[[Tijma Jawripper|

Tijma Jawripper

Physical descriptionEdit

She wears her dark purple hair in a very long braid. Her skin is of a muddy green colour, her eyes are blue. She is not overly muscular, her arms being a bit thin, her shoulders not as wide as a warrior's. Her feet are smaller than average. She wears several earrings and a nosering.

Race and ClassEdit

Orc Rogue. ("Thug for hire")


Assassination, Pickpocketing, Alchemy and Herbalism, and some Engineering she learned from goblins (RP only)


Mother as medic, father as Peon. (No details like names)


She found it out quickly that toe-to-toe fighting is not really her thing, so she did not start a warrior line in the family as her parents hoped. But she liked hanging out in Goblin towns and just looking at different townsfolk, as goblin cities often give shelter to people of all races. She did not go back home after a while and started living in Ratchet, sometimes going abroad with the ship to Booty Bay.

She offered services to the goblins, such as assassination, stealing, assisting in experiments (Goblin inventions). These were the times she learned to speak Goblin, fight with daggers and swords using dirty tricks (She liked fighting this way) and learned a lot of elixir brewing and engineering, and this is the time when she earned her name, Jawripper, by killing a dwarf with bare hands, pulling his beard and the inside of his mouth so strong she ripped off the jaw of him. She has no official job or professional occupation (though she is quite good at alchemy) and still considered as a "useful thug" by the townsfolk.

Although she is strongly Steamwheedle affliated, she respects Thrall and the Horde, but does not gets herself involved in their battles out of honour. She learned this from the goblins, ,,Only spit out your lungs for enough gold to pay for another one" She spends a lot of time in the Booty Bay taverns, hoping to get hired for a job. She hopes to make killing professional one day.

Family BackgroundEdit

Her parents were not much of warriors, and she did not respect them that much so she would stay at home forever. Though they are both living, she is not interested in family.

Criminal RecordEdit

Too much to go into details. Several kills against goblinfolk (mostly nobles) lot of pickpocketed travellers.

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