The father of both Iyokus Shatterstar and Illayne Shatterstar and a prominent druid.


'Velemketri? Why would you want to hear about him? There are none of the heroics of Ravencrest or the tragedy of Illidan... Yes, yes I can see you will not be deterred. Well, since we are here for the telling, let me say that there was a time when the boy's name was on everybody's lips. Yes, Velemketri was the talk... no, I tell a lie, it was not talk, it was whisper. The Highborne were certainly not talking when they gave him to us to care for, but such was ever their way, and all our questions were met with stoney silence. Oh we pieced it together eventually, though it took some time, and Velemketri himself was no help at all. I tell you, I will never forget the face of one who brought him to us. Half of his face was melted skin, and the working eye was bright with fever. He could not wait to be rid of the boy, like he carried some kind of plague.

He was always a distant figure, even in his youth, and who can blame him, given what he went through? He did not play with the other children really, and they could already sense there was something different about him, his pale skin was not the only indication that he was not truly kaldorei. He did take quickly to our way of life though, and he had a rare hunger to learn of our customs and heritage...was he wanting something to put roots into? I do not know, the were none he let in that close.

No, there was one. Even to this day I find their match hard to believe. She was the first daughter of the main branch of the Deepsoil family and he was a Highborne outcast, rigid and unwelcoming to anyone who tried to offer friendship. He must have courted her in secret for normally such things get around the street of ears quickly, and there was still interest in the boy. But Velemketri's business was ever his own, and he only made his move when he was assured of the outcome. Ah, but what a sight that was! He was a man grown then, and he strode into the long hall of where he knew the Deepsoils would be gathered for the feast. He stood there, purple hair tied in the manner of a man of his low station, and stared down the heads of one of more important families of our people. What did he say again...? 'I have found the rest of my soul. I will take her from here and walk before the tree. She will be Shatterstar evermore.'

Well, you can imagine how the proud Deepsoils took that. He was like the lone oak before the storm, he stood unfazed by their shouts and insults, for his gaze was on her, and she was nodding. Look at me, smiling like a boy in his first century! What was between them...I have rarely seen it's like before or since. It was never expressed in the sight of others, but it was palpable if you stood between them, their rhythms were perfectly aligned. Normally, well, you know what is normal for us? We take lovers, something different to pass the centuries even if our hearts belong to one - we split amicably, knowing that everything has it season. He was different. I know, with the certainty that day follows night, that he never went to anyone but Marimahta, not in all the millenia of his life.

Mhmm? Yes, he did become a druid... Why do you ask me for these stories when you know all everything already? Hmph, flattery will get your everywhere girl.

Indeed, Shan'do Deepsoil took him on as a student, their fury at his taking of their pride died down after they saw how fiercly he loved Marimahta, and he was eventually welcomed into the house. The Shan'do tells me he was a fine student, inexhaustible when it came to knowledge, with limitless obedience to his master. He quickly chose the path of the Talon as his area of expertise, no surprise that a man so closed off would choose to fly above the world in the form of a raven. Yes, he spent a lot of time in that form, and like the others began to take on some bird-like aspects, a rigidity of movement and a stare that was quite off-putting.

Powerful? What kind of question is that? All that youth is interested in...power...not wisdom or restraint, wit or intellect...just power, hmph. Then I will tell you..Velemketri was not admired as a druid for his command over nature, he shied away from power...I tell you, it looked like it scared him to wield it. No, it was for his wise words and counsel that his quiet voice was heard. But, hmm, come closer... the potential was there, yes indeed young one, blood runs true, all his masters could see it, but despite their proddings he would not take up the responsibility. Why? Girl, enough questions!

Hurm, where was I? Ah yes, it was many years before Marimahta bore him children. know it was odd, it was the only time I saw him cry, when he heard of their birth, and they did not look like tears of joy...But yes, a boy and a girl, both with white hair, which is odd considering he had purple hair and she green. She was light skinned and he dark, like his mother. Iyokus and Illayne, and if I remember correctly she is the older, by mere moments I believe.

He was... not a inspiring father in my opinion, but it is hard for druids to be so, with their duties. Oh my, when the son left his studies...rarely did Velemketri raise his voice, but he did then, I could hear from outside the door. They stopped talking then, and I fear that they might not have done so ever again. It is sad, for the daughter remained very close and it is a shame to see so small a family fragmenting.

Iyokus? He wanted to fight I think, but there must have been more to it than that. Marimahta was a Sentinal after all, and Velemketri understood and even supported the need for a nation that could defend itself, expecially after the Sundering. No, do not delve further, I will not speak on it.

In the end Velemketri died, watching over the people he loved. Yes, I know the body was never found, and my, you should have seen the son. When he heard the news he tore through Feralas like a demon...a real demon... That's enough for tonight I think...I can see you can have questions, but I am an old man and the sun hurts my eyes and dawn is not far from us...

Brightstar? Where did you learn that name?

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