Vashnu -Final, small-
Vashnu, in her usual combat attire
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Harbinger Vashnu Champion of the Naaru (Amoung others)

Physical Traits Edit

Vashnu is usually covered by her armour so little is known of any scars she may have. Her face remains unscarred, and she is slightly smaller than most female Draenei, only slightly. Her tail is longer than most draenei's, perhaps to make up for the loss of height. Her horns are bent back and Vashnu has quoted that this is handy as it gives "Something to hang onto.". Her eyes, though pupilless, always seem fixated on everyone in the room, constantly calculating possible movements, escape routs, weak spots and where they might be keeping their wallets.

Race and ClassEdit

Argus born Draenei hunter.


A Perfect Circle.

Occupation Edit

Illustrious Grand Master Jewel crafter and Alchmist. Tracker. Also reaserches the world of Azeroth and certain findings, sending them to the good people of the Exodar.

Family Edit

An offical report suggested Vashnu had the following family members:

Mother: Little is known, rumors suggest an Eredar. Father: Little is known, believed to have fallen on Argus. Elder brother: Little is known, believed to have fallen on Argus. Elder sister: Presumed deceased, Vashnu claims she is dead but will give no further comment. Younger sister: Aleanna. Recently discovered to have been searching for Vashnu for a great many years. Recently reunited.

Adopted daughter Velkath: Lost in action in the Plaguelands. New information suggests return as a death knight, alias, Trialia.

Vashnu also claims to be the aunt of one "Islia", daughter of Idrill. More information to follow.

The report ends here.

Background Edit

Born on Argus, Vashnu was originally trained as a mage. Favoring hunting over melee combat, somtimes practised for sport or tradition. She was schooled for many years in the practise of the arcane, but gave up after her father told her "Thats enough of that 'book learning' for you." teaching her the use of a hunting bow. Her elder sister left home a year before the arrival of Sargeras to further her magics elsewhere.

Vashnu remains very quiet regarding the exodus of her family from Argus. She claims that she simply 'Lost' her family. However some reports suggest that as they fled, they were betrayed by a member of the formerly loveing family. Her brother and father are said to have been victems of this betrayal, her younger sister, still an infant, went missing at this point, her mother complelty disappearing.

Spending many years in griveing for her failure to protect her sister, she wondered the many worlds the Draenei, as they were now known, alone. She became prone to makeing conections with nature and the creatures of the world. She was never able to settle down or find a mate. Upon arriving on Draenor she threw herself into exile. Knowing full well that Oshu'gun would never again fly, she moved around Draenor's vast regions with impunity. She spent many years hunting in Nagrand, killing Orge in the mountains and treking through the Zangermarsh. She rarely visited her own people save to gather supplies or tend to wounds.

Upon arriving in the ruins of a draenei village, rescuing a child by the name "Velkath", she learned of the orcs betrayal, moving to Shattrath to aid her people. Quickly drafted into the 'armies' of the Draenei, she was placed in a regiment know as "Velens arrow", though they had little to do with Velen himself. The regiment was mostly ex-hunts-men who could use bows or cross bows. Primarily their tasks involved scouting and spending a great deal of time in the wilds. Here Vashnu refined her skills as a marksman, occasionaly doing battle with orich patrols. Her regiment was called to Telmor, supposidly a safe haven, to re-operate. However Vashnu was injured in an ambush by Horde forces. The regiment left Vashnu in the care of a small village were an elder, who had only recently become one of the unfortuante "Broken" tended to her wounds and took care of Velkath. Its said to be here that Vashnu grew to respect the Broken, viewing them equal to the draenei. Upon recovering she took Velkath to Telmor. Upon arriving however, they found the city in ruins. The inhabitants slain to the last.

Eventually the draenei decided to go into hiding. Vashnu made sure Velkath was to be taken with them, and not left in Shattrath to be slain. Vashnu had planned on remaining in the city to avenge her squad mates of Velens arrow. However, a few hours before Velen left for Telredor, Vashnu lost conciousness. Though her wounds from the Orcish ambush had healed, an infection had taken her. She was taken with the draenei to Telredor where her wounds were treated. Though thankful to be alive, Velkath couldnt help but noticed an anger in her eyes. She had wished to die defending her city it seems. After recovering fully, she Vashnu committed herself to keeping the draenei safe and secure, often going on missions to retrieve supplies or take out orc parties that wandered too close to the marsh.

