"Sorcerers? Dilettantes. Why dabble in parlor tricks when you can become a master of the battlefield?" - anonymous Battlemage. Or Warmage.

Introduction to the Warmage/Battlemage Edit

Feat028thornscape battlemage

Thornscape Battlemage by Matt Cavotta (co. Wizards of the Coast)

Warmages are arcane spellcasters who accompany soldiers into the heart of battle. The generations of warfare on Azeroth have given warmages time to hone useful spells into simple and secret rituals, called "battlemagics", which are passed from warmage to another. Warmages are proficient with all simple melee and ranged weapons, and light armor. They can wield a sword in one hand, and a staff in the other. Armor of any type interferes with the warmage's arcane gestures, which can cause his spells to fail (if those spells have somatic components). As warmages accompany warriors into battle, they become better at defending themselves than other wizards. They develop greater martial skill in the crucible of battle.(Alliance & Horde Compendium — A Warcraft RPG source book.) Warmages are similar to battle mages.

The Path of the Warmage/Battlemage Edit

Generally speaking there are two ways of becoming a Warmage, either devote vast amounts of time to studying both the arcane and the martial arts or devote a week to creating enchanted armour that channels your magic through your blades. Both have a similar end result, however, those who followed the former path tend to be be focused, calm, knowledgeable and socially awkward due to the vast amounts of time spent toiling over tomes and training dummies whilst those following the latter path tend to be scatterbrained, excitable, prone to daydreaming and amiable company due to their vast amounts of free time which is usually spent either in a reverie or a tavern.

Warmagi who utilise the enchanted armour approach are also physically feeble without it, unlike their more diligent counterparts, and lack the same level of knowledge about tactics and practical battlefield actions. Normally the best appraoch is to direct them towards an enemy unit and let them do their own thing with their more dilligent cousins watching over them.

Suggested Representative Classes Edit

  • Mage
  • Warlock - Fire Destruction, Demon unsummoned
  • Death Knight - Frost/Unholy spec, possibly the closest match mechanics wise especially if utilising the DW frost dps spec.
  • Paladin - Retribtion, holy school magic would have to be reclassified as a type of arcane magic such as fire.
  • Shaman - the closest match mechanics wise, more likely to be Draenei and possibly Troll though.
  • Priest - Shadow or Discipline. Difficult one to pull off.

Warmagi/Battlemagi of The Sha'tar Edit

  • Thaum - Deceased
  • Ronael Sungazer

Roleplaying TipsEdit

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