Harbinger Vitanisus, Knight of the Ebon Blade

Real Name: Unknown (As of December 2008)

Race and Class Edit

Tauren Death Knight

Physical TraitsEdit

A larger than normal Tauren, with a one Pure-white fur coat, now tinted with the greyness of death. Several visible scars are visible, particually around his face, and on his chest, many seeming much newer than others. (Due to events at the Warsong Defensive)


Dagger and Totem


Death Knight of Archerus

 Solider of the Horde



Who Knows?



Unkown at this time.


Was risen by the Lich King as part of the force to accompany Archerus, and the Highlord Mograine. Vitanisus helped in the defeat the Scarlet Crusade, and in the destruction of New Avalon. Shortly afterwards, was ordered to help in the attack on Light's Hope Chapel, where the Lich King's betrayal of the Death Knights was revealed, and they (Including Vita) were relesed from his service.

Following the re-taking of Archerus from the Scourge, Vita was ordered to return to Orgrimmar, to pledge his blade to the Horde. Upon meeting with Thrall, he was told to meet with Gremkarc of Orgrimmar, and help with the clean-up of Draenor. He did so, becoming a part of Gremkarc's "Daggers and Totems", and helping to clear up the last remnants of resistance on the Orcish homeworld.

Shortly thereafter, he was ordered to join the assault on Northrend, landing in Borean Tundra, and helping the Horde defeat the threats that arose.

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Criminal RecordEdit

- Murder of Argent Dawn/Scarlet crusaders, and civillians at Tyr's Hand. (Overruled due to events at Light's Hope Chapel)

- Several accounts of Necromancy (Overruled due to events at Light's Hope Chapel)

- Assault upon several Alliance Encampments (Convieniently forgotten, due to events at the Wrathgate)

Personal NotesEdit

- Has been Outcasted by the Tauren, due to him being "Unnatural". Seeks to reclaim former glory. Cannot remember much from before his death.

- Fanatically devoted to the cause of wiping out the Scourge, and all those who are aligned with it, including the "Traitor" Death Knights (Those who do not follow Mograine, or the Ebon Knights.)