The White Bandit is a comic relief character. He dresses up in white clothes, mask included, and tries to deprive people from their possessions. He claims to be a noble thief or atleast one with a sense of honor, although his "victims", more often than not himself, are randomly picked. He is the alter-ego of Eyel Scoffleton. He is known to use Huzzah! as his catchphrase.

History Edit

Nobody knows where the White Bandit came from nor what he is. It is said that he hails from Gilneas and that he was exciled, forced to live behind the large Greymane Wall. Citizens from Darkshire however claim he is a spectre, a restless ghost, seeking revenge for an unfair death. Supposedly the spirit of Baronet Ludwick Tourbemorte-Blanc, an prominent citizen of Grand Hamlet, who was unjustly accused and hanged for theft and murder by the magistrate. The same magical energies which were transmitted from the nearby tower of Karazhan that had corrupted the magistrate, helped the tormented spirit of Ludwick break free form his dead body and take a new phsyical form, allowing him to take vengance on the magistrate and the towns that were under his jurisdiction. There are numerous variations on the tale; some claiming Ludwick was a poor pickpocket receiving just punishment and others hint at the magistrate as being the actual bandit. However none of these stories were ever confirmed.

Rise Of The White Bandit Edit

The White Bandit has dissapeared and reappeared from time to time, leaving no trail or evidence of his age or whereabouts. He always appears in his reknowned outfit, snowwhite from mask to boots. He was first spotted trying to rob the travelling Darkmoon Faire when it had just set up camp in Elwynn Forest. However some claim the White Bandit has been around for far longer and that he has just returned, after ages of dissapearance. He is more and more oftenly seen mounting a raid on one of the towns near Stormwind or even on the city itself. Blending with the bustling city population, he manages to avoid detection and robs many store and shop alike.

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