Wiles Thatcher
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Human
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Affiliation Alliance
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Location Dalaran
Status Studying Magic
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Name and Appearance Edit

Wiles Thatcher is a very young, highly ambitious, human wizard of south sea origin. He often shows off being a mage by wearing purple robes and wizard hats. Wiles is good natured, friendly and has shown knowledge of arcane and frost magic arts, he is by no means a he is not big on violence and has no wish for battle. He is dark skinned and black haired he's just under average height, slight build with the sign of a few to many cakes.

Career Edit

After leaving the Wizards Council and quitting work as a tailor Wiles is out of work however his rich family are keeping him in shelter and lodgings.

Background Edit

Has been working hard to be recognized as a Wizard but as most have insisted there services to the Alliance army he mostly just tries to keep to his studies. He always wanted to be a Wizard every since he was a boy, he was born and spent the first few years of his life on a ship before it came to Stormwind, he thinks very highly of the Arcane using races (Humans, gnomes, high elves, dreanei, trolls etc) and is very skeptical of natural magic. He does however whole heartedly support the Alliance and is perhaps, if anything, to quick to remind people of that. His parents normally give him alot of space, they helped him buy a home and they visit him often but they believe he should do things on his own, they seem to have gone into early retirement and don't like to talk about there past and normally stay out of peoples way. Wiles' dream is to become a rich and famous archmage, preferably in Dalaran.

Combat Experience Edit

None. Although Wiles has trained as a wizard and knows some basic combat spells he is not a fighter and isn't very skilled with offensive magic.

Criminal Record Edit

Wiles is clean however he has been involved with a few drug related offenses and a few acts of disorderly behavior.

Other information Edit

- Wiles tends to hide his family's past for some reason declaring they have lived in Stormwind for generations however it is known that his parents both moved here a few years after his brith. - Although nothing is proven its rumored that Wiles has been involved with bloodthistle. - Wiles finds it hard to balance his magic and his general night life and drinking. - Shifts between staying and studying in dalaran and his home in the exodor, although this is partly him showing off the fact he knows how to teleport. - Wiles is a big showoff and uses lots of blinks and minor mage in his daily life, because he can.

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