Do not read any further if you hate spoilers and plan to maybe come to any future trial that might be held.

Idea Edit

The idea was conceived jointly by Kall and I (Belnema) as the Christmas holidays and 4 weeks of revision for GCSE mocks were looming over us. Put together over...3 weeks or so, the whole series of events was carefully planned down to the last detail (almost)! Sadly, we were only able to hold one of these events due to revision and availiblity - though we would in the future like to hold the rest of the series.

So I'll stop blathering now and actually tell you what I'm talking about. The events were based on Cluedo; there would be victims, witnesses and criminals. We added judges and the jury. In the events we (Kall and me on alts) would be the judges and you, the event attendees, would be the jury. The audience would ultimately get the finally say on whether the suspect(s) should be thrown in jail!

In each case there would be five suspects, one of each race, and all of them might be guilty of the crime or only one of them. The suspects would be called up one by one and asked their story. After that the jury could question them.

After each one was questioned the jury was left to descus them and deside their fate. A vote was then taken (using the raid ready check) and the suspect with the most votes would be found guilty. Out of character it would then be revealed whether they had chosen the right suspect. The results of the last event would effect the next one as you will now see....

Characters and Factions Edit

Unconnected Suspects: Edit

  • Snikkult Skalfgizgar
  • Honack Jonesson
  • Dyseyth Nightwinger
  • Corinthea
  • Voyden
  • Shadrem Turlan*

Factions: Edit

Witnesses: Edit

  • Shadrem Turlan*
  • Resaa
  • Adamir

Other: Edit

  • Belnema is connected in an 'extented and not to do with the actually going on of the events' way. It is just part of her RP story... which I need to actually write and decide if it ever actually happen.

Story Line and Induvidual events Edit

1. The Mystery of the Subtle Slice

2. The Plunder of the Eleven

3. The Fouling of the Forge

4. A sLight Mess Up

Other Stories Edit

[This Section Coming Soon]

Personal Notes Edit

*Yes, that character is meant to be in both catagories.

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