Vah'Dharz where a former Member of the guild Remnants of the Essence. He did occasionally act as a Blackmailer and torturer for the guild tough he were considered suiteble for those task, living a life in the shadows and for himself.

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Vah'Dharz, pointing at a victim and holding his favourite hammer (With Lyssah Lyons soul captured within)

Physical Traits Edit

Vah'Dharz mostly dressed in a black long mantel, going down to the ground, and the rest medium-heavy mail/plate armor, mostly dark plate and mail. He usually carries a Big hammer with him msot of the time, since hammer weapons are what he favours in battle, he also always wears a dagger in one of his boots and eventually two dual wield axes (if he's heavly combat equipped). The name Vah'Dharz means "Roteye" in gutterspeak wich he has been given in his unlife cause of his eyes being rotten and leaving only two empty eye sockets, altough he's not blind for that but his vision is clearly redcued due to this. Vah'Dharz tend to rely on other sence such as touching and to smell.

Vah'Dharz skin is pale and grey but he doesn't smell very much nor does he rot anymore, the skin is almost always cold due to the way he died, freezing to death and therefor his whole body suffers from being frost-bitten. He's more of a "skeleton" undead than of a "Zombie" undead if you get my point, although he's skin and muscles sits where it belongs and are fully functional due to his blessing of the second breath. Vah'Dharz voice is dark but can be hissing depending to what situation he's in.

He tend to wear a mask, this o

ne's blood red and with some golden brodery. He mostly wears this for the simple cause that it looks frigtening but also because he's jaw is smashed out of it's joints and he suffers from many wounds around the mouth and neck. His editremovem

eye-sockets is as written above all hollow and rather hard to stare sraight into for those not used to it. Vah'Dharz hair stand up in spikes and is as black as it can be.


Vah'Dharz kneeling behind an elf, stroking her shoulders and whispering in her ear. Not a very uncommon position for him to conversate with someone.

Personality Edit

Vah'Dharz would be evil in some eyes, tough to the fact that he's killing everything from infants to women without blinking his eyes (if he had any that'll say) and without remorse. Altough he sees those deeds as salvating his victims, salvating them from their cruel and blind lifes. Vah'Dharz follows his own philosphy simply called The Truth (wich I'll write more about in time) and the way he thinks is remarkble diffrent from almost every other inhabitant in Azeroth.

Vah'Dharz can be experinced as intrusive tough he tend to smell the person he's talking to or likewise, he also commonly use strokes and touches to feel the person, doing this with his cold hands might by most be considered an unpleasant experince.

Due to undeath and passed experince Vah'Dharz doesn't really care about anyone or anything (wich is for him considered good, cause he's purer that way due to "The Truth") he doesn't quite have the same values as everyone else and therefor doesn't care about anyone at all, especeilly not Filthy living things. If you got to meet Vah'Dharz, it's not strange if he called you any of those words; "Filthy, Fool, Blind". Filthy meaning you're unpure, fool meaning you can't see "The Truth" and blind pretty much the same. Vah'Dharz tend to circle anyone he speaks to, just to build tension, Vah'Dharz is enjoying few things, but things he still enjoys is fear of others and death of others. According to him the strongest feeling there is is to watch someone in the eyes as the last thread of life leaves them. Due to his lack of feeling other feelings this has pretty much become of an addiction to him.

That Vah'Dharz can't feel real fear or real love or any emotions are a fact and this much because of his (twisted?) way of seeing

life, this is according to "The Truth" a good and pure way of life.

Vah'Dharz feels an hate inside him wich is hard, even for him to tell the reasons of, the only thing he knows is by saticfacy himself by killing others the hate grows weaker.

Vah'Dharz has an habit of sneaking up on people, he's an alchemist and usually carries at least 5 invisibility potions in his belt, for just this purpose.

Race and Class Edit

Vah'Dharz is an Undead Warrior.


Vadarz Fights

Vah'Dharz curring through the defenders of Stormwind city during a sige. Vah'Dharz is fully combat equipped with two one handed axes, an two handed hammer on his back and a dagger in one of his boots.

Guild Edit

Remnants of the Essence Wich he has been a former Officer in.

Occupation Edit

Vah'Dharz lived in Heartglen in life but than during his time as forsaken living in Deathknell, altough he travled most of Lorderon and Northrend during his time as Scourge.

As "free" undead, that'll say when he broke his commitment to Sylvanaas he first lived on an island in Dustswallow Marsh but later he mostly traveled around and the place he spend most time in where the Undercity sewers, hiding from the guards and inhabitants.

Family Edit

As living he had a father, who he didn't knew very well tough his mother had been keeping him from him, for several reasons. His mother, Therése however, where pretty old when she got Harori, as Roteyes name where back then, and died when Harori (Vah'Dharz, Roteye) had reached the age of 22.

Harori had a wife named Elisa, wich where 2 years older than Harori, they didn't have an childrens due to the fact that Harori where sterile (wich he never knew).

But in undeath and the time he spend lying frozen, not dead, not alive, just thinking, how things where, gaining "insight" he forgot everything he remembered from his passed life (wich wheren't much) and the memories where replaced with the mad obsession of "The Truth". The only memories can be dreams when he sleeps (wich he doesn't do much)

Background Edit

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Relations to Edit

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Criminal Record Edit

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Personal Notes Edit

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