When the Draenei fled Draenor aboard the Exodar, Vashnu was locked in battle with some of the Blood Elves whom sabotaged the satilite. As the ship began to tear apart she grabbed Velkath, and a young Vindicator named Solarru, who was heavily wounded, and ran for a pod. The pod crashed just off the coast of Azuremyst and took many days before it washed up on the shores. Setting up camp using the remains of the pod, on the Northern side of Amen Vale's coast, she spent a few days tending to the wounds of the party. Eventualy she, and her party, were discovered by Aman Vale Hunters. She went on to aid the Draenei of the vale find the Exodar.

After aiding the draenei across the Azure and Bloodmyst isles, she left for the lands of the Kal'dorei, eager to aid the elves that had helped her kin. She spent a great deal of time among the elves, leaning their history, aiding in their battles and becoming a part of Azeroth. Over the next few years Vashnu would explore Azeroth further, spending a great deal of time among the dwarves, whom originally she viewed with some disdain, but quickly grew to love, even picking up part of their accent. She joined in many battles and wars on the world of Azeroth, eager to make it a better and safer place for her people and the Alliance.

When she learned of the Orcish infestation of Azeroth and their 'horde', Vashnu could not wait for her revenge. Upon learning of the efforts of Lady Proudmore, Thrall and other Horde members, Vashnu's opinion of the Horde softened. She did not trust them but was able to leave them be. As time passed however and the Alliance began to push harder against the Horde, so to did Vashnu. Her hatred of them grew over the years and the unwillingness of much of the Alliance to properly address the problem caused her no small amount of anger. As she returned to Draenor to aid the Alliance in putting a dent in the Burning Crusade, she also managed to do battle with the Horde as well, seeing Draenor as their world no longer.

After the Burning Crusade was repelled, Vashnu had hoped for some quiet time to allow the Alliance to prepare to strike at the Horde. With the return of Stormwind's King, Varian Wyrnn, she had hoped that this would be the chance to destroy the Horde. She found herself quickly becoming a fan of Varian, often defending his reputation to those peace loving hippies within the Alliance.

Regretably the chance to strike at the Horde never came. With the Lich King attacking Stormwind and other parts of the Alliance's lands, Vashnu was quick to rush to their defences and was equally as quick to hop on a boat to Northrend to take the fight to the Lich King. During her time in the North, Vashnu joined up with a private mercenary unit simply calling themselves 'The Circle'. Together, they helped spear-head the Alliance's task force in Northrend. Striking first at Naxxramas and Malygos's forces they quickly recieved requests to fight in the Obsidian sanctum. When Ulduar became the talk of the people, The Circle was already half way in, fighting with Brann Bronzebeard and his expidition to save the world, uncover ancient mysteries and look really cool.

With the opening of the Argent Tournament, The Circle was quick to compete and earn a place at Tirion's side for the final assault on Icecrown. However when asked about their time at the tournament they simply responded with "The less said about that place the better...". Joining the Alliance aboard the Gunship Skybreaker, The Circle quickly ascended the icy spire and brought battle upon the Lich King's forces. In time, they also answered cries of help from the Red Dragonflight's Ruby Sanctum.

During her time in the North, Vashnu also built a small camp in Dragonblight naming it "Camp Vash" where she lived for a good while and spending most of her spare time there.

With the Cataclysm, Vashnu finds herself relieved to find the Alliance finally seeing the Horde as a true threat and fully commits herself to defend the Alliance against the Horde and the Twilights.

Despite making many friends and allies along the way, Vashnu cannot help but feel like shes a background actor in the story of everyone elses lives. Never the focus but always off to the side.


Vashnu once regarded magic as a powerful tool to be used to better the Eredar of Argus. However after the arrival of Sargares and the events which lead to The Exodus, Vashnu views magic as an 'evil thing'. She feels that those who use it are merely those who are unwilling to excersize and merely wish power to be given to them without earning it. Vashnu feels that because the legion, her sworn enemies, feed from magic and, due to their attraction to it, find other races to convert/enslave/slaughter, that magic is inheritly a weapon of evil. After Argus she was happy to see her people turn away from magic and move towards the Light. She also respected the Orcs shamanistic ways.

