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Trolls are very big; they are around six and seven feet tall. Female trolls are shorter then their male counterparts, but that is hardly noticeable due to the hunched over posture male trolls adopt. The reason male's are hunched over like this could have to do with the weight of their large tusks. As a young troll grows older, his tusks grow larger, and he because increasingly hunched over. The ears of trolls, especially male trolls, are very long - long enough to compete with the Night Elves. Troll teeth are
Troll by Irontree

by Irontree on Deviantart

pointed, and their eye colors range from orange to red. In order to look more intimidating, trolls also take to piercings, tattoos, and face paint.Jungle trolls, like the Dark Spears, get their purple and blue coloration from a soft, short fuzz that covers their whole body. (Although cuddly, you really shouldn't hug a troll.) No other race of troll has fur like this, though it's interesting to note that forest trolls are able to support plant life on their bodys, and their green coloring comes from a layer of mos

s on their skin.

One thing trolls are famous for is their

ability to regenerate. When wounded, trolls are able to heal very quickly; even arms and legs can be regrown over time (although it does take a good bit of time). Young, unwise trolls are quick to put themselves in danger because of this ability but learn to use it as an advantage later in life, while knowing when not to go too far.

Clothing Edit

Trolls dress to impress! Trolls use their outward appearance to scare and gain the admiration of others by wearing very brightly colored clothing decorated with fur, feathers, voodoo masks, bones, and I believe I saw a kind troll priest wearing the shrunken head of a gnome round her neck last Thursday.

Troll clothing can, in a word, be described as primal.

Grooming Edit

Trolls take their grooming quiet seriously, to the amazement of blood elves around them. In order to look more frightening, trolls usually style their hair in eleborate ways using braids and mohawks. Even the color of a trolls hair makes a statement, with colors ranging from pink and red to blue and green. Many have been suprised to even see bones in trolls' hair. Body piercings, usually ear and nose piercings, are also used to highlight the features of a troll. Tattoos and face paint are commonly seen on trolls, especially before they go into battle. Tusk upkeep is also very important, especially for the males.

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Looking into the mind of the race. Sub-headings regarding aspects of their psychology encouraged.

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Any trolls perfect day would be spent fishing till the sun is set. Trolls take great pride and their fishing; and most trolls choose to retire by the water (if they live to be that long) so that they can fish all day long. Cooking is something many trolls practice in free time as well, and some get to be quite good at it. Ask anyone and they will tell you that Awilo Lon'gomba over in The Filthy Beast in Dalaran makes the best Fish Feast in all of Azeroth.

Arts and Crafts Edit

Trolls skilled in the art often make their money making and decorating masks to be either worn or hung on walls. These masks are used to show how powerful the owner is with their bright colors and frightening designs. Other then mask making, trolls don't practice a whole lot of art. They find the scars of battle to be of more value then any flimsy drawing.

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Love Edit

Troll couple by anoveltyspoon

by anoveltyspoon on deviantart

Many other races can't conceive of a troll in love, unsurprisingly. Trolls are very well known to be always on the move when it comes to lovers. Marriage does exist for trolls though, and you have to know that love is strong to make a troll want to settle down. Interesting note: instead of the traditional wedding ring, troll males give their mate a wedding nose-ring.

At War Edit

"Foolish is the soul who messes with a troll".

Trolls are known to be especially fierce fighters, and can hold a grudge against their enemies' for a long, long time. When a great enemy is killed by a troll, it's still a common practice for the troll to shrink their enemy's head in order to trap it's spirit. The biggest enemy for any troll are the Night Elves, who used their knowledge of magic to push trolls out of their native lands after discovering the Well of Eternity.

Aging and Death Edit

Trolls live relativaly short lives - they come to adulthood around their 17th year of life, middle age around their 30s and then die usually in their 70s. It's very, very rare to see a troll ever make it past 30 though; they often die in battle. After dying, the witch doctor and any family or friends that want to help get the body prepared so the spirit of the dead troll can move on. The departed are never cremated, as the trolls believe the body to be the departed's last tie to the mortal world. Lately it's become common to cut the eyes out of the dead in order help the spirit of the dead escape from the skull. A witch doctor will sacrifice a small animal near the dead, so that hungry spirits are distracted by the animal's death and don't try to eat the spirit of the departed. If there is no small animals around, mourners may cut their arms so that their blood distracts the spirits instead. After all the ceremonies over the body are done, trolls are buried and given a tombstone. Sometimes, in order to avoid undeath, the head of the troll is buried in another, hidden place or the body buried in sections. At the very least, the head is seperated from the body.

The ancestral spirits are treated with respect by other trolls and to show that, they will put food and presents on the tombstones of their dead. During times of need, trolls will go to the tombstones and ask their ancesters for help or guidance, and after getting it will also show their gratitude some sort of gift. To the trolls, the spirits never really leave.

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Roleplaying application: this section deals with the day-to-day aspects of the race's society, elements that are considered common knowledge and the basic assumptions members of the race makes about the world. Consider which of these assumptions your character accepts, which he does not, and how open he might be to alternate ways proposed by other races.

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Roleplaying application: The above generalisations represent how an average member of the race's society views someone from a given other race. Since there are no average members of society, only individuals, it's up to you to decide how these comments fit. Does your character adhere to the stereotypes presented below? If not, why not? Was there something in your character's past that changed his or her view of a given race from the status quo?

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The general part.

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Specialised info about rites, prayers et al.

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