The Scourge Siege - Part One Edit

The doors flew open and slammed into their walls as the Lich King hammered his hands into their fronts. The room he was in was large, if not classed as gigantic. It must have been eighty foot in diameter, circular, with the same height walls as the corridor. On one side of the room, however, was a large flat wall, making it near semi-circular. Upon the wall was a map of Azeroth, highly detailed, covering nearly the entire wall. Black smudges over the map showed the location of Scourge over Azeroth, Northrend nearly entire black bar a small red section to the south west. To his right was a large throne, and upon it sat Nul’renak, a lich, staring blankly at Arthas.

"Where is Anub'arak, Renak?" Arthas spoke with a very acidic tone, not even looking at Nul'renak. His voice echoed throughout the hall. Behind him, the two Death Knights stood either side of the large door they had shut, each holding a large, gruesome pole arm. Arthas was staring at the map on the wall opposite him from beneath his helmet.

"On his way." Nul’renak replied blankly with his rough, chilling voice, rising from the ice chair, his icy blue cloak flowing and shimmering in the light. Arthas turned and slowly walked across the room. His boots once again echoed in the silent room, the sound making Nul’renak shiver.

"You failed me again, Renak. The Heroes of the Horde are now in Northrend." Arthas stood at the base of the large wall and stared up at it, still not glancing once at Nul’renak. "I gave you a second chance. I allowed you to take this command and put an end to the Warsong Offensive. And yet, they are still there."

"I gave command to Paggorn, as you wanted, sir." Nul’renak drifted across the room, staring at the deadly still Death knights at the door. "New Knights already? Are they going to be sent to their deaths like last time?" At the wall, Arthas lowered his head and stared at the floor. His hand rose to Frostmourne's hilt, and his grip became very tight on it. It took all his will not to draw it.

"Do not question me, Renak, or I will just dispose of you. I made you what you are now, so do all I say without question or you will lose it all." Arthas raised his head and stared directly at Nul’renak, whom was now hovering in the center of the room, staring back at Arthas, shifting from the unnerving gaze.

The two Death Knights broke from their statue positions and reached for the door handles. Arthas looked over Nul’renak at the Knights. Nul'renak turned to see the Knights opening the door, Anub'arak coming inside, followed by a small group of ghouls. The ghouls stood either side of the Death Knights, Anub'arak slowly creeping towards Nul’renak’s side.

"Here, as ordered, sssir." Anub hissed, Arthas staring at him. Nul’renak turned back to Arthas; now glad he had something else to stare at.

"You failed me also, Anub. I ordered you to infiltrate the hold. Now, they have the head of one of our Lieutenants hung above their gateway." Arthas now had a deeper but louder voice, it echoing even more in the room. His tone had also become acidic and harsh, irritation clearly present.

"I did my besssst. I watched them tunnel, but sssir, thesse are not mere militiasss." Arthas raised and straightened his posture, obviously unaware of this. "We are dealing with the Heroesss of all Azeroth. The Argentss, the Shattered Sunsss, the Kirin Tor. They are all pressent, sssir."

Arthas turned his gaze back to Nul’renak who soon looked back at him, again, shifting with uncomfort. Nul’renak knew this, but he did now know Arthas did not. Nul’renak knew the threat of this offensive, and he knew Arthas did also.

"Then now is the time. They have turned their gaze to Northrend. They have looked at this Fortress and made plans on how to destroy it. Well, I tell you now, they shall not. Now they are here, they have left their pitiful cities undefended." Arthas turned on the spot and looked up at the map of the Eastern Kingdoms. A bright red skull appeared on the map close to the location of Undercity. Anub’arak and Nul’renak stared at it, and both said at the same time;

"Lights Hope Chapel." Nul’renak continued, speaking now with confidence. "We cannot attack Lights Hope. Last time you were nearly killed, and our Death Knights nearly wiped out, sir."

"I shall not attack. You shall. Nul’renak, you have made too many mistakes lately." Arthas turned and slowly walked towards Nul’renak, the sound of his boots echoing, Nul’renak near shivering in fear of the wrath of his master. "Take the new Necropolis to Lordaeron. I want the lands promised to me by my father. Destroy the Forsaken towns. Wipe the Argent Dawn out and move towards Lor'themar's lands and cleanse them. Fail me again, and there will be consequences."

Before Nul’renak could answer, Arthas walked at a brisk pace towards the door, which was quickly opened by the Death Knights, who followed him out and down the hall. The ghouls looked down the corridor, confused as always as to what just happened.

Anub’arak stared at Nul’renak, not saying a word, before clicking his wings and walking out the door, the Ghouls following. Nul’renak stared down at the icy blue floor, looking at his reflection.
What was he to do?

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A Scourge Siege Story

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