Tyrialia Nightwhisper
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Tyrialia Nightwhisper is a long serving Huntress in the Sentinel Army. Haughty, aloof and racist she would prefer the Kaldorei to return to isolation, feeling that the Alliance brings nothing but trouble for her people.

Name and Title Edit

Tyrialia Nightwhisper

  • Huntress of Elune
  • Sentinel

Vital Stats and Physical Traits Edit

Age: ~9000-10'000

Height: 7'2"


Sentinel Nightwhisper, doing what she does best!

Tall, lean and agile; Tyrialia does not look like the kind of Kaldorei you would wish to be on the wrong side of. Although possessing the natural grace and beauty of an elf, it would seem that such things aren't important to her. Often her face is dirty, fingernails grubby and armour clearly well used. Strong, silver eyes glow through her long, leafy and unkempt hair. Various piercings litter her long ears.

Race and Class Edit

  • Kaldorei
  • Huntress

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit


Family Edit

Raised collectively under the banner of "Nightwhisper".

Friends and Aquaintances

... let's just say she's rather lonely.

Background Edit

Tyrialia was a product of the War of the Ancients. Her birth parents caught up in the passions that arised from surviving such a catastrophy produced the female Kaldorei.

Tyrialia's birth mother, unusually skilled with a bow, enlisted in the newly formed Sentinel Army under the High Priestess' appointed General, Shandris Feathermoon. It was there she served and remains to serve acting as an idol to her impressionable daughter who also enlisted as soon as she came of age. Her father was a simple bowyer, yet his knowledge of the woodland realms of the Kaldorei and his fine attunemtent to his chosen craft were all passed onto young Tyrialia who quickly became versed in not only bow crafting, but also travelling the vast stratches of Ashenvale Forest alone.

Tyrialia's life continues simply for milennia; stalking the lonely forests, keeping close watch on their sacred grounds during the Long Vigil. It wasn't until the stirrings of the Third War and the Second Coming of the Burning Legion did her many years of training pay off.

Tyrialia fought bravely and valiantly at the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Although strange to her that she had become allied with she learnt to be Humans and Orcs, she respected the need for their aid and fought side-by-side proudly, hoping to be a beacon for her people. After the battle was won, and the dust settled things remained mundane for Tyri, if only for a while.

She soon began to get frustrated at the Humans for constantly calling her people away to distant lands to deal with matters that were of little consequence to them. On top of that, old hatred stirred anew as the Orcs began to deforrest her sacred homelands. She had not easily laid aside her burning desire to avenge the death of Cenarius at their filthy hands, and this new transgression pushed her limits.

Tyrialia now spends her time much as she had done during the Long Vigil, with the added difference that now, much to her pleasure, she has Orcs to hunt.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

Tyrialia's Nightsaber, Dusk, is something I rarely refer to IC. He is a necessary game mechanic, and little more. However, he does pop up occasionally and is loosly based of Diefenbaker from Due South - being deaf.

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