Ursala Earthwielder
Ursala 100715 215623
Ursala Earthwielder
Vital statistics
Title Centurion (military); Chieftain (civilian)
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Shaman
Age 25
Beliefs Shamanism
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation Horde; Earthen Ring; Dagger and Totem
Occupation Centurion of the Horde; head medic at the Frostwall Infirmary
Location Frostwall
Status -
Relative(s) Ruharg (adoptive grandfather), Garmak (adoptive son), Takan (blood paternal cousin), Elder Gralg Stoneweaver (blood paternal grandfather), Kruga (womb mother), Kallorga (seed mother)

Ursala is an orc shaman. She the young Chieftain of Dagger and Totem. She specialises as a medic and makes sure not to rely on her magic - bandages and potions are just as likely to be used on a casualty as Earth and Water. She is classed as a shaman nontheless.

She is stationed at the Frostwall Garrison as the head medic. She lives with her son Garmak, her mate, her two wolves and her wyvern.

Name Edit

Ursala Earthwielder.

She considers her first name, Ursala, a name that should be used by her friends only. This is because she was called "Ursala" by her mother in irony - the name means "Bear" in Shattered Hand dialect, whereas Ursala was skinny and sickly when she was young. She prefers Ursa save by those very close to her indeed.

She received the nickname "Stoneface" from the grunts at the Frostwall Garrison. She is, perhaps unsurprisingly, seemingly indifferent to this nickname. Likewise, Alliance races tend to call her "Uruz" - the Dwarven word is easier for many of them to pronounce.

Her deed name, Earthwielder, was granted to her by Harg Mountainborn and confirmed by Gremkarc of Orgrimmar on the 29th of December 2009. She considers it a surname that she ought to grow with and into, as opposed to one granted in respect or rememberance of any particular deed.

She has two titles, and each is used in different situations. Chieftain is a civilian title and only holds when among friends or outside of the Horde. Centurion is a Horde title and holds no power over her interactions while off-duty or within the Earthen Ring.

Physical Traits Edit

Body Edit

Ursala is runtish, although she has also obviously been training to combat this. Enough to let her pass as normal at first glance, even - but if you know what you're looking for, you can still see it. Her face is still narrow and gaunt, her chest still flat, and her hips still slight. She also walks with a limp - it's subtle enough to go unnoticed at first, but consistent enough to become evident if watching her over time.

The dark hair on her head is cut short, but messy and, in places, braided through with dried grass or stone beads. Her nose looks like it's been broken at least twice, possibly more times. Her eyes are usually mistaken for dark brown, although in truth they are a dark blue. Her tusks are short, but sharp, as are the rest of her teeth - those that aren't missing, of course.

There is a deep scar down her left cheek, and another down the right side of her forehead. Similar gashes mark her right leg and left arm, and there is a deep welt taken out of her left forearm. Less prominently, in places on her neck and chin, her skin is discoloured by burn-scars that might form shapes if one were to squint. There are other scars as well; but they are hidden by clothes or, more often, armour.

Despite her skin being a greenish-yellow, she speaks with a Garadar accent which varies in strength. This accent is similar to, and could be mistaken for, a Frostwolf one.

She smells of compost; her hair smells strongly of woodsmoke. When she speaks, her voice is deliberate and determined.

Clothing Edit

Ursala 100715 215549

Ursala's armour as seen during the Draenor campaign.

Her armour is purposefully fitted and weight-reduced for her use - it would have cost money to buy, and more money to upkeep properly.

She wears a leather sash over her left shoulder at all times; it has many pockets along its length, as well as several phials of varying substances. It also supports her Centurion insignia, a totem-relic, and a shining red medal with the symbol of Dagger and Totem on it.

On her belt are larger pouches full of things, as well as her sheathed weapon (usually a well-cared-for axe that looks too large for her, but a normal size to any other orc).

Her six facial piercings are each engraved, but with what is unclear at first glance.

Race and Class Edit

Ursala 100715 215526

Ursala typically wears the wolf hat commonly associated with the shaman class in Orcish society.

Highly proficient Orc Shaman. The majority of her expertise lies in healing and restoration, although she has a good amount of training as a skirmisher. She is proficient with the use of twin axes, but prefers to use an axe and a shield.

Cerk'an Stormreaver was her formal mentor.

Harg Mountainborn also played a part in teaching her, although perhaps not voluntarily or consciously. The Clan she is in was good for her learning, as there were many there who could teach her when Cerk and Harg were not available - including Gulgrim and Dishka.

Tutored Rinraja for a time, before his expertise outgrew her ability to teach. Her current apprentice is a pandaren by the name of Liu Le.

Ryzarhn taught her to use weapons. Takan continued her training. Hrishna taught her use of two-handed axes.

