Inifay stretched out on what she had dubbed 'her bed' in the upmost room of the Murder Row inn,staring at the ornately decorated ceiling.

She didn't want to get up. Getting up meant she had to face the day and facing the day meant she had to face the problems it might bring. However staying in bed wasn't an option either. Resistance to the errends of the day would bring family to get her and her family would be very persuasive.

She tossed back the covers and swung her legs over the edge, her feet resting on the lush rug that covered most of the floor. A slight smile crept onto her face as she enjoyed the warmth of it beneath her toes.
It was the little things, she had decided, that made every day worth it.
Still however she had the shadow hanging over her. The strange purple light...
Her mind flashed to the Troll in Stranglethorn and his final moments at her hands. She rested her head in her hands, letting the moment pass her, her heart pounding in her chest. She had to stay calm.

Soon though she would have to tell someone. She couldnt just leave it. She didn't know what 'it' was, what it was doing to her and what could happen in the long run. could change everything. She had only nine months of potholed memories bouncing around her head, but they where the happiest nine months she could have asked for. She didn't want to lose that. If the light was arcane in nature, she could be sent to the magi for study. If it was demonic, she could be facing an exorcisim or worse...

Her family...she could lose them over this. They each had their duties to the city. They couldn't possibly ignore those duites if there was a possibility of her becoming a threat to the well being of Silvermoon and its people.
She fell back onto the bed, arms folded over her chest. This wasn't looking good. She didn't want this. She just wanted to be normal. She scoffed at the irony of her mental statement, envisioning her family one by one. Normal was something that happened to other people and as her family went, she would have it no other way. This was no stranger than any of it...but they had control. They all seemed so... calm... She on the other hand was paniced. Would it flare up in the middle of a hug? Was she a walking Mana bomb? She had no way of knowing on her own. She would have to tell them.

...Or she could run. The thought was just on the fringe of her mind and she dared not entertain it fully. ..She could though couldn't she...? She would save herself the heart them the trouble of dealing with her... Could she just vanish...? Or could she even run far enough?
Her family where unique. If they wished to find her they would. She would be away no more than a few days, perhaps even a few hours before she would be sat back in front of them. Running wouldn't help this situation. No. She would have to face it. Face them. She would tell them the truth. Ask for their help. If they had to do something....awful... She would face that too...
Though, she mused, at that point, running became very much an option.

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