Eventually, the orcs desire for power saw her second home world of Draenor, torn apart as Gul'dan severed the orcish ties with the elements and Ner'zul tore the planet apart in an attempt to escape. This furthered Vashnu's hatred of magic. When her people arrived on Azeroth she noticed a steady increase on those who wished to return to their magical roots. Troubled deeply by this, but unwilling to cause massive upheaval amoungst the already wounded people of the draenei, she accepted it and moved on. In her early years on Azeroth she came to respect the blue flight, who saw magic as something that needed to be contained and watched over. Her admiration for the blue flight only increased when she recieved word from the Exodar, that a blue dragon had defied the will of the Spellweaver and returned the remains of Iridi to Draenor.

As she walked Azeroth, she was continually shown that magic was something that no mortal should wield. She had seen how it had been the downfall of the Highbourne, cased the Sundering, opened a portal for the Orcish invasion, had brought demons into the world, had created a near unstoppable army of undead and so much more. Vashnu has never acted out against wielders of magic in the alliance because of their use of it, but she does often view them with suspicion, especially the city-state of Dalaran, whom she views as traitors for allowing blood elves and the Horde into the city.

When the blue flight began their campagin to remove magic from the hands of those outsdie their flight, Vashnu had hoped that many others would see her views, seeing as the blue dragonflight, the very guardians of magic, shared these views. She was stricken with disapointment however, to find that the Kirn'tor instead waged war on the blue flight. Despite her best intentions, she was now, under obligation to the Alliance, forced to aid the Kirn'tor in this war.

With the defeat of Malygos and with the consequences of magic now evident, Vashnu hopes that the Kirn'tor and many magic wielders will take time to reflect upon the dangers of magic.

Insane? Edit

Many question the well being of Vashnu's mental status. Having gone through a great deal of personal loss, warfare, pain and other such nasties, it remains questionable how anyones mental health would be intacted, though it is not un-heard of with those of strong will. Vashnu's behavior is the sole cause for concern. She can often go from an extreamily elated, even in a scenario of extreame pesimisum, to a very serious often blood thirsty state. Originally this was dismissed as a soldiers frame of mind. Over time, however, concern has grown for the ancient harbinger. While most believe this as her just being a "senile old trollop" some say her violent and often bloody mood swings, coupled with her inability to control her temper and growing arrogence may be a sign of infection.
Having been surrounded by fel energy for a great portion of her life after Argus, people begin to wonder if its begining to effect her mind. This would explain her violent outbursts seeing as many Broken revert to the angry state of a lost one. As time passes her condition seems to worsen and she spends less and less time in populated areas, favouring the wilds, animals as her company.

The Light Edit

Vashnu is a firm believer in the light and its virtues. It is believed that she has turned to the light when her life, or the lives of those she cares for, are in peril,such as saving Velkath on Draenor.

Though not a Vindicator or anchorite, Vashnu claims it is the light that gives her her strength. She can often be seen in the Exodar, Cathedral of Stormwind, Shattrath city and various other holy sights praying for blessings for her allies and friends. Like all servents of the light, she values compassion, even for her foes. She does not, or has ever, looked upon the Krokul, Broken, as being any less than her brothers and sisters, as she would for any draenei. Though she has a hatred for her foes, Vashnu is known to pray for her fallen enemies after combat and shares a sympathy for several races who do not, or refuse, to accept the Light. As she once stated to Ormel, after dispatching a group of rampaging Orcs, when he questioned her loyalty while she prayed for them: "They may be our hated enemies, indeed I despise them as a Troll does bathing, but they are still people. Perhaps once there was not evil in their hearts. Perhaps had they followed a differnt path they would be as brothers to us. I pray for forgivness for their sins which have lead them to my blade."

Vashnu's hatred for those that would stand against the light is known to extend even into the Alliance. While she will never openly assult a Warlock or any user of Fel magics, she is known to openly wish harm upon them. She views Fel as the direct oponent to the light. Stating: "The Light gives us life, all of us. To destroy life is a sin, a sin which most of us commit, yet through the light we know forgivness, as our sin is nessicary. Fel however, is an unforgiveable sin. A practise which burns life to produce magic. What greater sin is there?" To this end Vashnu takes it upon herself to destroy any demon she is able too, without breaking laws or alliances. Demons are known to be the only creatures Vashnu will not pray for, unless they have undergone some form of repentance.
It is rumored that Vashnu sympathises with some ideals of the Scarlet Crusade. Though she has never publically said so, it is believed Vashnu would have all believe in the light and those who would not punished though this is doubted due to her tolerance of other religions. Vashnu is known to respect the Night Elven religious beliefs, seeing as they have some visible, arguably, diety.

Family BackgroundEdit

Vashnu's family was said to be a family of 'Lesser nobles'. While they by no means had any real say in how the draenei population lived their life, they were also by no means poor or unimportant.