Initially finished her training in August 2010.

Guild Edit

Dagger and Totem.

History Edit

Ursala has remained loyal to the Clan after the Shattering. She has always seen it as home, and her clanmates as her family; when Gremkarc had his pup and subsequently abandoned the Clan, Ursala was chosen by clanmates as its leader. She has always done her best to serve her Clan, although she faces some challenges - when she first ascended to the role, her runtish birthstate lent her little respect outside of Dagger and Totem itself, and her youth also counted against her - she could be hot-headed and reckless during diplomatic meetings with other organisations of the Horde.

Formerly of Euthanatoi.

She considered herself as owing a life-debt to Oshu Kazil after they rescued her from Dustwallow Marsh immediately after the Shattering - this debt was repayed when she lead a rescue mission to save their leader, Ryzarhn, from execution at the hands of the Alliance.

Current Day Edit

Having been conscripted against her will onto the initial journey to Pandaria, she was forcibly separated from her Clan for the entire duration of the war there - only being reunited with them by coincidence after the Horde had established itself on Draenor.

Now a known Darkspear Revolutionary and a ranked veteran of the Iron Vanguard, she finds it much easier to garner respect from those outside her Clan. Her clanmates are still largely scattered to the wind, however - she has a journey on her hands if she wishes to see the name Dagger and Totem restored to its former weight.

Occupation Edit

Her main income at present comes from her job at the Frostwall Infirmary, and her regular salary from her rank as Centurion helps her pay for food and upkeep for herself, her son, and her animals. Her role as Chieftain takes up a large amount of what would otherwise be leisure time, but doesn't provide her with any monetary income - the clan's coffers are redistributed out to its members every month.

Family Edit

Elective Edit

Garmak pup look up

Garmak, Ursala's adoptive son.

Ursala has a life-mate. Their union was officially blessed by their then-Chieftain on the 5th June 2010. The two of them are not compatible to produce a pregnancy, but they have an adoptive son.

Ruharg adopted Ursala as his granddaughter after the death of his son, Hakoro, during the Wolfbrother Defensive.

Genetic Edit

Ursala's womb-mother was a Shattered Hand agent and her seed-mother was a Shadowmoon warlock. Ursala herself was a result of an arranged union with the explicit and sole purpose of creating a child; her seed-mother is likely unaware of the fact she has a daughter, while her womb-mother seems to have little interest in an ongoing relationship with said daughter.

Background Edit

Childhood Edit

Gathering Storm Edit

Burning Crusade Edit

Wrath of the Lich King Edit

Cataclysm Edit

  • Captured by Twilight's Hammer cultists. As a consequence, left the Council of the Storm.
  • Successfully escaped the Twilight's Hammer cult.
  • Fled to Garadar, Nagrand. Escorted by her friends. Was attacked once by Twilights on her way.
  • Returned to Azeroth to help defend Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff during the elemental invasions. In the process, rumours that she was a Cultist were dispelled.
  • Disappeared after an attack by Night Elves on the Barrens.
  • Returned from her disappearance in Dustwallow Marsh with the help of Oshu Kazil.
  • Became Chieftain of Dagger and Totem, by election.
  • Seceded Dagger and Totem from the Horde as a result of Garrosh's increasingly discriminatory policies.
  • Challenged Throk Sourheart to a mak'gora under Thrall's rules. He broke those rules, resulting in a forfeit; however, this was a controversial outcome.
  • Was adopted by Ruharg as his granddaughter.
  • Adopted Garmak as her son.

Mists of Pandaria Edit

  • Betrayed by Ryzarhn, resulting in her forced conscription to the war erupting in Pandaria. Separated from her Clan during this time.
  • Lost her leg in the crash of the Hellscream's Fist. Lost and infested with Sha, she was cleaned by the young pandaren Liu Le.
  • Agreed to take Liu Le on as an apprentice in return for her rescue.
  • Travelled Pandaria along with Le, until hearing of Vol'jin's survival.
  • Returned to Durotar for the Darkspear Revolution. Served as a back-line infirmary medic during the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Warlords of Draenor Edit

  • Willingly volunteered for the Iron Vanguard.
  • Having survived the Iron Vanguard, was granted the rank of Centurion and a post as head medic at the Frostwall Infirmary.

Criminal Record Edit

Prior to becoming its Chieftain, she had been reprimanded several times within her Clan for refusing to follow orders as given, or at all.

Records of her being supposedly converted by the Twilight's Hammer were erased with the burning of Orgrimmar.

Although she has defected from the Horde twice, both were under Garrosh's rule, and thus the offences have been expunged from her record.

Personal Notes Edit

Played by P-3a, who also plays Kall.


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