This is a compilation of pages to assist you on Lore, Roleplaying or generally knowing things specific to our Realm. You may also find different articles on creating things on the wiki. These useful pages have been created by different users, so expect a kind of variation in them.


Whether you want more information regarding Human Roleplay or want to work on your Tauren background story; visit the Races page, for more information, and a list of characters belonging to each.


Need to know something about a City? All the information you need is here.


Unsure about Categories? Look here for all the help you need!

Roleplay ClassesEdit

If you don't like the standard classes or want to expand your roleplay with the Roleplay Classes.

Magic ItemsEdit

A list of magical treasures through which our realm's cunning crafters put the art into artifice.

Tales of the Sha'tarEdit

Stories and myths from the Sha'tar.

Places of InterestEdit

To help you find interesting and popular places take a look the Locations of Interest.

Realm LoreEdit

Events and storylines that have made an impact on the realm are collected in the Sha'tar's archive.

Sha'tar EphemeraEdit

A list of words with special meaning on the Sha'tar.


Guides to help you build a character, set up events or get you on your way on the Sha'tar.

Chat ChannelsEdit

A list of chat channels used by the community of the Sha'tar.


A presentation of our realm's past glories.

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