Name and Title Edit

Yann Brightmourn

  • Master

Physical Traits Edit

A well built, sturdy Sin'dorei, his dark blonde hair neatly cut in a short, militaristic style.Stands with a clear air of pride and self-confidence, yet does not appear to be smug or condescending in his demeanour.

Race and Class Edit

Sin'dorei, Blood Knight

Occupation Edit

Blood Knight Master

Family Edit

Polerra Brightmourn - Wife

Kithella Brightmourn - Daughter

Aeron Brightmourn - Son

Background Edit

Yann is the second, and to date the most sucessful former apprentice to Soraya Dwin'urdrenn. Coming from a respectable background, Yann was seemingly born for the life of a Knight. Little moulding was needed to make Yann into a fine example of what was expected from the Order; he was pristine, punctual and rarely spoke out of turn. However, much to the dismay of his Master he often found himself confiding in her that he found some of the methods used by the Order inappropriate. Whereas he would do the tasts regardless of his personal convictions, he always seemed unsettled by those of questionable morality. He was an elf who did not scorn all that had life difficult, but rather embraced challanged and sought to develop through them. During his training (or perhaps before it) Yann became romantically involved with a street-wise rogue come professional informant nammed Polerra. Although not an immediate problem, Polerra and Soraya often fought after the two were introduced, the two clearly feeling threatened by one another for various reasons. As time passed and the differences were smoothed out, the couple became close friends with Soraya on a personal basis. Eventually Yann married, a short time before his apprenticship ended, expecting children within a few months. The newleyweds were blessed with twins, and Soraya claimed as the Godmother, much to her suprise (and dismay). Yann sucessfully passed his Mastership trials underr the guidance of his Master, but opted out of the line of physical combat as a Blood Knight Master, not wishing to put any unnecssary harm in the way of his new family. Instead, the newly appointed Master Brightmourn chose to fill a position many were forced into through permenant injury; that of filling out excess paperwork - a skill which his former Master is very appreciate of, and often uses to her advantage.

Criminal Record Edit

None known.

Personal Notes Edit

Yann and Polerra were both played characters on my (Soraya) old realm. They meant so much to my RP I felt it necessary to immortalise them in NPC form, and occasionally refer to them in RP sessions or stories.

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