Inifay bolted forth, swinging her violet blade, Shard, down on her undead assailant.

The blade sang it's sword song, severing the maggot gorged body of her foe in two.

She panted a little, calming herself as she viewed the remains of her former attackers. Three in all. Not enough. She had to be faster, stronger....

She leaned back against the remenets of a stone wall, sinking to the ground with a sigh. Shard hummed, speaking directly into Inifays mind.

"Something wrong Ini?" The young elf smiled softly at the blade. Her guardian and constant companion, Shard was more an extention of herself. Infact the energy that inhabited the blade was the same that had kept her body alive when it had been clay. They where one in the same and yet so different, both needed each other equally.

"Just...depressed Shard."

"Why so sweet heart?"

"We left... We walked out of Silvermoon and left everyone behind."

"You felt you had to. Having second thoughts?"

" I have to do this."

"Why is that? You never did tell me."

"I need to be stronger..." Inifay touched the thin scars that faintly adorned her left cheek.

"She wouldn't have done that to you in her right mind Ini..." Shards voice was soft, but concerned as it reverberated though her hosts skull.

"No...but these things happen...and keep happening. These scars are a reminder of that.I put myself in that situation. If I'm going to keep doing that, I have to be able to handle them, and myself."

"Arn't you being a little extreme about this? Outright leaving? They'll miss you Inifay."

"I'd rather they miss me than die trying to help me."

"That's a bleak veiw for someone so young."

"It's realistic..."

"Ini, why is life hard?"

"...Because it's a horrible world..."

Shard sighed within her metal confines. She hadn't always been Inifay's energy. Before the clay construct had been made, she had flowed for eons, as all magical energies did. She had knowledge and experiences far beyond the little Sin'Dorei. But she had never lived like this. The spell that changed the clay to flesh had given her the conciousness she now had and with it, emotion. She cared for this little creature all covered in armour and dirt. She was hers.

" know thats not true... what did you used to say?"

"It doesn't matter what I used to say... I was wrong.." Inifays eyes where dim, the weight of her thoughts clearly weighing down upon her.

"Ini. That's enough now. This won't help. Let me hear you say it." Shard's voice held an edge that made Inifay pay attention.

"Fine... Life is hard. The reason it's hard is so you can enjoy the good bits..."

"Not as poetic as you used to say it and lacking heart, but correct. So let me pose a question. If life's hardships are so you can enjoy it's goodness, what is lifes point if all you do is inflict hardships upon yourself? Like, say, for example, leaving your family and friends to come fight undead in the plaugelands with no food, water, general supplies and only your talking sword for company."

Inifay smiled a faint smile at the last remark.

"Firstly you're good company. And secondly...I don't deserve those good moments until I can defend them from the bad ones..."


"No. She ripped me open Shard and tossed me aside like nothing at all. If she had wanted to she could have walked right into the inn and killed everyone I was trying to protect. I was lucky she didn't. I was so damn lucky through all of it..." Inifay's hand rested on her armour, beneath which was her stomach. It was unmarked now. But less than a day ago it had been ripped open. She was lucky that a truely skilled healer had been on hand. She'd been brought back from the brink. In truth she should be resting in her bed.

"If this is the only way you'll feel better little one, we shall do this. I don't agree with it. I think you'd be better with your family and training like you always have. But...I'm hardly going to leave you alone to face this. Even if I could." Infay nodded and stood up.

"Lets do this then..."

A bolt of light, its tail fringed with violet, erupted into a crowd of undead and they scrammbled to attack.


Not enough.

But she had all day.

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