Wesli Shadowgrass

Wesli Shadowgrass is a Troll of an Astanged Origin. He carries with him the thirst for

knowledge and political stature. He Travels all areas of Horde Territory in the search of culture.

Often you can find him in centers of Horde cities. He carries with him a liberal veiw on life

in Azeroth that many may deem as controversial and even offensive. Further his history and

origins are a cause for more outrage for those amougnst the Horde, but often befriends many

of the factions and creatures of the Hoard. He currently is residing in Orgrimmar, however travels

quite erratically never dying down a place of residence.

History Edit

Wesli has a history shrouded in betrayal and confused logic. He was a troll born of two tribes, the Darkspear tribe and the Shadowtooth tribe. Wesli's father, Sandmangler, was of the Darkspear tribe. In word of the World tree, Sandmangler was sent as an honourary explorer of the Darkspear tribe, to confirm the exsistance and decifer truths from myrhs. It was beleived that the Trolls had planned to gain immortallity if it proved to be true, but after months without reply from Sandmangler, gave up hope on the conquest. When Grassmangler reached the district of Hyjal he stayed with the Shadowtooth Tribe. Tensions were high amoungst the locals even though he was accepted as an honourary guest. He fell in love with a local, Crobina. On his second day of his stay, Sandmangler and Crobina had a night of passioned love. Crobina was a highly prized virgin, and when news became public of the couples relationship. Crobina's brother, Troru hunted down Sandmangler and through stealth, decapitated him. Crobina became pregnent and was punished by fending for herself for 5 weeks in the forrests. She survived but returned to find out that the baby was to be exiled from the community. On the day of conception, the baby remained nameless and was placed in a basket left for dead underneath the World Tree.

Around the same time of the murder of Sandmangler, a band of Night Elfs, known as the Shadowgrass Clan, had been sent a mission to spy on a Orc camp that was supposedly poaching the area of Hyjal and it was believed that the purity of the World Tree was in danger. The band of 7 travelled to Hyjal and were imidiatly Ambushed by a group of Humans. The humans explained that there was an order of Human and Night Elf alligence in the process and that the clan, who were famous for their liberal views and the unificaiton of all races, were an obstacle to this pact of Anti-Orc policy. For this reason the Humans agreed that they would spare the life of the Clan if they were never to return to return to any of the Night Elfs . The band lived off the land and hunted only what they needed and keeped a fairly quiet exsistance. However, on the day of the babys Exile, the Shadowgrass Clan stumbled across the basket. They took the Troll and after extensive disscussion opted to adot and raise the creature as one of their own. They named the Troll Wesli Shadowgrass. After this event, the Shadowgrass Clan stayed in Hyjal for five years living peacfully. However, the Clan had grown tired of their exsistence and decided to put in motion their theories of Racial Unity. They explored all of Azeroth trying to gain head way. Little progress was made however, as no race saw much benefit for Racial Unity. Their escapade was all but brought to a halt 16 years later after the Alliance of Lordaeron was created. As more and more races were factionalised, their hunt for Racial Unification had become a lost cause. They spent the next 21 years in Stranglethorn Vale, living off the land as they had once done in Hyjal. However as the news spread of the Battle of Hyjal and unification of the Horde and the Alliance, The Shadowgrass Clan returned to their home to see what they had always dreamed of, a unification of the races.

However their return was to be foiled. When they arrived they marvelled at the unity that the factions showed, and even though tensions were high, this is what they had dreamed of seeing. However, on their return they were recognised. Taken to the leaders of the Alliance they were punished with the penalty of death for breaking their agreement made. In seeing what they had always dreamed they were executed in private the day before the battle commenced. However, as Wesli was not part of the agreement, he was spared and deported back to Orgrammar to be intergrated into a Horde lifestyle. Wesli, unacustommed to Hoard life resided to the barrens where he has lived for a year. However, now bored of a hermit and lonesome lifestyle Wesli decided to reintergrate into the Horde society, trying to uphold his lost Clans honour to push for Racial Unity. However now six years on, He has accepted his place in the Horde and has taken an interest in the politics of Azeroth in paticular, while still witholding fairly liberal views.