Vashnu's father was awarded several honors by the people of Mac'aree for holding onto old traditions, training young men and women to use swords and bows.

Vashnu's mother was an accomplished mage. She had written several scrolls and tomes on various practices of the arcane that had proven popular and were introduced into the training of many young magi.

Vashnu's elder sister was set to follow in her mothers foot stepps. Less than half her mothers age she was already twice the mage. She however left the household to study around the planet to further and better herself. She has not been seen since but Vashnu claims her to be dead.

Vashnu's elder brother idolised his father. Following his teachings.

Vashnu's younger sister was only a child when Vashnu knew her. She is now a grown woman.

Vashnu's family was said to have been rather wealthy yet generous to the people. Though poverty was not known on Argus, the family would go out of their way to help their fellow Eredar.

The Horde! Edit

Like many Draenei, Vashnu first met the Horde when they were little but scattered Orc clans. While she did not openly distrust the Orcish race, she did not trust them either. The betrayal of her own people and years of running from the Legion had hardened Vashnu's heart against the Horde but she didn't view them as a credible threat.

The Orcs themselves were just as wary of the Draenei. While there was often some trade, talk and aid in battle, if an Orc saw a draenei in trouble they'd usually lend a hand, there was no formal alliance. This comforted Vashnu. Her father had taught her of honor and she saw honor in the Orcs way of life, respect for the elements and each other.

When the Orcs banded together to create the first "Horde" and began their genocial war against the Draenei, Vashnu saw such honor thrown to the wind. Perhaps what hurt her most was the betrayal of Durotan. Years past a hunting party of Draenei had saved he and the future Warcheif, Doomhammer, and taken them to the city of Telmor and in doing so revealed its magical shroud of camouflage. As the war progressed she would see that both Orcs whom only drew breathe because of Draenei mercy, murder and disgrace further. Including Durotan's capture and humiliation of Velen.

Years later, arriving on Azeroth, Vashnu was less than pleased to see that the Orcs had flourished so, while her own people had hid and fled. When she learned of Thrall and his attempts at peace, she was content to obey the treaty of Theramore, and only engage the Horde in combat where she had too. During her adventures across Azeroth, she learned more of the Horde and its new allies. Her views on the matter shifted daily. Seeing the noble Tauren work to protect the land and Orc Shaman attempt to atone for their actions softened her view on the Horde. Then she would discover the vile Forsaken and the treacherous Sin'dorei.

During the battles in Outland, commonly known as "The Burning Crusade", she found herself sliding back to her old hatred of the Horde. Seeing what they had done to her one time home, watching them fight against the Alliance as demons fell from the skies, watching as the Mag'thar shunned the Kureni's attempts at peace. She began to turn more and more of her attention to fighting the Horde.

Meeting with the like minded warrior, Ormel, only hardened her resolve. Between them many of the Horde's forces and outposts fell or were crippled, but their actions were never enough. They failed constantly to rally more support and the Horde simply re-built. During her visits back to Stormwind she became infuriated with members of the Alliance who would continually berate her efforts to defend them. They called her battles selfish and evil, preaching peace with the Horde, even in cases where the evidence was stacked against them.

After the Blasted War she had feared that the Alliance were falling into a habit of letting the Horde do as they please. During the war the Horde had assaulted one of her patrols, yet Alliance leadership had claimed she instigated such attacks. During a restoration project in Outland, the Horde slaughtered dozens of Broken in Zangarmarsh. She took this as a direct assault against the Draenei and when Ormel shared her thoughts they managed to turn a significant portion of the restoration efforts volunteers to fighting the Horde.

Despite opposition from the leadership of the restoration project, Horde sympathizers as she had come to call them, Vashnu and Ormel managed to claim heavily contested areas of Outland, even if only for a short spell, including the fortifications in Hellfire, the graveyard of Zangarmarsh, Halaa and some territories in Shadowmoon. After the restoration project was over however, most of their forces returned to Azeroth to meet the Lich King's armies.

Sated for now with her victories against the Horde, Vashnu too was content enough to focus her efforts against the Scourge and their strange new allies. She was horrified to learn of further Forsaken treachery, discovering that they had sunk an Alliance fleet headed to Northrend to fight the Scourge. Despite this many seemed to dispute that the Forsaken's actions were, while not just, understandable.

