A short story, written by Eyel, that describes an guild event. It provides background information for the Chronicles of the Hand.

Full Synopsis Edit

'T was far past sunset when I entered the tavern. I think it was just past ten, as I heard the cathedral's bells not long ago. A redhaired Dwarven woman was already waiting for me inside the inn. We had picked the place, because we knew it wouldn't attract to many suspicious eyes and besides, I knew the bartender.

The dwarf had a serious look on her face. "We go' a problem." She half whispered to me, nodding at a man in brown leather armour near the counter, talking to the barkeeper. I told her that there was nothing to worry about, people like these were common in The Slaughtered Lamb.

Turning my eyes away from the bar I looked at the table in the corner of the inn. "Is that all?" I asked my female collegue. "Aye, tha's all." I must have shown my frustration as she looked at me with a frown that read 'don't blame me'. I moved over to the table, nodded at a few familiar faces and sat down at the head.

It didn't took me long to understand that everyone here was interested to join my..oh I mean our latest operation. Maybe it was because I had worked with some before, most notably ofcourse the Woodsman, or they were just simple minded fools, but every suggestion I laid on the table was accepted with open arms. Only after a few questions and explaining they all declared their loyalty. Knowning that loyalty is worth more than gold in this line of profession, I'm still not sure if I made the right move there, I decided to put them to the test.

It was not easy mission but nothing a group of five couldn't do. It was actually easier than under normal circumstances, most off the guards were called away to the Blasted Lands to launch an assault of some sort. Either way things were looking good.

Using some Gnomish teleporter, I was lucky enough to get one off a Goblin the otherday, they are in high demand, we arrived at our destination. "Eversong Forest is filled with precious objects." I explained to the three dwarves and the human. I told them that our employer would pay heavily for anything, were it a book or an urn, as long as it was Elvish.

We decided to split up and cover each a side of the Dead Scar. Luckily the Woodsman didn't mind his partner being a cheeky young human, ironicly called "Wit"..or something like that. They agreed to cover the east side off the scar and we, me and my Dwarf friend along with another Dwarf, I believe he was called 'something' Beard, who seemed very pleased with the idea off plundering potentially fresh graves, would scourge the west side.

The first thing we noticed was one off the big Rune-Stones, the ones that were used to repel the undead. The dwarves had little trouble knocking the warden unconcious, while I did my best to tap some off the magical energies into a container.

After a night off scavenging the area we returned to our rendez-vous point. Wit and the Woodsman showed me a bag full off books, candles, statuettes and, far more interesting, a orb off translocation! When I asked how they got their hands on that, they just grinned and said they paid a visit to outposts close to the city walls. I just praised the Nether that they didn't attract any attention off the guards.

"I tasked the Human with delivering the goods to the safehouse, he will no doubt have made the drop by now." "Good Scoffleton, maybe you are as good a leader as you say." "Sir" "Now Scoffleton, I have another task for you..."

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