Air and V

Airina Hawkblossom and Varath Sindarion -- -- As a trained Plainwalker, Airina earned her kodo from the elders of Thunder Bluff. As someone almost entirely devoid of morals, Varath stole that raptor from a Skullsplitter jungle troll he killed in Stranglethorn Vale.

"The streets of this city are filled with souls, and each one has a tale to tell. I don't march across the frozen northlands, and I don't make war under the alien skies of Outland. This is why. These streets. There are enough stories for me to learn here. I'll leave the slaying of tyrants to you."

-- Varath Sindarion, speaking to Alyxandria A'lorai.

IC & OOC Edit

<Wanderer> doesn't really exist.

It's not an organisation. It's not a military unit. It's not even a place you can hit your O key and find an instance group. People are at crazy levels all the damn time, y'know?

- IC -

The deal with the guild is pretty simple. IC, it's a loosely-affiliated group of characters that are - on some level - friends. Some of them journey together more often than others, and some will stay in touch from other parts of the world and rarely meet the others face to face, but the core of the guild's IC theme is that everyone with <Wanderer> as a title under their name is basically exactly that: someone who wanders around.

Although most characters meet up regularly, the heart of the guild's RP is the /g channel, where characters keep in touch through soulforged seerstones, as described in the section below.

- OOC -

Essentially, <Wanderer> is a small guild of RPers whose focus is usually on storylines with each other. Most of us tend not to get involved in realm-spanning plots or major conflicts with other guilds. That's not to say none of us RP with the larger community - it's just a matter of the guild having a solid core of great RPers who usually find they have enough to do without needing to wander Silvermoon, or go out and raise hell for attention.

The guild doesn't really have an open recruitment. Again, not because we're massively antisocial and elitist, it's just because we tend to invite people we like and if they want in, then they're in.

The guild leader is Varath Sindarion, purely by virtue of the fact he was the one who beat the others in setting up the guild and wanted to name it. What a seflish bastard. The officers are Alyxandria A'lorai and Airina Hawkblossom, who are much more approachable.

The average age of the guild is in the early to mid-20s. Amusingly, half of the guild is actually female in real life. Some (terribly shallow and self-absorbed) members are secretly convinced it's the best-looking guild on the server.

Seerstones Edit

A seer stone is a specially soulcrafted gem based along the same principles as a spellstone, firestone or soulstone. A captured soul is stored in a soul shard as normal. The shard is then shaped with a minor spell into a pearl-like gem, which allows the bearer to telepathically contact anyone else in possession of another seerstone.

As with most of Varath's ventures into the Dark Arts, seerstones are occasionally flawed. When used, they will sometimes emit painful psychic shrieks within the bearer's mind - perhaps the final screams of those whose souls were stolen to make the gems, or merely a moment of pure chaos drawn from the Twisting Nether.

The guild's regular use of seerstones suffers several occasional disruptions:

- Varath's demonic minions frequently join in the conversations going on, with their various conflicting opinions on the various guild members.

- Stolen seerstones falling into the wrong hands, and allowing outsiders to telepathically tune in to communications.

- Powerful emotions or 'background noise' are sometimes unintentionally sent from one person to the others.

Wanderer in Ratchet

Ornvyth, Torgrath, Alyxandria, Airina, Reshka, Varath... and Azham the Imp, looking on. (He was stomped back into the Nether moments after this screenie was taken.)

Main Members Edit

Varath Sindarion

Alyxandria A'lorai

Corelei Dawnbreak

Airina Hawkblossom

Lueianna Amalas

Aurelya Sindarion

Reshka Bloodstorm

Torgrath Baneblade



The Darkspear Warband Edit

A side project for several guildies is to make an RP PvP-based troll warband of various classes. Currently, the project is in its earliest stages of gearing up, with characters being excitingly slaughtered by Heirloom-wearing twinks in Warsong Gulch.


Gallery Edit

Coming Soon.

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