Inifay leapt from the stone pillar, landing on the far ledge, swaying a moment before clinging to the wall for balance.

This had been easier once. Scaling walls, buldings and even sheer surfaces had been second nature to Remic. But he had been a rogue with years of experience and training....Inifay no longer had any of that. Only whispers of fading memories in the back of her mind and tingles of old instinct kept her from falling.

She pressed her back against the wall and inched along the ledge, following it upwards to dizzy heights where it spread out to a small platform, high above the city of Silvermoon. She sat silently a moment, her knees hugged to her chest,watching all those below her. There where her adopted family members by the fountain, chatting amoungst themselves. They'd wonder where she was soon. It was comforting that they worried, she couldn't deny it. Remic never had

She sighed and untied a single blue pouch from her belt, weighing it in one hand. Ashes. The remains of the Death Knight Remic. All she ever was now reduced to a handful of dust. The burning of the body had been done to protect her of course. Death Knights had a notorious reputaion for simply not staying...dead.

She fought back bitter tears. This was happening alot to her. Emotion. Raw, hard, vicious emotion. Remic had never felt like this. A hardened assassin had no time for emotion.

Her construct form had never felt like this. Clay prisons didn't have to.

But this flesh...this blood...this heart...It gave way to emotions so new and intense they over whealmed her. But why was she crying? Why? Had she not set out to slay the Death Knight herself? To rid herself and her family from the shadow of Remic? To protect them? Was it that she had not put the blade to his troath? That she had not finished him? Was that what was bothering her...? Simple lack of personal closure making her well up like a child? But that's what she was wasn't it? But that wasn't the reason...

She wiped away the tears with the back of her gloved hand and stared at the blue pouch full of ash. This was all there was. Remic had made no mark on the world, bar where his armoured body fell. Nobody mourned his passing. Nobody looked for him. He had lived like a shadow and passed like a shadow. Nobody to mourn for Remic...except Remic...

She gripped the ledge. Was this right? Who was she? Was she Inifay or Remic? What path now lay before her?

The tears came again and she dispised them. She yelled in frustration, the wind taking her words away the instant they left her lips. She had been stronger than this...
No. Remic had been.

Either way...she would have to become stronger...for there where choices to make...

In a week the change from clay to flesh would be perminent. Whilst there was no going back to Remic, unless she wanted to be a bag of ash, there was a chance to return to her clay form in that time.
Clay didn't hurt like this...Clay didn't eat....sleep....bleed...cry...
But clay didn't feel this love for her family. Clay didn't know what it was really like to be lulled to sleep in a hug so tight you felt the world couldn't touch you. Clay didn't know what it was for a trembling hand to rest upon your shoulder, shaking because someone had been...that....worried...

Clay didn't know. Remic didn't know. Inifay did.

Was any of this right....? Remic should have died the day the mage cast her spell. Inifay shouldn't be.
She was a product of a twisted imagination and magic. A punishment for a rogue who could have broken from any normal prison.
Was this wrong...?
Should she turn to clay and sink herself to the bottom of the sea? Destroy herself? Would that make things right?

But her family... oh by the light those wonderful people.... How could she tell them this...?
She damned them for caring....Damned them for making her care.... Remic could have done this so easily....
Tears rolled down her cheeks, making small tapping sounds as they struck her plate armour.

"Why do they love me....? Why must does this all hurt so much...?"
A flurry of thoughts swirled around her mind.
The tears came.
The wind blew.
And the time for choices loomed ever closer.

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