Inifay leapt over a sprawling tree root and ducked behind a ruin, breathing hard. The tiger had lost her trail it seemed, buying her a moments reprise.

This hadn't been this difficult had it? She'd been to Stranglethorn many a time, she was sure of it...

That was a lie. She wasn't sure of anything lately. More and more she was finding things she was 'sure' of, not to be the case. For example, she had been sure she could read. However, upon trying to read what she was sure was her own journal, she hadn't been even able to make it out. She frowned. It had been like this for a few days. Since she had woken up in the spell circle in Slvermoon. She wasn't sure how she had gotten there, only that she had been brought back to the inn by her family. Since then she hadn't been able to shake the feeling she had forgotten something... Important.

An axe embedded itself in the stone beside her head, jolting her from her thoughts. Trolls. Angry trolls. By the light she was begining to hate trolls. Another axe was flung at her, this time causing her to dodge to her right. She growled.

"I'm in no mood!" Another axe was the only response she received. She leapt, deflecting it with her sword and lunging straight towards her assailant. Sword met stone as their weapons colided, ricocheting off one another. Inifay leapt back and bounced forward, attempting a downward slash at her enemy. This didn't feel right. This was how a knight should fight, but it just didnt feel right. She struggled against the trolls superior strenght as his Axes blocked her attack again. He smiled and pushed, his height giving leverage and his strenght far greater than her own. She was going to fail this way. She was going to falter and he would have a killing blow. Fear gripped her chest. She would die here in the wilds of Stranglethorn, her head taken as a trophy, displayed on some spike or boiled in a pot.
She hadn't told anyone where she was going today.
She would die alone and they would never even know.
They would worry.
They would search.
They would cry.
She would bring them unhappiness through her failure now.


Inifay grit her teeth and dug her heel into the earth.


She would not die here.
Not alone.
Not by this Trolls hand.
The Axe thrower blinked in surprise as a glow of violet flared in the small elfs eyes, a look of pure determination blanketing her usually soft features.

"I. Will. End. You." The words had venom to them and murderous intent unbecoming of the young Knight, as if said by a mouth well versed in their meaning and the troll could suddenly see his entire life in an instant.
Inifay pushed with all she had, more than she had,pulling some unknown and forgotten strenght from her very heart, the troll being sent back a few steps from her effort.
She spun, moving down low in one fluid motion seemingly practiced for years, her plated foot becoming like a hammer, knocking the troll off his feet and to the earthen floor. She lept, her cry echoing through the jungle, reverberating into the forgotten places of this wild wild place, the dark things that lived there rasing their heads for a breif moment, saviouring the coming of death. A hammer of judgement, powered by her pure will to survive, flared Violet in colour and decsended upon her foe. Then all was quiet, a flock of birds flying into the sky, unsettled by the mayhem.

Inifay wiped the trail of blood off her cheek, unsure of what had just happened. Knight's didn't fight like that. That was a form of close combat she had only seen one class use. Rogues. How did she know how to do that? She also wasn't that strong. She knew that for a fact. She could barely lift her blacksmithing hammer. What was going on?

She gulped, a taste of bile rising in her throat as she saw the corpse, her stomach churning as if this had been the first time. She was sure killing hadn't been this hard. She had been so sure...

She staggered back, her sword trailing in the dirt, her hands trembling on the hilt.
She took her heart stone from the pouch on her belt, fumbling with it a little then concentrated on home.
She needed her home. She needed a hug. She needed some answers.

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