Xilthas Xa'erel

Physical TraitsEdit

Eye Color: Light Blue Hair Color: Blue He has a long scar across his left eye, caused by a worgen.

Race and ClassEdit

High Elf


Darkwinds Scourge






Xilthas was born in Quel'thalas and lived there until the fall. He then went to join The Argent Dawn and fought for them until he was slain by Scourge and brought back as a Death Knight. Recently, he was killed by enemies and his body was burned. As a wandering spirit, he sought out another High Elf and entered his body. The two minds now work together, although each of them have different goals.

Family BackgroundEdit


Criminal RecordEdit

Assault, Murder, Theft, Breaking and Entering


Neutral Evil

Fighting TacticsEdit

When Xilthas fights, he mainly uses acrobatic techniques. He will often jump over the enemy and strike down on their head with his blade. For Defense, he will create an illusion that makes it appear that there are around ten of him, although only one is real, it is very useful for confusing the enemy. Xilthas will also attempt to freeze the enemy in place so that he can flee.

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