Zennshinagas of Farahlon
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Zennshinagas of Farahlon, also known as Zennshinagas of Exodar and called Zenny among his closest friends.

Physical TraitsEdit

Like his kin, Zennshinagas proudly stands taller than of the Aliance's races but he is slightly shorter than most of his people. His skin varies from blue to light-blue, but he is mostly the earlier. In other words, he is over blue except from his gray shoulder-length hair, which are decorated with two braids leaning on his chest. His facial features include an ordinary fanned forehead and four tendrils hanging from his chin, of different shape and size. Also, he has a rather long tail that in some cases troubles him with moving around...especially if it is erect.

He retains two outfits;

One being a loose-fitting blue robe, with purple vertical lines, which extends from his wrists to his hooves, used mainly as his casual clothing.

His second being an ornate cobalt plate armor with a lingering hue of blue, which is worn only in combat.

He always wears a tabard depicting a draenic glyph, meaning that he belongs to a organization and to be clearer; the Hand of Argus.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei Vindicator, aka Paladin.




His income to provide him the necessary goods to live is mostly earned by the sell of goods in the auction house, usually jewels and rings adorned with draenic crystals made by himself.

He also has come to mining various ores, digged from both Azeroth and Outland and sold at reasonable prices to blacksmithers.


His family has a lineage starting back from Argus, most of his family's members turned to his fallen kin, the Man'ari Eredars, others brutally slaughtered by minions of the Burning Legion. Only two have survived to see Draenor; him and his grandfather, the latter dying as explained in the family background.

Background Edit

Zennshinagas was born to Miruna, hundred years before the arrival of the Draenei in Draenor. He grew up in time when his people were under the pursuit of a safe residence. As a youth, he was motivated to join the vindicator force after her mother's death in the hands of demons. In time, he graduated from the training required before joining the force.

It was there when he was told more about the teachings of the Naaru and his people's tattered past. But while he was deeply disheartened by the fact that most of his brethren are agents of the Legion that spread havoc in many worlds, he gained hope when hearing about the prophecy of the Prophet, that his place would redeem for the wrongdoings of his kin and given a new home.

Exile's Refuge/ Fel Meddles Again Edit

Their arrival in Draenor certainly gave him hope in thought of the prophecy. There has not been any demonic presence in this planet and its local residents, the Orcs, have shared their peace with the Draenei. After settling in Farahlon, a draenic settlement located at the north-eastern edge of the planet, the Farahlic Draenei began engaging with trading with Laughing Skull Clan, ruler of the Fields of Farahlon. He was sure that he had found a new home and safe one-but this is not until the Legion's agents found them.

In exchange for power, the Orcs willingly accepted the blood frenzy offered by the Legion and started a genocide against the Draenei. At first he showed opened distrust regarding the truth of those actions but it suddenly vanished by the time he saw his grandfather dead at the hands of an orc and his people killed mercilessly at the hands of the Laughing Skull Orcs. With heavy heart, he left his settlement and home, carrying the corpse of his dead father after avenging him by killing his murderer. He led those who he had managed to save and joined a bigger group of Draenei that were heading to the safety of Zangarmash, where the Prophet had issued a call as leader of his people. He was tasked to be one of the Vindicators guarding Telredor, a refuge to all the draenei who had survived the genocide. As days passed away, so did his hope for redemption slowly diminshed, replaced by his deep anguish caused by the death of his last family member and the orcs' betrayal.

Raid of Exodar/Redemption comes!Edit

As the draenei stayed dormant for many years of hiding, so did he, from the loneliness that had befallen him. He rarely saw any of his friends, as most of his schedule was partly consisting of protecting the settlement. Until one day, he was called again back in Telredor while on duty. The Prophet had summoned all his people, informing them about seizing a naaru dimensional ship and using to escape from Draenor, a thing that troubled him since the Naaru were the allies until he learned of creatures who called themselves Blood Elves that had invaded the Tempest Keep and had seized a Naaru and had been harnessing his energy, a thing that shaped his vision about them, that of insolent and unholy creatures.

Due to his pride that he beared, he joined the assault and not hope. As he went to Netherstorm, he took a quick peek at the hill, to gaze nothing but ruins. Nothing had remained from his home but memories of it. He said farewell to his home with bow of his head accompanied by a dejecting look.

The raid was successful but the Blood Elf defenders sabotaged the ship's machine and causing it too malfunction. While the ship was finding a path to the nearest planet, the fight between the Draenei and the Blood Elves was still active until it was halted by a crash. He lost his balance by the sudden collision and hit his head on the ship's wall, leaving him unconscious.

His vision was blurr when his eyes opened again and stood up, wandering aimlessly around the halls of Exodar. Someone approached, appearantly by his overall blue appearance, he was a draenei. The draenei helped him lean Zenny's hand on his shoulder and walked downwards. Zenny closed his eyes again and slept in his fatigue.

When he opened his eyes, he stared of the crystal ceiling, lying on the ground. His hand went to reach his head and felt a weird sense on it....something smooth; his head was wrapped with clothing and it seemed his situation was grave. While all of his physical wounds healed with the passage of time, another one was becoming worse. During his days in bed, he start recollecting past events and by the time he ended this reminiscing business he sunk into dispair and distrust in the Naaru and the Prophet.

A wound that stayed infected for too long, but was in the end cured, the Prophet's prophecy for redemption finally came; in the hands of this newfound planet's race under a blue banner depicting a ferocious creature and as they called it a lion. The planet's races have suffered to the hands of his brethren, the corrupted Eredar in the past, and compared these blue-men similar to their fallen kin. Suspicion and open distrust is what dominated their first contact, but it was not for long that these people were convinced that the fallen Eredar, his kin, had nothing to do with this noble and pure beings they have stumbled upon and allowed them a place among the Aliance. This event was a beacon of hope for his people but a beacon of change for him. He became more open-minded, hopeful, even willing as far to forgive the orcs' actions like most of his people.

Campaign in OutlandEdit

He joined the campaign in Outland against the Burning Crusade. His actions were mostly centered around Zangarmash, Netherstorm and Terokkar Forest, assisting their newfound allies in every quest of their interests. It should be noted as well that he briefly joined the Shattered Offensive but quickly retired after being mortally wounded in combat. He was sent back home in Exodar where he spent the next few months. He greatly rejoiced in the defeat of Kij'aeden, their decisive pursuer across the Greater Dark. Also he was glad to hear that the Blood Elves will harness their energies via a purer source of Light. But still he didn't regard them paladins as they didn't draw their power from pure faith.

Doubts WithinEdit

[To be continued]

Family BackgroundEdit

[To be continued]

Criminal Record Edit

[To be continued]

Personal NotesEdit

[To be continued]

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