Whit "Silver" Gehax
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Overview Edit

Whit is Gilean, ruthless and street wise with strong independent views. His family of villains and cut throats are mostly dead, in jail or out of reach, Whit's main goal is his short term survival and his long term wish to live in the lap of luxury and return to his homeland. His family are all northern some from Alterac most from Gilneas. Whit doesn't consider himself part of the Alliance and has little liking for most of the Alliance races and government.

Whit gambles and smokes heavily, he flitters away money on drink and women, he used to be a lot more "Heroic". When he's not under the employment of a guild or organization or times are getting hard, he's attracted back to crime like a pointer on a compass.

Current Activities Edit


Name and Title Edit

Whit Gehax, Nicknames include "Silver" and "Snipe" has also used a series of fake names. No titles.

Background Edit

Whit was born in a large bandit family in Gilneas, at the age of twelve he was moved to Alterac for his safety due to difficult circumstances, he stayed in Alterac with his uncle Garin, he moved down to Stormwind after the death of his uncle seeking revenge. He was put in prison and by his release anywhere he used to call home was locked off or in ruins.

Physical Traits and Appearance Edit

Heavily built from constant training, black hair, light beard, appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties, badly scarred including a scar over his left eye, a puncture on his lower back on the right hand side, a thick deep scar on his neck, an unusual grayish black scar on his left arm and a what looks like a horrific shrapnel in-pact on his left shoulder, to name a few which mingle hap-hazardly with tattoos.

Wears alot of black leather, masks, pirate shirts, black headbands and jewelry. Over his back and right arm he has a complex series of tattoos, mostly gang tattoos and Northern designs. He always wears a Silver necklace (like the one his uncle gave him, although that one he keeps safe and rarely wears). He uses guns and two handed swords mostly as weapons. Whit has a deep, sly, whispering voice, similar to a lot of Northern Bandits. His favorite drink is South shore stout. Coming to weapons he favors claymores/two handed swords and flintlock pistols.

Race and Class Edit

Human Bandit (OOC class warrior)

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Career Criminal, Engineer, Sword for hire.

Family and Close Friends Edit

Uncle Garin: Dead - Was very close to Whit, he was a quirky sort, believing in the worship of the dragonflight. Once Whit was 16 Garin started easing him into his big projects. LIke protection, prostitution and smuggling. By the time Whit was 18 Garin pretty much had turned alot of his business over to Whit. However two years later Garin was murdered by assassins from Stormwind, Whit went to avenge Garins death and kill the nobles responsible for hiring them.

Mother Ferina: Dead - Born a bandit, died a bandit, she had the same flare husbands, however rarely was as careful with her methods and normally ambushed caravans and attacked traders without thought of personal safety, thats the fire that attracted Vince, she eventually managed to anger a rival gang and got herself killed in a gun fight.

Father Vince: Unknown - Most likely living in Gilneas. He was always a bit of a family man looking out for his relatives after his wife died he brooded and never really got over it. He wasn't a common anarchist like some bandits, he lent towards calculated sadism, his brutality never affected his family in any serious manner though.

Menag (The 2nd) Nephew: (son of Whit's oldest brother Menag): Alive - Currently does small time jobs for Whit or begs for a income he was never cut out to be a bandit like his infamous father. Although Whit would support Menag with any money he has Menag implores Whit to keep the money for himself and let him fend for himself.

Caler Sister: Unknown - Likely dead due to Illness. Was always sick in gilneas, was very frail. Although she could move about the house she was told she would not live a long life unless a cure was found.

Menag Older Brother: Imprisoned - Always a firm leader always a stern hand on the younger brothers however he was also trusted with the most risk, he was arrested around the Kul Taris coast line for piracy and smuggling escaping the death sentance just because he was chummy enough with the lords. Before he went to jail he told Whit to take care of Menag the second, thinking he was going to be hung.

Lucien Younger Brother: Missing presumed dead - He wasn't a "moral" person but he was never a criminal, he ran away from home when he was very young heading northwards to Lordaeron.

Rolf Youngest Brother: Dead - Was always hyperactive and was also a big risk taker, he sold a very rich and powerful family into slavery and commited many acts of arson and torture. He also was suspected, but never proved, of messing with necromancy, he was hung in Gilneas.

Tarros Simpkins: Stormwind - Simpkins was one of Whits clild friends in his years in Alterac, he was born into a family in the uplands and moved into the main city of Alterac when he met up with Whit they acted as petty criminals, drinking, stealing apples, scaring locals, then later theft and extortion. He now is Whits partner in crime and they share a close friendship.

Hamionay: While growing up in Gilneas Whit was close friends with a boy called Hamionay they have now met up again in Stormwind and often work together. His short temper and unusual behavior and unpredictable personality has ment that Hamionay does not share the level of trust Simpkins, Whit and Menag share, there relationship is very shaky.

George: A dwarf Whit worked with for a while George and Whit shared a general hatred of Stormwind and a love of crime with a hint of style, however he has recently gone missing, he is assumed to be in Northrend or in prison.

Lientha: Probly in Gilneas or lost in the North somewhere - Met Whit in his mid teens they fell in love dispite she was a noble's daughter and he was a foreginer from a pirate nation and a thug to boot, she wanted the adventure that Whit had, and to rebel against her perants. When Garin was killed Whit told her to wait for him in Gilneas but by the time he got back the gates where already closed.

Niathran: Disappeared most likely dead or in prison - A high elf who Whit met a year after Simpkins when he was taken in by Garin, he was, in elf terms a similar age to Whit. He came south with Whit for revenge on Garin, in fact it was his idea. He was sent to prison on a life sentence mostly cos he took most of the punishment for what happened and partly from his elven background. No one knows where he is being held prisoner however.

Grok: An ogre and one of Whits follow inmates in jail and occasional heavy backup.

Alignment Edit

The best way to describe Whit is as a Anti Villain, although he tends to stray to criminality he holds the believe that most of his actions are "business". He doesn't actively seek to do others wrong. He looks out for his family, friends and personal ideals and interests and is not below personal sacrifice or telling people when he thinks there are clearly in the wrong.

However, living as a bandit and being treated poorly by many in the past has given Whit the feeling life is cheap, law isn't always the moral option over crime and survival is more important than proving you goodlyness and heroism.

Combat Experience Edit

Whit has trained heavily with many groups of bandits and mercenaries, even after he came down south he's been training himself regularly and he's seen alot of violence in his time.

Living as a bandit, in camps or ruined towns for long periods meant he is good at living it rough and sneaking around the country side, making him good for stake out missions and gorilla warfare.

Criminal record: Edit


Stories Edit

Tales Of Whit Gehax

Quick FactsEdit

- Although Gehax is broadly a criminal he has morals and spiritual beliefs.

- Gehax's childhood friends now work with him in the criminal underground.

- Whit is proud of his Gilman heritage he has Gilneas style tattoos and keeps a few banners.

- Gehax is the unofficial leader of the Ironforge S's