Zaradiel Zatahl Edit

Zaradiel Zatahl is a Death Knight of Darkwinds Scourge Commanding knights attuned to the death frost runic powers she is a formidable fighter, her mass battle knowledge comes no from herself but from her twin Alexus Zatahl. Little is known about her apart from her extreme bloodlust and complete hate for all living beings. She has no honor and no mercy going simply by the motto "Kill for the thrill".

Name Edit

Commander of the Frozen hand Zaradiel Zatahl

Age Edit


Physical Traits Edit

Zaradiel is a mirror image of Alexus Zatahl.

Race and Class Edit

Blood elf Death Knight

Guild Edit

Darkwinds Scourge

Occupation Edit

Death knight of Arthas

Family Edit

Zaradiel has no family as known the only person she is linked to is Alexus Zatahl her "twin"

Background Edit

All that is known about Zaradiel Zatahl is that she is the "twin" of Alexus Zatahl

Family Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit

Corruption of Justice



Personal Notes Edit

Zaradiel's theme

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