Zekeus Tameo Valager
Zekeus Valager image
Zeke doesn't pose very well..
Vital statistics
Title Master
Gender Male
Race Human
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Affiliation Alliance / Stormwind
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Location Stormwind
Status Healthy
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Zeke was trained to work with metals by his mercenary groups blacksmith.


Never knew parents, killed as an infant. Rumored to have a brother that is alive somewhere.


Zeke never knew his parents or his home village. When he was too young to remember, Rogue ex-defias bandits pillaged and destroyed his entire village, Passing mercenaries were able to put a stop to them but not before both his parents were killed. The Mercenaries, feeling great pity for the child, brought him with them. Raising him as one of the group, teaching him the art of the sword. He helped them on a great many missions, climbing high in rank. until one day he decided he wanted to take a new path in life. It was at this point Zeke decided he wanted to say goodbye to the mercenaries, go out into the world and carve his own fate. The mercenaries reluctantly let him after some awkward manly displays of emotion. On his Travels he met an old friend from the times when he was only small and used to play with the children in villages his mercenary band passed through. Her name was Ailis and she accompanied him on his adventures for a while, without realising he grew a deep infatuation for her, one which was equally shared by her. Recently they both confessed their feelings and became a couple, the feelings continue to grow stronger each day.

Family BackgroundEdit

None to speak of, but he was very close to all the members of the mercenary band that raised him.

  • Rikard - Fighter, used an axe.
  • Tobias - Fighter, used a sword used to act as a sparring partner for Zeke.
  • Shen - Delt with finding contracts and dealing out troop payment etc. (Acted as Zekes Mother figure)
  • Gregor - Leader of the band, taught Zeke how to fight and was his general father figure whom would take responsibility for him.
  • Juul - Fighter, used an axe and sword. (brother of Cruul)
  • Tefal - Used to act as the cook as he was the only one other than Shen that knew how to.
  • Cruul - Was in charge of acquiring weaponry and distributing it, also fought with a staff. (brother of Juul)
  • Gerias - A battlemage of the group, taught Zeke the more academic things in life.
  • Obur - Fighter, used a large axe.
  • Other members came and went as well but these were the ones that remained in from when Zeke joined.

Criminal RecordEdit


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