Recently, Wesli spent a few weeks in Silvermoon City trying to understand Blood Elf culture, as well as make new friends. He has made the aquintance of many powerful fighters during his time. He is a aquaintance of Typhor, the ex-Orc champion, who has taken Wesli and has taught him much about the wars in Azeroth, and battle tactics, to further enhance his understanding of war and to further shape his ideas. He has also been invited to a War council in the chamber of Thrall to discuss with the most powerful fighters in the Horde about the growing threat of the Scourge. He also has become a friend of Verdauga Whitecloud.Through this friendship Wesli has now become part of the clan the Thousand Eyes and is the first Guild he has been in since the death of his beloved Clan.

Name Edit

Wesli carries with him a strange name for a Troll. This is becuase his name is not directly of troll origin. When he was adopted by the Shadowgrass Clan they decided to bestow the clan name to him. None of the Nightelfs in the clan shared this last night but it was a mark to forever unify the troll with the clan. The Name Wesli however does not have any significance to anything, and it was jsut agreed that it was a good name for the troll.

Political and Ideological views Edit

Wesli is renoned for his strikingly liberal outlook on the Azeroth. He inhierted his views from the Shadowgrass Clan and has tried to uphold thier honour. However, since his intergration into the Horde, his views have become more realistic and rational for the climates of the Factions. He realsies that in the current political climate that a unification is not currently possible.He instead now thrives for cultures and the intergration of culture. He has spent much of his time trying to understand how each race works spending extensive periods observing how other races work. He realises the power of the individual but does nottice similar traits members of a race have.

Blood Elf Edit

Wesli has a respect for the bloodelfs and their capactiy to be a very noble race. He has spent extensive ammount of time trying to understand this race in Silvermoon City itself. He understand their ideas of hate and has a respec for the forwardness of the blood elves. He does not see them as deceptive but a Race who say what is on their mind. He has however lost enthusiasm for the race. He realises that the race thrives on drama, and in his early time in Silvermoon he tried to stop the qurrels helping all who had been abused. However, he now takes a reserved approach t the Race and tries to stay out of qurrels between a large number of Elves.

Tauren Edit

The Tauren are amognst Wesli's favorite race in Azeroth, and he respects their exsistence imensely. He enjoys spending long hours talking to Tauren learning of their customs and history. He agrees with alot of their principles as a race that lives off the land, and thier relatively peacful exsistence. He enjoys their community and social structure of one that has remained unchanged for decades. He has seen nothing but kindess and understanding from the Tauren and he beleives that the other races of Azeroth can learn much from their exsistance.

Traits Edit

Wesli is 43 years old and has seen much of the world of Azeroth. He Currently is sporting a long mane of Grey hair. He has also recently been bald, shaving his head with raptor teeth from the Barrens when he lived like a hermit. He has a deep blue skin, however it is not beleived he has alway looked like this. He was once inheirted his mothers looks as a lighter Shadowtooth Troll, being a very deep purple in his early years. However, after his days with the Shadowgrass Clan and his life away from the shadows, he has lost his dark pygmentation. Recently he has also donned black facepaint. This is in respect of his fallen Clan, and so he will never forget his political goals and their legacy.

Guild Edit

Wesli has recently joined his first guild since the death of his previous clan. After a travel to Thunderbluff, he stumbled upon an event of the Thousand Eyes. he watched and enjoyed the atmosphere, until the event was spun into a mysterious chain of events. However, Wesli stayed by Verdauga's side throughout and was given a place in the guild for doing so. Wesli may seem out of place in the Guild, which is heavily Tauren and enstills the ideas of preserving ancient ways. However, Wesli feels he has alot to offer the Guild but more importantly feels the Thousand Eyes have more to offer him in the way of Knowledge. He is enjoying the prospect of understanding the ways of the past to help enforce and shape his own Liberal ideas. Recently, Wesli has been promoted to an Eye in the guild and is undertaking Training from the Orc Argronak, the Thousand Eye's Bladmaster, to try and further his abillities as a warrior.

Race and Class Edit

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