Under the pretext of visiting her sister, Sulwyn, who was studying at the seminary, she gained entrance to the seminary where Theophilus was still roomed, waiting for his first posting. She made her way with confident poise across the grounds, seeking to hide her nervousness at what she might find in his rooms. She came to the door and held still a moment, listening, straining with every sense to detect if the room was occupied. She waited, time stretching, until she was certain there could be noone in the room. She slowly pushed the door open, desperate to not make a sound. Inside there was no dread scene, no horrifying shock. Just a room. But then she glanced at the shelves. The infernal volumes were stacked along the wall, plain to be seen. It was enough to confirm every rumour, and she fled with all speed to the Father in charge of the seminary.

Theophilus was stripped of his holy orders and banished from Silvermoon and its surroundings. He spent many long years toiling in the desert city of Gadgetzan, where the goblins cared little for how or why someone came to be there. For many long years his envy and hatred continued to fester, fuelled all the more by the thwarting of his early plans, and the humiliation of his failure. His hatred and envy boiled inside him, turning to his mind inside out in its turmoil, driving him first through outward eccentricity, and finally to an inner insanity where his only pleasures were in cruelty and torment, with little care for what his victims might be. His fixation on those he perceived as wronging him became deeper and darker, firstly, his brother, the source of all his agonies, and secondly Sunna Sunmantle, the one who exposed him, and the cause of his banishment. Thoughts of the two haunted his every waking moment, and his obsession with their downfall was all consuming. He considered their destruction in the baking heat of the desert of Tanaris for seven long years, through the period of his banishment.

Finally, when the seven years were up, he was allowed to return to Quel’Thalas. His parents, fearing for further disgrace falling upon the family, seconded him immediately upon his return to locked chambers in the family mansion. For too long had he been denied his vengeance, and no simple chambers would hold him from it. He escaped from the sealed quarters, leave a wake of rape and murder. No servant girl or stabled horse was safe from his ravages. He fled into the city, hiding out in the shadier quarters and fleeing to the woods when he feared discovery. He dealt in dual personas, a simple priest who answered to his old name, but used a façade of simple innocence to spread lies and mistruth amongst unsuspecting people; leaving a wake of discord and mistrust amongst those he came into contact with. When he tired of such games, he would reveal himself as the great Ozymandius, a mighty warlock who had sold his soul to the darkness. Both, merely facets of his true persona.

In both these guises he sought to undermine the reputation of Sunna Sunmantle as she gained her ranks in the Blood Knight hierarchy. His schemes all came to nothing, however. His dark powers were too insignificant to have the effects the longed to bring about, and so he set out to train himself further. Subjecting himself to countless trials and tests, he also started to seduce the young socialite, Sulwyn Sunmantle, sister of Sunna. Intending to corrupt her to use her as a weapon against Sunna, he guided her along a shadowy path, hoping to turn her into his acolyte. He gained greater and greater power as his control of the dark forces grew, but the vengeance burning in his heart was still as powerful. His brother still formed the focus of his diseased mind, his corrupted thoughts still brought him to thoughts of his downfall and destruction. Long had he waited for the day to come when he could weave his powers to bring about the vengeance that would finally destroy his brother and leave him alone as the upmost Falthrien.

He made his way back to Silvermoon from Outland, where he had come face to face with demons, and learnt even more how to control their infernal power. Searching the city for days in a vengeful frenzy he finally came upon his brother. Weary of his studies as a priest, the elder Falthrien had drifted into the Blood Knights and was now a young initiate. His feeble powers were no match for the dark forces welling inside his younger brother. Seizing him, Theophilus bound him, dragging him by his long hair to a darkened cellar deep beneath the city. Lighting the room with an infernal glow, Theophilus contemplated the long torture and slow death of his brother.

For so many years had he suffered, and he planned such an extended torment for his brother also. Theodotus, seeing that his brother was now quite mad, whimpered and screamed, the gag muffling every sound, and the depth of the cellar buffering them quite well from the sanity of the city beyond the walls. Theophilus began subjecting his brother to hellish fire, scorching his exposed skin, the fire scorched his bonds too, and weakened the gag. Speaking through scarred and cracked lips, Theodotus asked “Brother, what do you hope to achieve by this?” “I wish only to be given what was mine by right, what was given to you without question, but withheld from me!” Theodotus screamed in agony and shouted at his brother: “There is nothing you can do to win their affection, Phil, you have lost them and yourself. You have cursed us all with your madness!”

The anger that had boiled for so many years within the younger Falthrien spilled over hearing these words; no power on Azeroth or beyond could contain it from a violent rage, the careful planning, the torture, the vengeance, all were forgotten as the welling emotion overcame him. He unleashed a bolt of pure shadow energy and struck his brother dead. He came to later. He had no idea how long it had been. Was it hours? Was it days? He looked upon the wrecked corpse of his brother, then he looked within himself. Nothing was different. He had changed nothing. His brother’s death was meaningless. He fell to his knees and wept. He had been consumed by Envy for so long that it had destroyed him. He could see no way forward but to repent. Sin was the cage that had bound him, and Repentance was the key.

Family Background Edit

Second son of Lord and Lady Falthrien - formerly in charge of the Falthrien Academy before the Scourge Invasion.

Criminal Record Edit

Extensive. TBC.

Personal Notes Edit

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