Dawn broke over the plague lands, harsh cold light seeping over the dieseased ridden earth, highlighting, most notably, the hundreds of fallen undead scattered about a field.

In the centre of the carnage stood Inifay, a frown of dissappointment on her face. She was out of opponents.

"Hello!" The voice startled Inifay, causing her to spin around, Shard held defensively in front of her.

There was a Sin' Dorei male, grinning at her. She hadn't heard him approach.

"Well look at you!" He stepped forward, seeming to marvel at Shard. "That's pure energy that." He looked to Inifay and flashed a grin as Shard hummed a subtle responce.

"Uh-uhm..." She blinked.

"Leiyu. They call me Lei." He nodded and walked past her. She blinked once more, totally confused. "Come on then."

She opened her mouth to object then thought better of it, her natural curiosity compelling her to follow.

They walked in silence a moment to the shade of a tree, the strange Sin'Dorei male leaning against the trunk, his arms crossed, the smug grin never leaving his face. Inifay stood there a moment before finding her voice.

"Uhm...I'm sorry, who are you and what do you want?"
"Ah. See now that is a very good question. More importntly though is who you are and what do you want?"
The Sin' Dorei girl answered him with silence and a cautious stare. Leiyu continued.

"I mean look at you. Out here all alone. Well, apart from your purple there."
He looked off into the distance as he spoke. "Whats out here for you? I mean really. Welll...ok, you have plenty of undead to fight. I suppose it's a distraction. But what's after that?"
He looked upwards, moving his head a little to indicte a sort of mock consideration. "More undead?" He looked to her quickly. "That's it? That's all you're here for? That's not alot of fun is it?" Inifay seemed to catch up to the conversation and finally responed.

"It's not meant to be fun. It's meant to be hard..."

"Oh come on. That's it? That's all you want to do with your life? Have it be hard?" Inifay frowned and looked off to the side.

"Ask me I'd say it's hard enough already. I mean look at all the little things you have to do everyday. Besides, from what I had heard you where some sort of protector. Can't really protect anyone all the way out here can you?" Inifay sharply returned her gaze to him.

"Is that a threat?!" The girl stepped towards him.

"A threat? Nooo. Come all the way out here to make threats? Could have easily just sent a raven. But who knows whats going on back in Silvermoon? Could be that you where more use there then you can be staying out here."

"...I can't go back till I'm stronger." Leiyu looked over her shoulder.

"Looks like you're plenty stong to me." She turned. From here she had a unique vantage point to consider the field of rotting undead corpses. She gasped at the sheer amount of them shehad felled and turned back, only to find the man had gone. Shard hummed, whispering in her head and she nodded.

"Right. Time to head home."

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