My name is Tuvi. Pronounced with a soft u. Many pronounce it Tuvvi, and I really do not care for that. Names are important as they can tell you a great deal about a person.

I have had many names in my life. My mentor called me Ronae, for my state of mind. My first true love called me Talah, joking that I'd be the death of him. I have been called a hero, a traitor and a criminal. I have been called saint, angel and lifesaver. I have been called many other things as well, of course, most of them uncouth but few unearned.

But I was raised simply as Tuvi. A name that holds no hidden meaning whatsoever.

And despite all these names, you've probably never heard of me.

Tuvi Sunwing is a Sin'dorei Priestess. Though more often seen practising medicine than praying to a higher power she still holds a strong belief in the light, and her loyalties lie first and foremost to the light and what she believes to be the right thing to do.

Physical appearanceEdit


Tuvi, in a traditional clergy garb.

Height: 5'7" (175cm)

Weight: 110-130lbs (50-60kg) Depending on season and stress level.

Tuvi stands at average height for a female Sin'dorei. Her body is lithe and thin, but far from the sickly thinness you can find on some of Silvermoon's magisters. Believing her body is a gift from higher powers she makes sure to take good care of it.
Overall her appearance is very average for an elf.

Her skin bears witness to her dislike of fighting, with a distinct lack of scarring. Much thanks to her skill in healing and medicine.

Her hair is blonde, and is usually held in place by a teal hair band.

You will rarely see Tuvi carrying any kind of weapon, though she is sometimes found with a mace or dagger at her side.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei, Priestess



Shortly after Windrunner Village fell to the scourge, Tuvi met her mentor while taking refuge in one of the few areas of Silvermoon still standing. He took her in and taught her the ways of the light. She's been serving the Light ever since, trying to spread its teachings to the world. Believing the Light wants her to extend her help to as many people as possible, she has never felt at home hauled up in a temple, choosing instead to travel the world. Tuvi has served many organisations during her travels;


If asked about her occupation, Tuvi would not primarily mention her religious career but rather speak of herself as a healer or doctor.

During her stay in Silvermoon, until she had the means to travel to Outland, Tuvi actively hid her priestly teachings. Fearing that she would be forced to use her powers in ways she was not comfortable with, either mind-controlling civilian protesters or be put on the track to becoming a Blood Knight.

This made her refine her knowledge of traditional medicine, and she is now as competent in that area as in healing using the light.


Tuvi, by the Sunwell.

Aldor/Shattered SunEdit

During her travels through Outland, Tuvi befriended the Draenei of Aldor Rise. Though most of the Draenei distrusted her simply for being a Blood elf, she found a safe haven on Aldor

Rise and a job working alongside Sha'nir in the lower city infirmary.

As the offensive on Quel'Danas started and the Shattered Sun was formed, Tuvi followed. Joining the soldiers assaulting the island in hope of taking back the Sunwell. She still remain on Quel'Danas to this day, tending to the Sunwell as a priestess of the Aldor and Shattered Sun.

Argent DawnEdit

From the Plaguelands to the Coliseum, Tuvi has lended her aid to the Dawn whenever she's had the c hance.


Tuvi and Sha'nir, in the Lower City infirmary.

The Swamprat MercenariesEdit

Tuvi has served the army on many occasions, including both the Blasted War and the Warsong Defensive. Not one to sit around a temple, the frontlines were a welcome injection of adrenalin at the times she visited it. The bad food and the rude CO's however, were not.

In order to avoid serving under people wanting her to use her more offensive abilities, yet still being able to help out on the frontlines, Tuvi became an independent contractor of the mercenary organisation The Swamprat Mercenaries. And began hiring herself out to various divisions of the Horde war machine, usually for a very modest sum or on some occasions pro bono.

Ever since, she has been hired to work at several frontline hospitals, as well as partaken in a few true maneuvers with a squad of Swamprats working for the Argent Crusade in Icecrown. Returning to the Sunwell when she's had her fill.

And everytime some commander has pressed her to burn the enemy with holy light and go on the offensive, she has just pointed to her contract and turned back to her patients.


Tuvi grew up with a father, a mother and an older brother. All of which are now deceased.


"One way or another the patient always stop bleeding."

"Some say a blood knight's greatest power is the light. I say it's his thick skull."

"Light your inner fire, for it shall keep you warm."

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