Kam'eth laughed lightly to himself as he rifled through his latest haul of goods, a huge bulging bag full of gold, weapons, ore and precious gems, he couldn't believe his luck, one week ago he was just another put-down upon Half-Elf trying to find his way in Azeroth and now here he was, rich and glutted with revenge. Grinning agan he tunred to the glinting armour sitting in the corner of his cave hide-out, it was a feat of technomagic, a fusion of metal and magic that had cleary been forged with a lot of care, lovingly crafted and designed to resemble the elegant robed armour of the Spellbreakers. There was something wrong though, Kam'eth couldn't quite put his finger on it, he was rich, he had used the armour to slaughter the faces from his past who had mocked and discriminated against him, he should have been celebrating, instead he felt somehow unnerved by its prescence, it felt like it was looking at into him.

Kam'eth had felt this before, when he had first slipped into the armour in Rimeshade's home that night one week ago, he had felt like there was another prescence there, it was almost as if everytime he put it on it felt like there was someone standing near him...not doing anything, just watching, waiting, thinking almost. The Half-Elf shrugged and stood up, walking over to the armour he picked it up and admired it again before putting it on and sheathing his twin blades. He flexed his fingers as the runes on the armour lit up, he didn't know how it worked exactly but that was irrelevent to him, the power it granted was real enough and that was all he needed, he could still reemmber the feeling of invincibility as he had cut down those pathetic bigots through chilling frost, deathly coils of shadow and plain old swordsmanship.

Walking to the entrance of his cave Kam'eth leaned against the cave wall and smirked at his good fortune, after years of hardship finally he was.... Kam'eth stiffened and stood upright, there was someone there, more than just the prescence he always felt when using the armour, there was someone physically out there. Drawing his blades Kam'eth quietly stepped out of the cave and peered around until he wa satisified it was safe, well safeish. The Half-Elf shrugged and sheathed his blades once more, he turned to gather his loot from the cave when there was a sickening tearing noise and a force that sent him reeling forwards onto the ground, rolling over he peered with wildly unfocusing eyes at the serrated head of a single black arrow poking through his chest, evidently this magical plate armour stll possessed on of the biggest weaknesses of mundane plate armour.

The last thing Kam'eth could remember was a cloaked and masked figure slipping past him and grabbing as much loot as it could carry, the figure stopped as it left, bent down to Kam'eth and lowered its mask revealing a not unattractive female Dwarf face who grinned and whispered, "Nothing personal lad, you know how it is though...what in the nether?!" Kam'eth wondered what that last exclaimation was all about as the Dwarf ran like buggery out of the cave but it was too late for him to really care, he closed his eyes and his head lolled against a nearby rock. All the while a pale blue corona had surrounded him, getting brighter and more intense.

A day went by, the only visitors to Kam'eth's armoured corpse were a few rabbits who left after they realised they couldn't mate with or eat either him or the armour, one was still making a determined effort to do the former though. The blue corona had faded slightly, it seemed to be fusing into the body somehow, whatever it was it was keeping the corpse fresh and the flies away. The lone rabbit was about to hop off the armour when the corpse, the former Kam'eth, opened its eyes, they glowed with an eerie blue light as they scanned the sky in a strange, vaguely confused method. The figure sat upright in smooth motion as though its torso was perfectly hinged onto its legs, it fluidly stood upright and glanced at the rabbit by its feet. "Strange, one moment," the figure muttered to itself thinking for a few seconds, "ah a lapine creature, how interesting..." The figure turned and walked into the cave, each step exactly the same as the previous one and sat down on one of Kam'eth's makeshift seats. Reaching into its breastplate it removed a small, chipped amethyst which began to glow.

Far away in Dalran a female Wizard and young male Psion sat with an amethyst fragment between them, scrying it for arcane signatures. The female stopped and stared at the male sternly, the male's long, pointed ears drooped down as he wilted under the glare. "Alterac, only snowy region in the Eastern Kingdoms, it must be there." The female said confidently. "I,I suppose so..." the male stammered rubbing the back of his neck with annoyance. "Right then, lets organise a team to go and retrieve it," the female said laconically, every word formed with precision and a sort of grace, "you mentioned it was designed to resist magic so we'd better hire some non-casters to help out if things get violent." Nodding the male thanked the female and the pair began to make preparations for the retrieval of the first piece of technomagical armour constructed since the golden age of the Quel'dorei.

"I believe, going entirely on my memory of my "birth", that this gem should have provided some form of power source function," the pale, armoured figure said chattily to his rabbit companion who gazed at him with happy ignorance, "it should, theoretically, leave some form of trace of my whereabouts for my father to find, at least that is what I hope." And with that, the figure crossed its legs and gazed out of the cave mouth, stroking his new companion, waiting, watching....thinking.

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