Ulbaz Whitecloud

Ulbaz was not born as most would of been, it all started with his Father, Verdauga. After his last son died, Floy, he went out to Kodo rock, he spilt his blood and placed a lock of Snowsinger's (Verdauga's then Fiancee) mane on the bloody ground. He prayed for a son from the earth mother for ages as Snowsinger could not give birth to a calf.

Finally after long hours of praying, a spirit appeared in front of Verdauga holding a calf, the spirit handed it to him then disappeared, the calf grew in front of him to the age of 48 (Tauren years) and said "Father". He now resided with Verdauga in the guild tent in Taurajo and took upon the role of being a Druid, and to be the new Guild master of The Thousand Eyes when his father would die. Ulbaz was named after the first Chieftain of the Whiteclouds because like him, he was born from no womb. His full name is Ulbaz Whitecloud the 2nd. Ulbaz never got on with his father and as a result of his quick growth at birth (a result of the wild weed used in his creation) he was immature and hot headed. Verdauga tried his best with Ulbaz but he was a typical moody teenage bull, but there was a side of Ulbaz that Verdauga did not see. He was very loving to his wife Vurial and was a peaceful, humble Tauren who had subtle respect in his father by following the same path as him.

You can obviously tell Ulbaz is a whitecloud due to his pure white fur, He has the same characteristics as his father and mother Verdauga and Snowsinger. He also (unfortunately) has the same temper as Verdauga.

Death Edit

Ulbaz settled down with his wife Vurial and his son Uldan in the latter days of 2008. They avoided the invasion, and were in hiding for most of it. However this did not last long and the family were ambushed in Mulgore by those infected. Ulbaz protected his son to the death but was eventually mauled and bitten to his end. The lifeless corpse of Ulbaz shielded his son, who could just watch his mother being eaten alive by zombies. Ulbaz became a zombie and was eventually killed by Argent agents in Mulgore, his remains were taken to the funeral pyres of Thunder Bluff. Vurial's body was never recovered. Uldan was kidnapped by the Scourge and the same blood within him that from which Ulbaz had aged so quickly was awakened and he transformed into a fully grown Tauren Death Knight. Uldan lived as a Death Knight very briefly before he was slain by agents of the light, his body is also missing and persumed to have been burned. Verdauga had now outlived three sons and a grandson.


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