Xai Archrion Edit

Xai Archrion ( Xi *silent a* Ark-ree-on) is the daughter of the infamous and dangerous Sindorei Geis Archrion. A sightly reckless and heart driven assassin Xai often enough was to be found at her father's side following his footsteps to become like him. Once a proud officer of the Remnants of the Essence, A guild founded by her father to carry on The Essence legacy under different terms.

Xai extreme combat skills are a mix of her fathers and her own after her style after spending many years under his training. From the countless times her life has been on the line she has adapted herself to work with and around the shadows, shes learn how to move silently and without detection. Her light weighted swords make it easier for her to move flexibly as she does using her bodies nobility to out maneuver her opponents, which as more then often saved her from death.

Xai talent for Engineering comes from her father, having little or no interest in magic of any sort. Her favored engineering is explosives using them as much as she can in battle.

Name Edit

Xai "Katrina" Archrion

Age Edit

25 years old

Race and Class Edit

blood elf Rogue


Assassin information gather for the Horde


Xai tk edited-1

Xai pushes her body to the edge always training and always trying to better herself, toned . Xai has a large scar down her right eye given to her by Farniro Darkwind, her right eye was completely lost replaced by a engineered eye from the same people who constructed Pryme. Leaving Xai with a engineered eye and a slightly scared pride. Long with her odd eye Xai seems to have rather dark colored hair which many people think is strange due to both her parents being white haired. Xai's paranoid personality leaves no room for standing out coloring her hair to make her less likely seen is her answer, lately she has given up coloring her hair and let her natural while hair come through. Along with her scar on her face she has a number of other scars including a number of very small needle like holes over her body from past torture.

Family Edit

Husband: Crímsón Greatwind

Sons: Rydanir Archrion/Greatwind

Daughters: Litraia Archrion/Greatwind

Father: Geis Archrion

Mother: Alexus Zatahl

Brothers Kyoto Archrion, Zoah Archrion

Sisters: Mialee Katarznia Zatahl, Sorianna Archrion

Background Edit

Under Contruction

Family Background Edit

Under Construction

Criminal Record Edit

Conspiracy to murder


Resisting Authorities

Conspiracy to murder and torture

Alignment Edit

Chaotic Neutral - Nether good or evil Xai tends to make her own way and mind up.

Personal notes

Xai's story The devil wears a mask

Xai Theme song

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