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Name Edit

Winoa Thunderstar, but she is known to everyone as Thunderstar. She only lets a few poeple call her Winoa.

Traits Edit


Thunderstar keeps her hair cut so it's just her mane and has short tan fur and green eyes.She has a few small scars on her arms which go mostly unprotected.

Winoa has a few runes that she learned from a Runemaster she once met ( / ).

On her right shoulder she has the rune of the oaks. This is a large circle with four circles getting smaller within it. It grants her a natural armor which aids her Aspect of the wild. She has the rune of raging flames on the back of her left wrist. This is an odd mixture of triangles and lines. It gives her quicker land speed thus aiding her Aspects of the Pack and Cheetah and her Pathfinding talent (increases speed when mounted). About half way down her horns she has a number of small, weaker runes which end at the tips. All her runes glow faintly orange all the time and once empowered glow brightly until the magic is no longer needed. All her runes are permanent.

Recently she has aquired a sleepless gaunt look about her. Her hair and fur sticks up, un-cared for and her armour goes un-polished. She is quite thin for a tauren and her voice is hoarse.

Race and Class Edit

Thunderstar is a Tauren Hunter. Spec = Beastmastery.

Guild Edit

Thunderstar was formerly of Illuminae Nocti being the co-founder with Autumnhoof, but now presumes him dead as she has not heard from him in a long time, so she made a new guild known as The Dawn Guard.

After falling sick, Winoa deemed herself unfit to lead the Guard and left it in the care of one, Sarbrin Bloodlegion.

Occupation Edit

Winoa used to be leader of an organisation known as The Dawn Guard. This meant that she spent most of her time on Kalimdor fighting smaller threats.

She still lives on Kalimdor but has no occupation that anyone can tell.

Family Edit

Father: Bron Thunderstar (A hunter, Killed in Outland)

Mother: Maiara Moonfeather (A Druid, Killed in Outland)

Younger sister: Rayen Moonfeather (A Druid - Kept her Mothers surname*)

Pet: Goldclaw (A flatland cougar that stands by Winoa even in her insanity)

* see personal notes.

Background Edit

Winoa Thunderstar and her sister, Rayen Moonfeather, were brought up in Camp Narche in the Care of a matron. They kept in touch with their parents but one day they got a letter saying their parents had died - killed by demons. Thunderstar vowed to avenge them. Life went on - she became a Hunter and got her Runes. When she was deciding on her first pet she found two couger cubs, abandoned by their mother. She kept one to be her pet and gave the other to the beastmaster on Thunder Bluff. Life went on and she grew close to Dustfur, as she called him. But one day they were in Ashenvale and they were attacked by Felgaurds. Dustfur was killed. Thunderstar vowed to avenge him too. She went back to Thunder Bluff and claimed the second Cougar cub called her Goldclaw. Life went on for Thunderstar. After a while she joined a guild called the Lore Writers. There she met two Undead called Kalsa and Dnaizohd. Kalsa was a leatherworker so Thunderstar agreed to give her Leather. After a time the guild disbanded but Thunderstar kept in touch with Dnaizohd and Kalsa. Soon Kalsa's life took a change of events by her finding her sister (see Kalsa) this turned out for the worse finally ending in Dnaizohd and Kalsa's sister death. Thunderstar promised to avenge the death of Dnaizohd and Kalsa's life being ruined.

Winoa now holds a grudge against all demons and will kill any she sees. She mistrusts warlocks but since they keep their demons under some control will let them be.

She returned to Kalimdor to fight smaller threats. She spendt a lot time in Mulgore and the Barrens and the surronding lands, working as a ranger and hunter. While on her travels she met a Tauren named Autumnhoof and founded Illuminae Nocti with him, this was an organisation for defending the barrens and surrounding lands from all kinds of beasts. But this was not to go on, Autumnhoof was called to Northrend and died on the battlefield. After his death Thunderstar decided to set up The Dawn Guard to take Illuminae Nocti's place. She ran the Guard for quite a while, taking them all over the Barrens and Ashenvale. On one such trip to Demonfall Canyon she and her men visited Hellscream's monument and the wepons of Mannoroth. Stupidly, Winoa ran her thumb along one, cutting it. She thought nothing of it and that was that. But she soon fell ill.

It started with seeing shadows... shadows in broad daylight. And voices, not malicious, but just in her head, talking to her. The cut on her thumb would not heal, and was seeping some strange liquid. So she took her troubles to the druids on Thunderbluff. They looked over her and came to the conclusion that she was close to being possesed by a demon. They asked that she stay with so that they could look after her and she accepted. But when left alone ran away to Ashenvale. To this day she can be found wandering Ashenvale, the Barrens and Mulgore, talking to herself, Goldclaw, the wind, the earth.. anything...

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

The reason Winoa and Rayen don't have the same surname when they are sisters is because their father's surname was Thunderstar and he was a Hunter, their mother's surname was Moonfeather and she was a druid. When she married their father she kept her surname. Winoa takes the name Thunderstar for she is a hunter and Rayen took Moonfeather for she is a Druid.

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