"A Druid never uses his weapon, it is not our way. We fight with spell and claw! But a weapon is important still, we draw from its power. Most weapons are imbued with powerful essences! We Druids are not fond of tree bane - axes, or complicated weapons that took toil upon the land. To make a blade you can never replace its resource, to make a mace you can. Trees can be regrown, but can mountains? Blunt weapons are the most ancient of all weapons, a Druid should be proud to carry a mace or stave!" - Verdauga

Wraith Strike, used by Verdauga in battle unlike his staves which are ceremonial.


Lindil, named after Verdauga's Kaldorei mentor. The wood is from a tree in the Emerald Dream along with the leaves and the head is made from bones of a Fey Sprite.

aka Verdure.


Blacktongue's Paw. The paw is the actual paw of Verdauga's late bear mount.

In game names for the weapons Edit

Lindil - Wildfury Greatstaff

Blacktongue's paw - Braxxis' Staff of Slumber

Wraith Strike

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