Vincent Versa
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status AWOL
Location Unknown

Vincent Versa arrived at Stormwind a prominant noble from the northern lands. He talked the talk, walked the walk, and quickly became recognised by the Stormwind Noble's Council. He contacted Duke Falrid of Stromgarde, alerting him that his Count of Wetlands, Heydrick allowed the Gnomish Liberation Front, a Gnomish extremist group, access to the Menethil Port, where they conspired to plant explosives. Count Heydrick was relieved of his position, and Versa was temporarilly installed in his position. Of course, it was only later found out that Versa only knew of the G.L.F plot, due to the fact that he was one of the conspiritors.

Vincent Versa was later revealed to be wanted Confidence Trickster and Thief, Albert Downey, who over the years had gone under many alias'. Vincent Versa being one of them. The disgraced "Lord" Versa fled Stormwind, leaving his title, land and any financial assets behind. He was last spotted boarding a boat heading from Booty Bay to Kalimdor.






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