Zalinjia, Elder of The Barrens.

Physical TraitsEdit

Zalinjia is fairly typical in appearance for a Troll female. Her finest feature, or so she thinks, is her red hair. She's a slim, muscular individual who usually has a smile on her face.




Priestess and Advisor.


Her parents are dead and she has one sister.


Zalinjia grew up alongside another Troll Priestess, Draaksha. The two trained in the Priesthood together and both initially walked the path of the Holy. Unfortunately the Shadow took hold of Draaksha and the Troll was slowly driven mad by these powers. Witnessing her friend's mental breakdown strengthened Zalinjia's resolve to follow the Holy way as guided by the spirits, she has sworn never to tread the path of the Shadow, nor to be tempted when it comes calling in dark times.

The PlayerEdit

My characters: Elraynah Dawnmantle - Night Elf Priestess, Salali - Tauren Hunter, Draaksha - Troll Priestess, Ethete - Tauren Druid, Marresh - Orc Warrior, Gribble - Baby Orc Shaman. I do have two other alliance on The Sha'tar on my second account, but am not running this account at the moment.

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