Xilthas Darkblade

Physical TraitsEdit

Xilthas stands at 5'10 with bright blue eyes and weighs around 145 pounds. He has long black hair. Xilthas is currently 110 years old in Elven years.

Race and ClassEdit

High Elf Death Knight


Darkwinds Scourge





Born in Quel'thalas before the rise of The Horde, Xilthas left Quel'thalas and travelled to Stormwind after it had been rebuilt. At the age of Sixty, he went to search for any remaining Elves in Quel'thalas. Xilthas avoided developing green eyes because he wasn't as addicted to magic as most Blood Elves. Xilthas stayed in Quel'thalas before deciding to leave to assist The Argent Dawn, in an expedition into Northrend he was killed. His corpse was found and taken in a meatwagon to Icecrown where he was ressurected as a Death Knight under the command of The Lich King.

Family BackgroundEdit


Criminal RecordEdit

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