Introduction Edit

Tyraelic Thel'Ethien C'Elaandrin is an elite close combat soldier of the New Horde, having chosen his path with the Blood Knight Order, he fights with fierce conviction against his enemies. Namely the Burning Legion and the Scourge. For the current moment, he's rumored to be a military officer of an organization called the Esoteric Illusion, together with his traveling partner, Faeril Elaandrin, although. The goals of the organization appear to be slightly dubious to puclic knowledge, for now.

Description Edit

Standing at at least three inches taller than most of his country men, Tyraelic makes quite a sight. Very unlike the Sin'Dorei, he's not lean and agile, but more of the strong and enduring presence with his bulkier build. Together with his well-crafted armor, which appears to be a mix of fine, Sin'Doric craftsmanship along with minor Dwarven details, mainly around weak areas; such as the neck and armpits.

Red and gold mainly adorns the steel armor, as well as minor symbols of the Blood Knight Order, such as their crimson bird, to mark his loyalties. Upon his shirt collar is a small goldenred pair of wings, symbolizing his master status within the 'Order, as well as a ebon colored insignia of the Horde on the other side.
Tyraelic has the common long face of an elf, along with the high cheekbones and the slightly leaning eyes. However, his jawbone is quite a lot more prominent, so is the chin as well. Despite the youthful agelessness that comes over every elf, Tyraelic appears to be "aged", due to his skin being weather-worn and scarred from many winds and blades alike.

Ravenblack hair this elf has, along with a pair of intense raptor eyes that eminate a mix of bright, bluegreen light. His hair is at shoulderlenght and fashioned into a common style for a warrior-noble.

Over his back hangs a well-sewn, flowing black mantle. which can, by the well trained eye, be recognized as a warcloak of the Blood Knight Order.

Family and friends Edit

Faeril Elaandrin - Traveling partner. Faeril Elaandrin is one of Tyraelic's few trusted friends, not only does she share his company and ear. But to rumor, his chambers as well. A Sin'Dorei Sorceress.

Gremkarc of Orgrimmar - Ally and friend. This young Shaman of the Orcs is one of the few bright sparks for the future that Tyraelic can see. He has put much hope in that this Orc will one day be able to help steer the Horde into prosperity.

Aérandir Ravenmist - Superior and friend. Quite a tricky sorcerer with many sleeves up his arms. Aérandir is both a friend and possible enemy with his many sides. So far, he has proven to be a capable leader and a first class scheemer.

Peledhel Ravensong - Father. Peledhel Ravensong was, perhaps still is, Tyraelic's father. An elven wizard of the old who had adapted to the path of the wildstriders after his banishment from the arcane. Last heard of seventeen years prior to the Third War. Supposedly deceased.

Cael'Ara Ravensong - Mother. Tyraelic's mother, supposedly deceased as well. Last heard of her was seventeen years prior to the Third War.

Celayne Ravensong - Sister. A mysterious woman who appear to be attracted towards the lower circles of society. Her location as well as status are unknown so far. Twin sister to Aesric.

Aesric Dawnflame - Brother. One of the few Blood Knights who are taking up their occupation in Kalimdor where he's pursuing the Burning Blade cultists. Twin brother of Celayne.

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