Viridial Bloodsong
Viridial Bloodsong image
Viridial in his Kirin Tor outfit.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Faction The Sunreavers, The Horde


Born in Lordaeron's northern reaches into an ordinary High Elven family, there's nothing of note about his youth. He displayed considerable magical talent in the everyday magic of the Quel'Dorei, and was thus sent to Dalaran to study. He was there, fortunately, at the time the Scourge ravaged his homeland, and followed Kael for a time. However, he stayed behind when Kael left for Outland, instead returning to his dear homeland and aiding the Farstriders in their guerilla warfare against the Scourge left to haunt Quel'Thalas' ruins. When the Blood Elves rebuilt Silvermoon and a couple of other settlements, he helped keep the order in there. When the Horde contacted the Kirin Tor about negotiations, he was one of the first members of the Horde to step on the streets of Dalaran, later named the Sunreavers. To this day he serves the Sunreavers and Kirin Tor to the best of his abilities.




I do not quite believe my message got through.


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