The Wrath gate opened Vashnu's eyes to how far the Horde had truly fallen. While many claimed this to be little more than an isolated incident brought about by rebel Forsaken, Vashnu saw it as the result of the Alliance's lack of response to the Horde threat. She argued that even although rouge elements of the Forsaken had used the Plague that cost Bolvar and his men their lives, the Banshee Queen must have had some knowledge in its production and believed that Putress had simply beaten the Queen to the punch.

As the War in the North continued she would see the Horde's true colours. An incident at one of Icecrown's fortress like gates. The Alliance lead an assault to take it, and very nearly succeded, when a Horde recon party spotted them and attacked from behind. This proved to be fatal to both parties as the Alliance couldn't fight Horde and Scourge and were overcome, the recon party too were overcome, the Scourge held the gate.

She was quick to join anti-Horde efforts in Northrend, aiding in the battles for Wintergrasp, attacking supply lines and doing her best to diminish Horde morale. There was even talk of her being involved with the plotting of an assassination attempt with Garrosh, who lead the Horde's forces in Northrend, to be the target though nothing came of it.

With the Lich King finally vanquished and Northrend deemed 'secure', Vashnu had hoped the Alliance would be given sufficient respite to turn their attention against the Horde. When word reached the Alliance that Garrosh had assumed the mantle of Warchief, she'd hope to raise an army against the Horde, but still many would sympathize with the Horde.

She bore witness to Garrosh's Horde's advance across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Even as she fought land was lost in Ashenvale, Stonetalon was devastated, Andorhal fell. Despite claiming land in the Barrens and making some advances on the Horde's lands, she was not satisfied. Vashnu finds herself arguing constantly with various members of the Alliance regarding the Horde, constantly trying to change opinions and raise arms against the Horde. She openly supports and respects King Wyrnn's choices and actions against the Horde.

As individual races, Vashnu still does not think much of the Horde.

She hates the Orcs. For all they've done. While many claim Thrall will someday return and that they have changed, Vashnu still seems them as beasts and war moungerers who destroy and corrupt all around them. When people argue that the Orcs hatred for the Alliance stems from their time in the interment camps, she argues in favor of the camps, noting that the only other alternative for the orcs was genocide. She seems Garrosh as the worst of them and has stated that he "Needs to die.".

Her hatred for the Orcs is almost matched by her hatred for the Forsaken. Many claim that they have every right to Lordaeron and they are victims. Vashnu strongly disagrees. She feels they spit in the face of the Light and their every 'breath' is a sin. She feels that every Forsaken should be slain as a mercy to them and the land of Lordaeron. Vashnu takes pity on the Banshee Queen's soul. She wishes to end her more as an act of redemption than vengeance.

Vashnu's feelings toward the Sin'dorei are surprising. During the burning crusade, she hated the elves with a passion, taking pleasure in their misfortunes. When Velen returned the Sunwell to them, many expected Vashnu to resign from her duty. Instead she supported his decision and believes the elves have a chance at redemption, now that they have embraced the light. Of the Regnant Lord Vashnu has doubts, and of the Grand Magister. She seems to respect the Ranger General and the Farstriders a great deal.

The Tauren, Vashnu worries for. She seems them as noble creatures who care for the land more than themselves, but have been corrupted by the taint of the Orcs. She is not afraid to fight or kill a Tauren but takes no pleasure in it. Secretly she admires the Tauren's dedication to their Orcish blood brothers. Vashnu had learned to respect Cairne Bloodhoof as a wised veteran and leader. Of Baine, she is not yet sure.

The Troll's Vashnu finds vile. Though she does not find them to be blatantly evil, their voodoo and magic's often border heresy in her eyes. Their dark ways, not just the Darkspear but all Trolls, cause her much doubt to the good intention of the Trolls of the Darkspear. With Vol'jinn's warnings toward the Alliance of the rising Troll tribes, she finds herself far from trusting the Darkspear leader but has offered him a tiny sum of respect.

Personal Notes Edit

A most unuseal charecter, Vashnu tries to befriend all she meets. Her ability to form attachments to those she has not long met seems almost questionable.

Vashnu is often concidered to be a simple "War moungering arrow slinger with an axe to grind" due to her outspoken beliefs that a war with the Horde is vital for the survial of the Alliance. She does not however believe so, claiming her age has given her clarity and patience to tolerate fools and cowards, both Horde and alliance. Though not of Stormwind or even the human race herself, Vashnu considers King Varian Wyrnn of Stormwind a wise ruler and counts herself amounst his supporters.