Not only is Theramore the Alliance's only heavily fortified stronghold in

Theramore's focal tower, where Lady Jaina resides.

Kalimdor and the capital of the Dustwallow Marsh with a population of around 13,000 people, it is also the official home of the newer, western Alliance in Kalimdor.

Theramore is a rocky island east of Dustwallow; the humans' walled city bears the same name as the island. Approach from the sea is extremely difficult due to the jagged rocks jutting out of Dustwallow Bay, leaving travelers to journey on foot through the marsh to one of the villages that run ferries out to the island. Fearful of pirates from Ratchet and elsewhere, the cannons of Theramore will fire without warning on any ship approaching the island unannounced.



The city at night.

Theramore Isle is the home of Jaina Proudmoore and the remaining Alliance forces who followed Medivh's advice before the Burning Legion's invasion and evacuated to Kalimdor. Originally settled with the sole purpose of survival, and built primarily as a military fortress, in time it has grown somewhat to serve as a trading port. The time since the Third War has seen the city prosper, making for a natural progression from mere subsistence to a desire to restore the glory of old. It appears that despite Jaina's efforts, some people in Theramore continue to desire ill upon the orcs. But regardless of these feelings, the people of Theramore regardless of race are deeply loyal to Jaina Proudmoore especially those who fought under her in the Third War and would not act on their opinions.

Notable AmendmantsEdit


Market stalls near the docks.

The Harbour MarketEdit

Being the popular trading port that it is, Theramore is often flowing with foreign merchants, most commonly from the Eastern Kingdoms. The regular shipping route between Theramore Isle and Menethil Harbour, serves as a healthy connection between the lands of Kalimdor and Khaz Modan. With the frequent travellers, and routine fishing ships sailing out to sea, it is only sensible that the city have a market to provide these folk with somewhere to sell their wares, and day's catch. Strange trinkets from far lands, blades smithed from the dwarves' grand forges, and intricately-weaved cloth with magical properties, are just some of the things to be found on the traders' stands. While the daily market tends to only have appeal with local people, the weekly one is quite popular with caravans from the marsh, and the Barrens, arriving and departing with food, and some exotic goods. However, the monthly, remains the most popular, with the fabled riches drawing people in from as far away as Stormwind, and Southshore on less recurrent vessels.

The Giddy WidowEdit

The tavern is located in Theramore, between the gates and the Foothold Citadel. It has been named as a tribute to "The Fishmongers Wife", a popular tavern in Stormwind, and in memory of it's keeper Svodni. The Giddy Widdow is currently managed by Dominique Vida, and is a busy meeting spot for travelers, citicens and guards alike. It sells both common and rare drinks (alchoholic and not) as well as local foods and a few specialities. It is well worth a visit.


Charels Ethobard - Steward

Taesac Harthor

Georgine Iris Riverbend - Waitress/Barmaid

Andearion Mekelowe - Guard Captain


The Shattered Raiders reside in Theramore, lead by Merkalin.

Theramore in CataclysmEdit

A lot of people have been worried about the fate of Theramore. Here is a screenshot to show what you can expect from Theramore in the future.

800px-Dustwallow 070910 013601 - Theramore -Kirkburn 12319

Theramore from above in Cataclysm

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