Sorienna turned over the piece of metal in her hands. It was part of something. Part of something that worked. Not some plant or tree. She glanced up at her brother, twins but nothing alike. Their mother would say he was like their father. Zoah sat skinning some animal he had killed, she wrinkled her nose at him and turned away. Looking back at the piece of metal she turned it over again trying to imagine what it could be from. Her mother had warned them away from the caravan they had found, saying it was dangerous. To Sori it looked like a treasure trove.

Dante, her brother's huge cat yawned and stretched out and Sorienna nestled down against him daydreaming. She tried to imagine what her father was like. Her mother always avoided her questions, and as much as she burned to know she hated upsetting her so much. One day he would come and take them away form this dreary woodland life. They would live an a grand house not a hut. He would teach her all kinds of useful things. She glanced up at her mother, she was smiling to herself. Probably thinking of him. Sorienna made her excuses and headed to her bed early, saying she was tired.

Unable to sleep Sorienna opened her eyes. Everyone else slept quietly. It wasn't quite first light but she could wait no longer. Silently she crept from her bed, fully dressed. She tipped toed out of the hut. As she left Dante raised his head and yawned at her. Whispering soft words to him she headed around the hut as if going to relieve herself, then darted in the other direction as soon as she was out of sight.

Out of sight and sound of the hut she skipped happily in the direction of the caravan. It was a fair trek, but she knew these woods and had no fear. Randomly she threw fireballs at rocks, giggling as they either exploded or ricocheted off the trees.

As she came to the caravan she stopped in her tracks. Dante lay there yawning at her. She sighed and looked around her. No sign of Zoah. He had just followed her on his own. Grinning she walked over hand rubbed his huge head then fell to her knees and cuddled him.

"Silly great cat" She giggled.

Standing again she began her rummaging through the wreckage. Bits of machinery lay around, broken weapons, wasted food supplies. Delving in to damaged crates she found various powders and potions. Most of them smelled bad. Then she found the small sealed barrel. Lifting it carefully from it's place she took it to a clear space in the middle of the wreckage and smashed it open with a rock. Black power spilled from it. Licking her finger and dipping it in the powder she dared herself to taste it. She cringed at it's bitter taste. Dante padded over to her and nosed her away from it. Gently she pushed at him.

"Not now Dante," she whined. The large cat circled her then went to sit at a distance, grumbling at her.

Sorienna put her hand in the powder and let it run through her fingers. She took a small handful of it and walked away from the barrel, then set it down on the ground in small pile. Standing back she allowed a flame to build up in her palm then hurled it at the pile of black powder.

Whoompf. She screamed with glee as the powder briefly exploded in to flame then blew itself out. Greedily she looked back at the barrel. Dante paced at the outskirts of the wreckage grumbling. She ignored him. Carefully she picked up the small barrel and pour out about a quarter of the powder in to a small heap. She then carried the barrel back to the wreckage and set it aside, not noticing the trail she had left behind her. Excitedly she skipped back to the pile and took a few paces backwards. Poising herself she ignited both her hands in flames and pelted the pile with a huge fireball.

She gasped in amazement as the pile erupted lighting up the whole area. Behind the burning pile the trail of powder caught light and flame rushed towards the waiting barrel.

WHOOMPF! The blast blew her off her feet dashing her in to a tree. Burning wood and hot metal rained down everywhere. She whimpered in pain as she saw Dante darting off. Slowly she lifted her head to see the destruction. Barely able to hold on to consciousness she smiled.

"Wow," She whispered, "That was sooo cool"

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